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  1. dato 2000

    happy birthday to dune 2000!

    happy birthday to dune 2000! 20 years ago westwood released this great game! best game ever! after 20 year we still play this game and many people making new stuffs for this game. dune2000 most active game from dune game series! dune2000 still have more active online players than other dune games because peope like evreything in this game memorys and new features make people never forget about this game and im glad to see this congratulations to evreyone long live the fighters!
  2. dato 2000

    Dune 2000 multi languagepack + online

    Dune2000 Online MultiLanguage pack updated added portuguese language and new score table for 8 player, fixed wrong translation in portuguese version of Heavy Factory, "Fébrica de Pesados", is "Fábrica de Pesados now, thanks sparkerXD for find this mistake
  3. dato 2000

    Dune 2000 Portuguese

    there is short video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngZXqkc22JI&feature=youtu.be
  4. dato 2000

    Dune 2000 Portuguese

    After a lot of work finaly dune 2000 portuguese finished! translated text and recorded all sounds in game now its completely portuguese version. im glad present this to players who wanted portuguese language in game its popular language in world and good to have it i want say thanks to our team, most of them dune2000 online players. the probelm was that everyone has different microphone and different quality but i try make it sounds good as possible and everyone trys acting good and make its funny and varied there you can download dune 2000 portuguese standard vresion without updates only original files added only NO CD patch game version 1.06 Download if you want get dune2000 online version with lastest updates, optional files and multilanguage pack download from here more info about dune2000 online + multiplanguage pack here Sound Editions: dato Text Translation: Duarte Fixings: dato Posting: dato Files Renaming: Duarte HOUSE ARTREIDES Narrator: Claudia infantries: Duarte vehicles: Rabbit engineer: dan freman: babydriver HOUSE HARKONNEN Narrator: Duarte infantries : Doomer vehicles: Doomer engineer: Doomer sardaukar: dato HOUSE ORDOS Narrator: Alexandre infantries : dan vehicles: dan engineer: berk saboteur: dato
  5. dato 2000

    Multiplayer AI is too difficult

    set easy AI and start money 40000 then you can win! i hope :D
  6. dato 2000

    Dune 2000 on Windows 10?

    why you cant? try download this version of game, maybe its fix your problem
  7. dato 2000

    Dune 2000 tournament

    dune 2000 tournament 2015 is over check results here congratulations player unitlost! i want tell thanks shaokhan for made vote, feda for recording, funky for supporting and all who joined in
  8. dato 2000

    [Release] Dune 2000 Map and Mission Editor v1.2

    yeah i edited yesterday cuz link changed
  9. dato 2000

    [Release] Dune 2000 Map and Mission Editor v1.2

    download all here
  10. dato 2000

    Dato's 1v1 tournament

    all who want play on tournament they must join here
  11. dato 2000

    Dato's 1v1 tournament

    thnaks guys for support
  12. dato 2000

    Dune 2000 tournament

    hey guys, im hosting a tournament, we need to agree on it's format, here is options , everyone who wants to participate make a vote so we can decide all who want play on tournament they must join here
  13. i updated it now, it will works thx funky for found this weird problem! download new version here
  14. its weird problem with win 8 or 10 hope funky can find way for fix, now players who get this problem they need rename game folder for fix its not hard but its annoying