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  1. Thx, I'am happy anyone wrote after such a long time ... Well, I think I will try it again when I get my new PC in November ... :D Thanks again ...
  2. Sorry, I forgot to say: I turned System recovery of XP off. And GoBack had so much restore points afterwards but not before. So this is no option, unfortunately :-[
  3. When the game was still installed I got messages like STOP 0X00000 and so on, they seemed to be allways different ...
  4. Thank you for ur efforts. I tried a prog named "DirectX 9 Uninstaller for XP / .NET". It was quite complicated, but now I have DirectX 8.1. But I can't still install the game, I get the message like (it is translated) "directX error - action is not supported". :( Here's my new DXDiag: [attachment archived by Gobalopper]
  5. Thank you for ur advice 8) No, I don't think so. The problem happened after SP2 and before the BIOS update. Updating BIOS had been a reaction to the problem. Same goes for the new graphics driver. The previous worked fine before SP2 but afterwards anymore with Emperor. Yeah, I guess so, too. U think downgrading DirectX 9.0c would work ? ???
  6. Hi to everybody ! ;D Emperor was running with my XP system just fine. After I installed SP2 (and DirectX9c which comes with it) I got a Blue Screen everytime I started it. :'( I have made updates of the graphics driver (Radeon 9700) and my BIOS. I tried to reinstall Emperor. Now even the installation is not possible - Blue Screen. I have deinstalled SP2 but same effect. ::) I have reinstalled SP2 = same situation. I deactivated NAV = nothing changed. Because I liked the game and want to go on with it, any suggestions ? Thank you very much in advance ! :D I attached DXDiag.txt[attachment archived by Gobalopper]
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