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  1. installer updated to version added: Jams map packs (missions and minicampaigns) - 28 missions total by domger Living in Sietch Emperador Campaña by Luisito red chasm II co op maps funeral plain II 2vs2vs2vs2 multiplayer map updated: map and mission editor to version 2.11 dune2000-sp-patches_2022-06-30 fixed: Coalicion Nobles campaign (tactical map images) fall of emperor campaign (now all missions works) 1P 7AI Erg III multiplayer map (fixed alliance settings)
  2. installer updated to version added: Single map: Star Port Defence - By Thel Vadam FLippy Single map: The assault at the Emperor base - By Thel Vadam FLippy 30 new co op maps italian voices (its optional when you choose italian language in settings now you get italian voices in game) update: dune2000 editor by klof Butlerian Jihad: The trilogy campaign Coalition of Nobles campaign fixed: EBFD_Final_Assault campaign and some missions which crashed at start Fey's Vanilla Campaign Mod sounds problem with other languages removed: all broken or unsupported missions/mods
  3. im sorry i had wrong information like there is no italian voices i check it now and found there is italian voices too, i will update installer and add italian voices soon thank you for inform me
  4. installer updated to version fixed not automatically started playing music in campaign added new editor by Klofkac (released in 30.10.2021) with his new dune2000.exe (released in 16.10.2021) la latest version you can find here added new mission launcher by feda (version 1.2) latest version you can find here added new new ddraw, config, dplayx by funky (released 01.10.2021) custom campaigns *A Christmas Tale (4 missions) - By Cm_Blast *A New House Campaign (9 Missions) - By Cm_Blast *A Secret Plot: Mercenary Campaign (13 Missions) - By Domaithianus *Alliance of Atreides Campaign (12 Missions) - By Dark Wesker *Atreides Campaign Battle for Dune (9 Missions) - By Feda & Iheb96 (rearrange By Cm_Blast) *Butlerian Jihad (9 Missions) - By Cm_Blast *Butlerian Jihad: War Machines (9 Missions) - By Cm_Blast *Butlerian Jihad: Zone Zero (9 Missions) - By Cm_Blast *Coalition of Nobles (19 Missions + 1 bonus Mission) - By Cm_Blast *Dune 2 based campaign (3 Campaigns - 27 Missions + 2º version with a custom tileset) - By Cm_Blast *Emperor Reign (9 Missions) - By Sandworm (rearrange By Cm_Blast) *Fey's modded vanilla campaign - By Fey *Frank Herbert (15 Missions) - By Cm_Blast *Fremen campaign (+ three bonus missions) (9 + 3 Missions) - By Luminar (rearrange By Cm_Blast) *Fremen Warriors (9 Missions) - By Cm_Blast *General Sardukar Mission (9 missions) - By General Sardukar *Glory Awaits Campaigns, AT part (17 missions) - By MattBaker *Glory Awaits Campaign HK part (18 missions) - By Mattbaker *Glory Awaits Campaign- Ordos Part (18 missions) - By Mattbaker *Harkonnen Campaign (WIP) (? Missions) - By Fey *Harkonnen: Reign of Evil Campaign (28 Missions) - By Dark Wesker *Harkonnen Family (9 Missions) - By Cm_Blast *Heretic Alliances (9 Missions) - By Cm_Blast *Heighliner Mini-Campaign (4 Missions) - By Fey *Ixian Campaign – We tech-up Arrakis! (9 Missions) - By Feda *Ixian Campaign: Masters of Technology (9 Missions) - By Cm_Blast *Luisito Pack of Campaigns (4 campaigns - 46 missions + 9 extra TEST missions) - By Luisito Eb (rearrange By Cm_Blast) *Mercenary Campaign – Keep ’em Coming! (9 Missions) - By Feda *Mercenary Campaign: Fall of Emperor (7 Missions) - By Runtowin *Mercenary Campaign: The Origin of the Mercenaries (9 Missions) - By Cm_Blast *Mercenary Campaign (10 Missions) - By Domaithianus *Mini Campaign: Mercenaries Revenge (3 Missions) - By jbil1989 *New Fremen Missions (4 missions) - By General Sardukar *Ordos Campaign (9 Missions) - By Magier (rearrange By Cm_Blast) *Ordos Campaign Alternative Missions (16 Missions) - By Domaithianus *Ordos Remake Campaign (20 + 1 Extra Mission) - By Dark Wesker *Ordos's Tactics (9 Missions) - By Cm_Blast *Rise of the Mercenary (unfinished) (2 Missions) - By gruntmod (rearrange By Cm_Blast) *Smuggler campaign (9 Missions) - By Rick Vorstenbosch (rearrange By Cm_Blast) *Smuggling Operations (9 Missions + 1 bonus mission) - By Cm_Blast *Spacing Guild Campaign (9 Missions) - By Cm_blast *Summers' Solstice (30 Missions) - By Fey *The Antifremen campaing (10 Missions) - By Cm_Blast *The Emperor Returns (9 Missions) - By Cm_blast *The Emperor's Plan (9 missions) - By Cm_Blast *Time Based Smugglers Campaign - Protect Mercenaries! (9 Missions) - By jbil1989 (rearrange By Cm_Blast) *Tleilaxu Campaign (7 Missions) - By Cm_Blast *Ultimate House Ordos (Suspended) (10 Missions) - By Dark Wesker *VengeanceDM (8 