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E:BfD installpack for Windows


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Hi everyone!

Wanted to play the campaign in the game so bad, but couldn't for the life of me get it to work. The game played nicely in skirmish, but I would get error when trying to play campaign. The game wouldn't want to load the discs, even though the correct disc was inserted.

So i tinkered a little with the files and from where I did the installation. So I figured I'd rip my original discs with the safedisc area, and then edit the installdisc (EMPEROR1) with the W10 fix setup file. That enabled me to install the game from disc, and run the campaign as intended. And since I couldn't find this solution/"kit" anywhere I thought I could share it with you. I made the container a SFX file, but it can easily be opened with 7-zip for direct viewing of what's inside.

Would recommend reading the read-me first though. I'll embed it here also.


Made this for all we fans out there. NO KEY in this file! 
The discs are ripped from OG CD release with the sub-track for safedisc, so the campaign should work! At least does for me!
Replaced the setup file on EMPEROR1 (install disc) with the W10 fix file so should be able to install directly from install-disc!
I included the EMPEREOR.exe also from the W10 fix! But this one has to be manually moved by you!
All that is needed should be included in this container!

    1. Install Virtual CloneDrive (Or other similar software).

    2. Mount the appropriate file in folder EMPEROR1 to install game.

    3. Patch game with included patches. v1.06 -> .09 is included because of maps in these updates. You *MUST* at least patch 1.09!
        3.1 OPTIONAL: Install mappacks.

    4. Copy EMPEROR.exe in this container and overwrite EMPEROR.exe in install-folder.

    5. "Install" dgVoodoo:
        5.1. Move contents from MS\X86 folder and dgVoodooCpl.exe with dgVoodoo.conf to native EMPEROR install folder.
        5.2. Find your own settings in dgVoodoo. OR
        5.2.1 OPTIONAL (my) settings in dgVoodoo: "General tab": "Output API": "Direct3D 12 (feature level 12.0)". "DirectX tab": Check "Disable and passthru to real DirectX".

    6. Mount the appropriate disc according to the campaign you want to play!
       EMPEROR2: Atreides disc
       EMPEROR3: Harkonnen disc
       EMPEROR4: Ordos disc

    7. Enjoy the game?

DISCLAIMER: I take *NO* responsibilites if this messes with you computer on any level (hardware exploding, rodents in fans, fifth world-war, systems crashing etc.)!
I take *NO* credit for any of the contents in this container! The real heroes are the ones making these softwares! I just collected them and made it so that it's easier for us to install and play game that we love!

Link: https://mega.nz/file/YUU0QZxB#lcPuozoYBxd6BS_t3U61OzLqQa_QCPIgKH8f-7_ZNDU

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