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  1. Yes the videocfg.exe, I have tried every option in there, and none make a difference in the way the color looks. It is so weird. Here is a pic of how it looks: http://www.vernonfamily.org/images/dune.bmp Thanks again for any help you can throw my way! Matt V
  2. The game is auto changing the resolution and the color depth, so those are correct. The in-game options are very weak there is nothing for color in game, and the video setup tool, I have tried all of the options and all are the same. Just banging my head against the wall a bit, I am assuming I need to change one of the nvidia settings, just have no idea which one. Matt V
  3. Thank you!!! That solved the mouse spinning problem - Now i can use the "interesting" control setup. Now I just need to fix the color problems. I have a nvidia 6200 (I think 256MB AGP) - the opening splash screens and the game play are horribly miscolored. Bright blue, and horribly bright yellow and green all over the screen. I have tried all the various modes, and it does not seem to make a difference. Any help is appreciated. Matt V
  4. I have 2 PCs that i have tried to install this game on. On one all the colors are psychadelic - the browns are bright blue the reds are bright green. On both when i start the game the screen just constantly spins until I go to turn the camera option to on, but the auto camera really sucks. I played this game when it released on Win 2000 and it worked great, both of my PCs now have XP. Does anyone have any suggestions? Was there a patch released at any point for this game? Thanks for any help. Matt V
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