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  1. To All, It has been years since I played Emperor, Battle for Dune. Main reason was the failure to start in WindowsXP Today after 3 hours of fiddling and searching the internet, I found you, and after searching through the posts (alot) about problems of XP, I finally have it running. In a nutshell, I had no problems installing, but would freeze at the title sequences, something that a number of people have descibed plenty times before. I tried the protection program for the setup (ftp://ftp.westwood.com/pub/emperor/update/EMPENGINSTFIX10.ZIP) - Still the same problem, I tried without and with updating with Patch (1.4 and 1.9 respectively) - Still same problem I brought the .bik files into Rad Tools exe for bink and smacker, and the movies played fine. [Maybe video problem] Removed all movies, and got into the game, ok until playing a movie during the campaign :) [definitely video problem] Tried using a different Bink32.dll file in the game directory [no go, not recommended to anyone :)] Rebuilt the intro bik in Rad tools, put it back into the normal movies directory and it ran ok but without sound, no problem, and entered the game. [Hmmm, sound problem] Finally I reduced my audio hardware acceleration to basic (position 2) on the sounds/audio devices in control panel - Fixed! :D :D :D (all these fixes by the way were scattered across 5 threads :)) The game runs fine for me now, and it even improved another game - Imperium Galactica 2, which suffered with choppy video, and would freeze often, it now runs reasonable - odd hangup here and there which could be due to the CD drive preloading the movie into memory switch not being used. Hope this enables someone trying to get the game going to succeed. Thanks again Pete p.s. I remember 10+ emails going back and forth to EA regarding this problem a few years back - and they didn't even get close :)
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