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  1. Hi, so finally it's here, the promised big update of Structures Editor, which will hopefully change the history of Dune 2000 modding and make both experienced as well as newbie modder's life much easier! Download here: D2kEditorv2.0pre5.7z Important new features: - You can now genuinely add new buildings, units, weapons, explosions and arts without replacing existing! This has never been possible (with TibEd) until now. - You can easily change order of buildings and units - this will break up building/unit references in events, as well as AI properties, which you need to fix manually. You can reorder all other things with PgDn/PgUp too. - D2kEditor can manipulate with images in DATA.R16 (add empty images, remove images, reorder images), for example it automatically adds/removes/reorders building and unit icons when you add/remove/reorder buildings and units. - You can export buildings, units, weapons, explosions, armour types and warheads into files and import them back. This way you can easily share modded resources (buildings, units etc.) without need to send whole .BIN files. - You can export and import arts. Art is series of R16 images (for example 32 unit frames). This way you can easily share modded sprites instead of importing them one by one with resource editor. However, you still need resource editor for modifying actual images. - You can export and import sound effects stored in SOUND.RS file from/to WAV files. - Cascade import of buildings and units: When you prepare exported files of a building or unit and all referenced objects (weapons, warheads, ...), arts and sounds into single folder in correct format and naming, editor will automatically perform import of everything needed in a single operation = import of a new building or unit with a single click! - Function of several unknown bytes was revealed. These are: Screen shake, Sell priority (for building) and Voice priority, Projectile shoot offset (for unit). Demonstration examples for easy and fast new resources (buildings, units) import: Flame Tank.7zAutogun Turret.7zAutogun Tank.7z The new version of Structures Editor dramatically simplifies the way of adding new modded resources (new buildings, units etc.) into your own mods. This will make modding easily accessible to many people who are not much experienced with editing stuff and using resource editor. Instead of distributing whole .BIN files or sprites one by one, you share a zip packages with export of all needed objects, arts and sounds, like I posted above. The import will be done in this way: - Extract all files into some local folder - Open Structures editor, go to respective tab, and in case you want to add a new building/unit without replacing existing, click "Add new" button. New blank building/unit will be added. Keep the blank building/unit selected and click "Import" button. In case you want to replace any existing building/unit, select that one and click "Import" button. - Select a file for import. For building it's .d2kbld file and for unit it's .d2kunt file. - During import process, you will receive many information messages about what is happening (importing of dependencies). In case any dependency is missing, editor will warn you and you will need to take special care. For example adding new text entries into TEXT.UIB is not supported. - Once done, new building/unit is ready to use! - Try it out with the provided three resources on unmodified vanilla game files. Some notes: - The process of importing dependencies will always add a new item (weapon, warhead, ...) in case item with that name does not exist yet in your Templates.bin. In case item with same name already exists, it will replace that item with imported file. - When designing new buildings/items, always try to make new (unique) weapons, explosions, warheads etc. so that importing will not overwrite any original data. - Importing referenced arts will always add a new art. In case exactly same art already exists, it will skip importing. If you intentionally want to replace existing art, you need to import that art manually. - Import of armour type will import a "column" in the damage percentage table and import of warhead will import a "row" in the table. Armour/Warhead export files store referenced warhead/armour names, so in case you have different armours/warheads or have them in different order, the import should be safe. You should always make armours/warheads with unique names. Looking forward to your comments and questions!
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