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  1. I read somewhere that it was "A" you had to push to enable ally.... in-game! well, i think its sick compared to the original Dune 2.... never has a game been so fullfilling... in every aspect... dune 2000 was a bit crappy, since none of the units looked like thoose from the original dune 2... one thing i like in emperor, is that you can run it perfectly today on nearly any machine... and the worms are 1/4 size of your screen... and the graphic is okay, but the game is so much harder to get use to... since you get overrun very quickly... :) what other oldies games are worth installing... u think!
  2. Hmmm... it was a cracked version i tried, only version 1.04... tried the to reinstall original with 1.09 and it helped.... Thank you... and playing against a pc, is something, since the speed is... hehe! Anyway, no - no virus scanner... no outlook... I dont DL things containing virus... But if you are one of thoose who want to DL every little file you stumple upon, it might be a good idea !!! ;) and outlook... why, all virus, bad things is nearly always headed for outlook... ! Back to business.... NO you cant team up in this stoney game... OR I cant... buhuuu... no its not like C&C, alert, sun and so on.... I thought you played the game, since your "Sign" is a sign of one of these weird subhouses you can choose.... !!! :) Hope you stumple upon a way to enable teamplay! thanks!
  3. No, I dont use crappy stuff like that... :) I do know what to run, and what not to.... :) Its sad that the game lags with small lags all the time... so sad :( - But, I never figured out how we enabled teamplay against the pc? do I haveto press "A" when I see his units, as in dune 2000... or!? :O I just bought 2 pcs, my new one, and my old one... so Emperor seemed as a nice multiplayer game, overlooked maybe... but darn hard to get to work :)
  4. Why should it help in LAN? When it runs perfectly in single player... skirmish? But i'll give it a try... or maybe, what Protocols do you run?! I think I only have TCP/IP!
  5. Hmmm... It lags pretty much... I donno why... !!
  6. okay, removing ZA 5.0 - the suckiest firewall... helped! the other one runs 4.58 and its okay, when disabled! - last question, how do we team up under multiplayer???? we cant seem to find out.... thank you!
  7. HOw will it fix this odd game? when ZA is not enabled at all, it should be the same... thus, I have no firewall at all if its gone! Isn't there anything else I can do!? It do work, but it has something to do with the network... But thank you for the fast reply...
  8. This is sick... first, I can't play this game on my lan... for some reason... I can play it in single player on both pcs! I have tried version, 1.04 and 1.09 .... and nothing happens, both pc's ar etotally fresh installs on winxp pro... they run smoothly alone, but on lan... it crashes... and they have problems connecting! My pc's are connected via an 3COM SWITCH 5 ports.... there, my 2 pcs are connected, and my internet ROUTER runs has a cable in there as well - I have service pack 1a The problem is... Sometimes we can see each other in network lobby, and sometimes not, only when I or the other pc exit the lobby, we can see each other... What is wrong, what is the solution?! - Both pc's have ZA installed, but its' disabled while playing... Rarely, both pc's can see each others, and when we start a game... in standard resolution... pc1 locks!!! buhuuuuuu-... IT sais GAME.EXE is the reason. !!!! so sad, cause its such a cool game... Pleaz pleaz help! mail me if you have theanwser at super_eek@hotmail.com and still, post this.... others than me have this problem!!!! Ive tried nearly every patch.... no luck!!! please advice CupeX
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