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A bit more difficult Southern US map


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For what it may bring you in game play enjoyment, I have decided to upload my modified map of the Southern US. I have tried to make it a bit more difficult than the original by scaling down the sizes of the towns and cities, by using only connected track, by not allowing you to resign from your company, and by adding a few thought provoking events that may, or may not, occur during a game-play session. Smaller towns will regress to village status and industries will disappear if some railway service is not provided in a timely manner. CBV for a silver medal has been raised to 30 million (from 20). The other requirements for medals have remained unchanged, with Highest In Class PNW winning the Bronze, and owning 70% or more of the track on the map earning the Gold. This map also allows for up to nine (9) AI competitors providing great and varied challenges. And the human player can choose any year from 1837 up to 1910 to begin their gaming experience, which adds to the replay ability of this map.



Southern USA - NINE.zip



This map has become a sort of "pet project" of mine. I play it quite often, and I have made many tweaks to it over the last 2 years. I am guessing it is, in its' present state, as close to a perfect map as i can call it, given my game playing skill level and map editing skill level at present time. It replays quite well for me, and I never feel bored in firing it up yet one more time.


I am hoping any and all will give it a try, and most importantly....enjoy your game-playing experience.


Thank you all, Immpy.



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All seems well now with the map download. I don't understand how these things happen (files becoming inaccessible), but I am glad I checked on a recent visit here.  Try it. Hopefully enjoy it. Any comments are appreciated.

Thank you.  

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