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  1. Yup saw the tweet the other day and have been meaning to applaud the decision! I have been endeavoring towards a similar goal, but thankfully in another genre so there will be no competition between us I will be following your progress closely!
  2. So by the way, the girl in the video I linked above is hyping it up by making some sort of Dune reading club over the summer, as well as selling her own collector's edition of it. Some details here: https://youtu.be/7cHHTrRjghc?t=14m20s and on a previous vid of hers. I'm not affiliated in any way
  3. Yup, Unity is solid. It's always good to see something dune-related, particularly to do with Emperor. Don't hesitate to post news/updates around these forums
  4. Hello - yes, sure. It looks like I was distracted by other things during the holidays. Below is the latest version of it, I believe. It takes one command line argument, the name of an xbf file, and produces an obj file with the same name (only extension differs), with the name of the objects, their vertices and faces. All vertices are exported with their coordinates transformed; hence the use of the Numpy library. #!/usr/bin/env python3 import struct import numpy as np import argparse import os def readInt(file): return struct.unpack("<i", file.read(4))[0] def readUInt(file): r
  5. The engine in C&C3 (SAGE) has nothing to do with the E:BFD engine. I have seen around a misconception that the latter was a precursor to former, but it is incorrect.
  6. A dust scout in Blender: Note the object list in the top right - this is the object tree from the xbf file (but flattened).
  7. December 15th marked 15 years since posting the topic “Emperor expansion pack” in Westwood's forums, the project which became known as the pioneering Kwisatz Haderach mod. I was very young then and not very mature and fled before it was all completed. One thing that got to me was having to watch helpless as others tried to crack the XBF format, the key to the models and so to a true expansion pack. This left me with the wish to return to the task numerous times, as my own computing skills increased. I have not really uncovered any more information than what was known back in 2002-03, which
  8. Sure, that would be interesting and informative. Just be sure not to share your secrets
  9. Just ran it through an emboss filter because I had grown tired of its color Sure am, of course. Could likely do a far better job with your ideas nowadays too But first things first: the screenie is viewing a xbf file from E:BFD, a job which the community never finished. A 15-year itch
  10. That looks pretty neat! Interesting, I knew that about E:BFD, but not dune2k. If you don't mind going on a tangent here, do you have any experience with the E:BFD files? Do you know if there's any overlap in their practices, in particular any insights into their formats that could be useful in Emperor?
  11. You mean like gameheaven? *playing around innocently*
  12. someone on youtube saying it was actually big news yesterday(?), but with no more details or evidence that anything is actually in the works, just more speculation: https://youtu.be/MDtTIKEWYTU?t=2m49s
  13. Not even concerned as much by Trump himself as much as his administration the attitudes that this result has validated
  14. Very happy to see that you have picked this up again (have been feeling guilty ever since evangelizing C++/SFML and the whole thing petered out!)
  15. *still hopes to make Kwisatz Haderach 3 one day*
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