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Goal: A disastrous earthquake in 2008 brought New Zealand to its knees.

The situation has stabilized, but without a viable rail network, reconstruction will be impossible.

Author's Comments: RENEWED ZEALAND is a short scenario, running from 2010 through 2025. You must help rebuild the nation following a major earthquake and a series of devastating tsunamis in 2008. Your goal is to move cargo to assist the reconstruction effort; passengers and mail are profitable, but they don't count toward the tonnage you must transport.

As New Zealand Rail is a national railroad -- essentially a subsidiary of the government -- its stock is not publicly traded. You will not be able to play the market or raise money by issuing stock. There are no competing AI companies and you can't resign to start a new company, so you won't miss anything by not being able to buy and sell stock. You may issue bonds if need be, but all company debts must be paid off in order to qualify for any medal win.

New Zealand boasts significant mineral reserves but no fossil fuels. While coal mines are thus arguably inappropriate for this scenario, they are included as a concession to the game's industry model (it was either that or use ports). Within the logic of the scenario, if you will, either circumstances demand that all the coal must be dedicated to powering cities and industries, or else it isn't really coal at all but instead represents some other mineral that's actually mined in New Zealand. Either way, the practical effect you must deal with is that New Zealand Rail is restricted to buying electric locomotives which can draw their power from those hydroelectric dams that survived the Big Shake of Aught-Eight.

Note that there is no prohibition against laying unconnected track. If the distribution of industries at the outset of a game is unfavorable, you may find it advantageous to build simultaneously on both the North and South Islands.

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