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Dune 2000 Image Converter

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About This File

First of all, about functions:

- Read & preview graphic format R8 from Dune 2000.

- Edit & Save to R8.


- Do not allow replace opened R8-file while saving - i.e. if you open C:\temp\mouse.r8, then you can't save R8 with the same name in the same folder. This made, coz source-file need as original while saving.

- For replacing images you may use 8 - bits per pixel uncompressed Windows BMP-files ONLY. The most important is the palette of importing image!!! If it is not equal with the D2K palette - image can be viewed as "pixel garbage". This problem can be solve using internal function "optimize importing image-palette to D2K palette" (Check this in options), then all importing images will be automatically updated.

But sometimes this function convert image colors not right, so, maybe, better use another program (i.e. Adobe Photoshop) for color optimize, and then load image to Dune 2000 Image Converter.


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