missions) - By VengeanceDM *War of Assassins (<-- more info here --> 3 Campaigns - 27 Missions) - By Feda *War of Assassins Sandstorm expansion (3 Campaigns - 21 Missions) - By Feda *War of the Landsraad (4 Campaigns - 50 Missions + Launcher) - By Feda *Westwood Studios Original Campaigns (3 Campaigns - 42 Missions) - By Westwood Studios *Work Mercenaries (7 missions) - By General Sardukar single missions *1P Outpost Defence (+ Lunatic version) - By Kipp & UL *Aerial Nightmare - By Cm_blast *Atreides Single Mission - Secrets, Power, and Children - By Domaithianus *Battle Royal (7 Single Missions) - By Cm_Blast *Changed Dune (3 Single Missions) - By MustaphaTR (rearrange By Cm_Blast). *Challenge set of maps (20 Single Missions + 1 bonus mission) - By Cm_Blast. *Dune 2 Genesis (3 Single Missions) - By Cm_Blast *D2K Atreides mission 1B (with Dune 2 tileset) - By sayedmamdouh *D2k Tower Defense - By Fey *EBFD: Ancient Rivalries - By Cm_Blast *EBFD: Final Assault (3 Single Missions) - By Cm_Blast *Emperor Mission - By Shai-Gel98 (rearrange By Cm_Blast) *Hammerfest mission - By Feda (rearrange By Cm_Blast) *Harkonnen mission 8 but as Mercenaries - By sayedmamdouh *IX: The Technology is ours - By Cm_Blast *Jorney To the past - By Cm_Blast *Mercenaries: Choose your ally - By Cm_Blast *Mulciber Valley - By MVI (rearrange By Cm_Blast) *New Mercenaries mission - By Galaxy (rearrange By Cm_Blast) *No More Spice - By Cm_Blast *Original Ordos missions without reinforcemens & Mercenaries (12 Single Missions) - By Dark Wesker *Skirmish mission - By Feda (rearrange By Cm_Blast) *Skorocel remakes (3 Single Missions) - By Skorocel (rearrange By Cm_Blast) *Special Skirmish - By Cm_Blast *The end of the Butlerian Jihad - By Cm_Blast *The Rebellion of Atreides - By Cm_Blast *Tleilaxu Plague - By Cm_Blast *Warcraft 2 Map (+Warcraft 2 Snowdy tileset) - By Cm_Blast tilesets *All Red Alert Tilesets (Barren - Desert - Jungle - Snow - Temperate - Winter) - By Klofkac *Arrakis at night (includes .ini files for other tilesets) - By Luminar (rearrange by Cm_Blast) *Dune 2 Tileset (For Dune 2000) - By Cm_Blast *Giedi Prime Tileset - By Dato *Heighliner tileset - By Fey *Heroes of Might and Magic 3 (fantasy) tileset! - By azimovhaas8 *Ice tileset- By KippD2K. *New dune 2000 Tilesets & Updated.ini (TD, RA, Snow)- By Dato *Red Alert 1 Temperate HD Tileset - By azimovhaas8 *Warcraft 2 snowdy tileset (+1 Mission) - By Cm_Blast all of this campaigns, single missions, tilesets and more you can find here there is also download links of per campaign, single mission and all stuffs with descriptions, thanks Cm_Blast for this post
  5. they look better you can try it, original one only for original tilesets
  6. yeah i made DATA.R16 btw its works good with RA, snow and TD tileset too. i uploaded it as different version of game where almost all maps got this tileset link here: https://dune2000.my1.ru/load/dune2000_giedi_prime_edition_by_dato/1-1-0-94
  7. there is short video with giedi prime tileset https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8G0QAbbajg&feature=youtu.be
  8. Dune2000 new Giedi prime tileset released new tileset use TILEATR3 (original game file) new tileset available on cncnet updates for more information join our discord server: https://discord.gg/RkGeMax here you can download map with this tileset Giedi Prime World War by dato.zip
  9. im glad to see so many players joined in. singleplayers, multiplayers, mappers, dune fans all together and we have good friendly community sharing lots of interesting things and helping each other its really awesome and i want to say thanks to funky and cncnet for supporting this game its really nice :)
  10. hey guys! i made discoed server for EBFD players all duners welcome join here: https://discord.gg/3DWzjQC you can skip registration
  11. Join Dune 2000 Discord Server, https://discord.gg/s2AacVb
  12. happy birthday to dune 2000! 20 years ago westwood released this great game! best game ever! after 20 year we still play this game and many people making new stuffs for this game. dune2000 most active game from dune game series! dune2000 still have more active online players than other dune games because peope like evreything in this game memorys and new features make people never forget about this game and im glad to see this congratulations to evreyone long live the fighters!
  13. Dune2000 Online MultiLanguage pack updated added portuguese language and new score table for 8 player, fixed wrong translation in portuguese version of Heavy Factory, "Fébrica de Pesados", is "Fábrica de Pesados now, thanks sparkerXD for find this mistake
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