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Great Northern


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Goal: Singleplayer: Between St. Paul and the Pacific Coast there existed a vast undeveloped territory. Such that the western territories had varing degrees of allegiance to their governments in the east. A railroad link was essential to bind the two together. This was no small task as determined men were needed to build it.

James J. Hill was one of those determined men who took up the challenge to build a railroad across this land. The Great Northern Railroad was James Hill's "great adventure".

Length : 28 years


1. Haul 10 loads of coffee to the Duluth/Superior ports or the Port Arthur rail link.

2. Haul 10 loads of cotton to the ports on the West Coast.


In addition have a Company Book Value of $25 million and a Personal Net Worth of $15 million.


1. Haul 30 loads of coffee to the Duluth/Superior ports or Port Arthur rail link.

2. Haul 30 loads of cotton to the ports on the West Coast.

3. Have a Company Book Value of $50 million and Personal Cash of $20 million.


Restrictions: Only 500 sections of track can be built in a year.


Multiplayer: To win you must aquire $10 million in personal net worth and also have the highest personal net worth of any player.

Game length is 20 years.

Author's Comments: In 1879 between the eastern most cities of United States and Canada and those of the

Pacific Coast existed a vast undeveloped and untamed land. Several railroads conquered this land,

none was greater than the Great Northern.

The Great Northern was founded by James Hill, known and remembered as "The Empire Builder."

Throughout his years of creating, encouraging and directing, Mr. Hill's creed was development of

the resources of the region the railway served.

The game can be played as either American or Canadian railroads. Some limited over the border rail

building is tolerated, but too much will be taxed.

Historic passes have marked by lighter ground to help negotiate the narrow valleys.


Bakeries do also represent the need of grain to feed horses.

Breweries also represent mills. Since there is no food cargo alcohol is used instead.

Livestock arrives at Pacific ports as this represents the fishing industry.


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