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  1. Yeah, my dad pointed out that he has sygate on them so we allowed it to run.. we go the game set.. but my computer stayed on the connecting screen... o well heh.. and i had atriedes he had ordos.. 1.9 version
  2. through the router then it goes to a hub and to this computer.. but the other is straight to the router.. we can access each others files soo.. idk.. heh..
  3. Ok, ive been looking around and me and my brother are trynig to get Emperor to connect via lan so we can play with each other.. We try to connect but it only has our one name there.. no channels are anything else even if we both at same screen.. its just us like we are alone.. I have a linksys router.. if that helps to solve the problem.. Just tryin to figure out how i can get both of our names to be on our screens so i can host and he can join the game.. thanks for any help.. and to send it to im_no_good32@yahoo.com would be easiest for me.. hehe
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