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  1. I am very sorry, but i think this game is very similar to Dune https://www.facebook.com/blackbirdinteractiveinc/videos/1020811804656741/ https://www.facebook.com/blackbirdinteractiveinc/?fref=nf
  2. Lets try. All You need a xwis account. I have. In EBFD. Thru internet section, i type my Red Alert 2 login and pass and i enter to enternet online lobby (Naturally, no one was there).
  3. Hello! Red Alert 2 and Tiberian Sun and other CnC games is reincarnated and live thru xwis.net. How about idea reincarnation Dune series? I little speak with Olaf van der Spek (founder xwis). He said "you should ask them (and tell me)." I suggest extend the idea. ps Please sorry for my english) Anybody, give me please email SJleo. I and he speak russian. pps http://xwis.net/foru...-read-me-first/ 25 мая кому: Olaf Hello! And how do I get access to TS,Dune:Emperor? Olaf van der Spek 25 мая кому: мне Are you going to play all those games? I think Emperor is dead. You can create TS nicks though. 25 мая кому: Olaf Thank You, Comrade General! And what about dune2k.com community, EBFD is still life via tungle. XWIS server for Dune is working? Why people dont go here? Olaf van der Spek 25 мая кому: мне I don't know, you should ask them (en tell me). Alexander Procenko 25 мая кому: Olaf Thanks
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