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  1. Thats a shame but so be it, thanks for the help anyway guys.
  2. Yeah, sorry I forgot to mention that. It's fully patched to 1.09. I can't see why it's happening, I'm not prepared to reinstall either as I don't think that will solve the problem, my brothers version (which is fully patched) is a recent installation anyway.
  3. Yeah I've tried to slow it down to the slowest but it still stays at top speed, this only happens on LAN multi, the internet multi is fine so is the single player. I have all the lastest drivers including Direct x 9.0b.
  4. Hi all, I've had this game for years and I have just recently set up a LAN, both machines are the same spec, 2.6 AMD xp, 1024 DDR RAM, ATI 9800pro. They are linked through a standard Ethernet cross over cable and we (my brother and I) can play both Tiberian Sun and Redalert 2 with no problems. When ever we run Emperor though we cannot slow the game down, it's constantly set at the highest speed setting even when we change it in the options menu it doesn't effect the ingame speed. Does anyone know how I can fix this problem?
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