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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, after installing the latest drivers for my nVidia card and then Omega drivers, uninstalling and installing NAV about 3 times, uninstalling and reinstalling the game about 10 times without the fixed setup and 5 times with it, trying all the line parameters and compatility modes, downloading and installing the WXP SP1, about 15 patches and DirectX 9.0b from Windows Update, and then reinstalling the game... I'm proud to tell you that... now Emperor works!!!! Thanks everyone here that helped me.
  2. I've just tried the compatility mode but the situation is the same... I downloaded all the possible WXP patches from Windows Update, included one that "resolves some problems about intro movies in games", and updated DirectX from 9.0a to 9.0b. Nothing. Only the Westwood logo, black screen and then desktop.
  3. I quote myself because I've just installed SP1 for Windows XP Professional. Now when I launch the game, it plays the two first movies with EA Logo and Westwood Studios Logo, but then returns to desktop again......
  4. The problem is not in the install process, is in running the game. As I told before, I think it could be a graphical problem. I've just uninstalled Emperor, then uninstalled NAV and then reinstalled Emperor... nothing. When I launch the game, only the intro screen, then the black screen for a second and then goes back to desktop :(
  5. Yes, yes, I did it. I tried also to install the game in my laptop, but there were problems in the cd setup, so I used the setup patch and in that pc Emperor runs correctly. But I want play the game in my pc and I don't understand why it hasn't to go on a recent and normal pc. I noticed a thing: If I go to Screen properties > Settings > Advanced > Problems Resolution and I move the slider four positions before, disabling Direct3D Acceleration, the game (patched or not) doesn't start at all and gives an error in "game.exe". If I move the slider to max, as normally, the game (patched or not) runs but crashes to desktop. For this reason I suppose it's a graphical problem.
  6. Mmm... I think it's not a cd units problems. Also using the fixed Emperor.exe (without or within any cd inside, it's the same), it crashes to desktop. It's a video problem, I suppose. But I already tried everything in my video card settings...
  7. I think this is not a new problem for you, but I really don't know what can I do. I read all the discussions about this problem and I tried everything. But nothing. I'm using Windows XP. I have 2 cd readers (one is D: and the other one is F:). Using D: the setup doesn't start but it gives an error in "setup.exe". Using F: the setup goes correctly, but when I launch the game, it doesn't happen nothing. Just returns to desktop. I thought it was a video problem: i changed resolution, installed the latest drivers of my video card (nVidia GeForce FX 5200) but nothing. Thinking it was a conflict with NAV, I uninstalled it, but nothing. So I downloaded the setup fix, I reinstalled the game with it, but when I launch the game (the fixed exe) with the cd inside the F: unit it gives me an error in "game.exe". In addition, if I launch the game with the cd inside the D: unit, it doesn't want to start. I think there's a problem on reading from the cd units, but I don't know ho to solve it. Attached there's the DxDiag file (edit: the right one is the PMDxDiag1.txt, sorry). Thanks to everyone wants to help me. [attachment archived by Gobalopper]
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