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  1. Well i've tried the patch install 4 times now and still get the same thing and i know i'm doing it correctly, following it every step of the way. Whats the address for the technical support thing?
  2. I've been trying for a couple of days now to get Emperor working in windows XP The game installs just fine, but when i come to play it I get the normal emperor startup flash screen then the whole screen goes dark as if it were loading the game, it stays like that for about 3 seconds then quits back to the desktop. I've tried the Replacing the Setup.exe with the one downloaded from the fix zip thingy, then installing the game then replacing the Emperor.exe with the one from that same fix zip thingy. Still the game wouldn't run.. did all that using my lowest cd rom drive aswell *shrugs* its been really annoying me. I buy this game and can't even play it. Is there anyone out there who can help me? pls. :'(
  3. I tried that fix thing. Did the whole copy setup folder to desktop, replaced the Setup.exe with the Setup.exe from the zip file.. Installed the game, Replaced the Emperor.exe with the one from the zip file.. Went to load up the game... The screen went black as if it were loading up the game for like 3 seconds then went back to desktop :'( Can anyone help?
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