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  1. Well. I don't have anything to special. An Athelon 2500+ procesor and a GeforceFX 5900XT videocard. And admitedly when I zoom out all the way in game and theres plenty happening then it will become kinda choppy. But choppy and slow arn't exactly the same. Its not like it is a consistent speed since only where theres alot happening when I have it zoomed all the way out will it slow down at all, (Slow down as in become choppy). And besides even when it does get choppy theres still a noticeable speed difference between the slow game speed and the fastest game speed. But again my system's ability isn't the issue here since if it were then the game would be going really fast during singleplayer as well.
  2. Thanks for the reply. However I don't think that would be the issue since if it wwere then the game would be too fast even during singleplayer, but it isn't. It's only during multiplayer on LAN. Also I have the video settings maxed out already and I have the resolution at the highet my monitor will support for this game, which is 1280x960 32bit color.
  3. I notice this problem has been brought up in the past but I'm hopeing maybe some one has found a solution to the problem. Single player is fine but when I play over LAN the game plays like its on the 3rd highest speed setting or there abouts. Both PCs have speed set to 1, the slowest, and both have the 1.9 patch installed. Also I find the connection sometimes is lost but it usually always reconnects and we can continue to play. However it is annoying none the less. I would try playing on internet instead but it requires me to make a new account and when I try to do that it takes me to a webpage that can not be viewed. Is there a way around this? I'm just assuming the problem is because Westwood is no more and so the internet isn't supported for it anymore if you don't already have an account setup. Is this the case? Thanks for your help.
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