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  1. deadline

    PDA Dune

    Hi. I am still interested in the development. Have you finished the refactoring? I would like to start converting the code to Windows Mobile myself... Cheers
  2. deadline

    PDA Dune

    Interesting. Good luck then (and sorry for delay with answer :))...
  3. deadline

    PDA Dune

    Sure. But with my poor not even 200 MHz CPU I can't make it work quick enough... :) EDIT: I just realised - what language is the project made in? If it is C++, maybe there is some sort of easier way how to just recompile it...
  4. deadline

    PDA Dune

    Hello. I admire developers for Dune 2 The Maker and hope they will finish this great project soon. I was wondering - don't you want to develop version for PDAs? ItThat would be super... What do you think? Good luck
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