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  1. D*mn it wont work that update It says, you have not the minimal required stuff for that installation, I will ad you to my msn if possible, I can send you screenshots that way k? can you find one of these in dxdiag? * NOTE: This document refers to systems containing the * following Intel chipsets: * * Intel® 830M Chipset * Intel® 845G Chipset * Intel® 855GM Chipset * Intel® 865G Chipset * Intel® 852GM Chipset * Intel® 855GME Chipset * Intel® 852GME Chipset * Intel® 910GL Express Chipset * Intel® 915GV Express Chipset This will be installed, I cant find it, (I dont have time now to look, 1:00AM)
  2. They are not scratched, Ive tried the downloaded from original, the original (2 years old) and one from a friend and burned from original version, nothing worked Ingame, Sometimes the spice is a bit messed up, blue triangles on it, when I attack something, there come some red with green triangles, and when some bulletholes are on the ground, I can only see them when my screen is moving. I think it has something to do with my graphics Ive installed two versions of drivers, nvidia driver and nvidia display driver Hope ya got enough information for now And I ve posted some more in my post b4 thisone
  3. If got some more info, someone had the same problem, he tried to use the installfix and it worked, But now I have the probleme that with the install fix, when he starts to install it. It just stops at 0% and say:..... Could not read from file game1.cab Edit: Fixed this, I used my burner (f) Now ive done my (E) Now The text on the buttons are missing, on the install stuff, normally he showes some start place were you can install the game (C;/Westwood/) Now this is all gone, the buttons are still there, but most of the texts are gone There is one more post with the same subject, but it didnt answered my question
  4. didnt work :( Well here is my dxdiag file[attachment archived by Gobalopper]
  5. Sorry if this is posted before here, Ive tried the search button I ve just bought EBFD, and have a problem with the text As you can see the text is messed up, Ive tried to search on the web for a solution, but didnt found anything on the main screen, i can choose between "emperor' "emp' "em' and some more, When i save a game on a name like this 1-harkonnen, every text will be something with 1-harkonnen Win 2000 pro Gforce2 (I have downloaded the latest drivers) 512mb ram 2 ghz intel pentium 4 and desperate Can you guys plz help me?!?!?! Thx in advance, Blessed
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