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    I honestly never thought I'd get my hands on this CD. It's like, super-rare. I had put a notification alert on a search for "Spice Opera" on ebay, so I got mailed when one appeared. Since it was an auction, though, I had no idea if I'd win it. But I got it The original Spice Opera, by Stéphane Picq and Philippe Ulrich: (oh and the EBFD soundtrack. Also pretty neat )
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    Once you have a post approved, which you do now :), you should be able to attach files to your posts.
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    Apologies for not getting back here sooner. I downloaded 1.57ddh and installed it in my game prolly soon after it was created and on this site for DL. But I never got around to playing the game again until just recently. Everything seems to work fine, by that I mean the game plays just fine as this updated version. I don't play scenarios often enough that require a good usage of ports, but it is nice to know I have the update when I may need it. Thanks again to all.
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    @UnicornGraveyard Haha, I showed this picture to someone just a few days ago, and it made me look up that old site, and I came to the exact same conclusion. https://web.archive.org/web/20121022015917/http://membres.multimania.fr/esteban/english/news.htm Let the countdown begin! Free Spice Opera!
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    I seem to remember that Stephane Picq said it would take 30 years for the rights to Spice Opera to revert to him, so he could re-release it himself, or make it publicly available. So in three more years, maybe it'll be freely (and legally) available again...
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    In case anybody still reads this forum! I've made a few comparisons between the rolling demo mentioned in this topic and the DOS floppy version of Dune on TCRF. I actually started on it when that topic was new, but it's only now that I've really looked into the text. The differences on that page certainly aren't exhaustive, but it's interesting seeing the little ways the game changed in the months before its release. I'm curious as to whether anyone's found anything related to the debug stuff - if there's anything left of it in the final game apart from a few strings. And on the game's main page I mention the game's demo recording feature. I'm sure someone must have come across it before, but I only came across it whlie looking into all this other stuff. I haven't really tested it, but it records all your clicks and menu choices, so if you record yourself saving and loading games, the playback saves and loads games too. It's great learning new things about decades-old games!
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