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Dune IV


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This game is a sequel of DUNE III created by the same author. DUNE IV, as well as DUNE III, is an advanced version of the game "DUNE II". It was written completely from bland print. The game contains 12 levels for each dynasty (old episodes Atreides, Ordos, Harkonnen from DUNE III) and 10 new levels for each dynasty (episodes not present in Dune III), with original stories and maps (for comparison there were 9 levels only in "DUNE II"). Thus DUNE IV contains 5 episodes with the total number of missions equal to 56. So it's average playtime is about 40 hours.

In new episodes Atreides fight Freemen. And Atreides are able to slay sandy worms without any assistance. The light infantry has also got abilities of engineers and can capture buildings.

DUNE IV, in comparison with DUNE III, has lots of improvements, such as: high resolution, advanced game control, improved artificial intelligence and many other features. Game package also contains video and MP3-music.

From the very first missions you'll have to find the way to survive on planet Arrakis (Dune), learn how to mine resources (the basic wealth of this planet is spice), build bases (cities) and army.

It gets worse and worse as it goes on... Don't expect it to be a piece of cake, as your opponent won't leave you and your base alone for a minute (well, probably you'll be given a one-minute-break). There are missions where a couple of alliances will unite against you and in others everyone's going to struggle against everyone (what an excellent show!). Some missions are time-limited, some need player to show his quick wit and dexterity to accomplish the mission.

This time the opponent (AI) has grown wiser and will be searching for the weak sides of your defense. Forget about the times when player could with impunity attack opponent's harvesters. Those old fine days when player presumed to forget carelessly about own harvesters have sunk into oblivion. The opponent won't forgive it, do not underestimate him.

-Vladislav Demjanishin

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