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  1. ok so i did what it waid in the stiky on the post above, it installed but it wont launch the game now, OS: xp pro Directx 9
  2. :( :- :'( nope.... unless the server is still down and in that case i'll try next week or later this week. but if it is up have any ideas on why its freezing up?? oh and P.S. thnx for all your help any ways if i unfortunatly cant get to play online i was so looking forward to playing you if i ever saw you. :'( :'( :'(
  3. k that might explain my new problem ;D dont you love me now? :O ::) when i tried to log on it got to the connection screen and promtly froze, huh. maby tomarro it will work and i can stop giving you something to work on :P
  4. K, my fire wall is off and i'll try it again thnx.
  5. Ok i downloaded the Official Map Editor and it says to start the DuneMapEditor.exe but i cant find it any ideas?
  6. Ok now i have a new type of problem, ok i downloaded the shyhalude map editor to activate some ne maps right, well it said they activated but the didnt so i looked in the forums a little and read some thing about shy not working right with buttons or somethin and i downlaoded Med2k and go figure i install it and when i start it it says run time error 76 path not found and help or suggestions?
  7. Oh well i thought i had already installed that i had downlaoded it and in game it said it was 1.06 and i thought there was a diff one from westwood my bad, so i installed it again properly this time but... you guessed it another prob ;D bet you love me now, ok i installed it correctly and i connected and it said that my connection to westwood failed check my ISP connection, any thoughts?
  8. Hey do you have or could you find the site address for the place to download the update so i can play online cause i cant find it.
  9. sry for being a problem child well teen... anyway so i go and register a nickname and it says i will resive a messege in a couple of minutes... well go figure that was a couple hours abo and guess what still no messege, i also hit the i forgote name and pass thing and guess what.. you got it still no messege.... PLZ PLZ PLZ (thrid times the charm)have a little patience and dont say sry no time or dont know cause it used to work, btw on my dad's comp a while ago it worked on line it was also running xp and at that time my comp was running 2000 and it worked and now my comp is running xp and it go figure doesnt work.....
  10. ok i incountered a problem right so i email the author right and i get the faulure to deliver messege on my email so.. here my prob i hope some one can help if not oh well. these are the messeges i sent When i start it up and try to create a map every thing is a sort of gray fuzz like static on a tv when there is a bad signal and when i try to activate a map i downloaded it comes up with an error messege (Error in mdlActivatorD2kLoadDate: Path not found (76) in SH2K Please report all information regarding this error, the circumstances which caused it, and you system configuration to the author) then i hit ok and it comes up with another error (Error loadin TEXT.UIB. Possible cause: incorrect Dune2000 directory specified Restart the map activator.) plz help i am running Xp ok i think i figured out the activate map thing except it say a map has been activated but it doesnt show up ingame.
  11. could i get the site address for the place to download the update plz cause i cant find it.
  12. ok i looked through the forums and didnt find an answer to my problem which is, Ok i havent played dune 200 in a long time and i have redone my comp and i reinstalled the game and installed the patch and it works but... when i go to play on the net it says i need to download an update and register to play... i hit ok and it minimizes dune and shows the little box up in the top left corner saying i need to download the update... i hit yes and the box closes and nothing happens... i would rely like some help so i could get back and play... thnx for any help
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