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Wrong Language...=/


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I just got RLT2 Second Century as a gift  :D...and, everything else is fine, but language is wrong!!!...I`m from Finland and I can manage with english....polish...NO WAY!!!... :O

Is there a way to make my copy of the game speak english??  :-\



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What's the version # (on lower left of opening screen)? Do you have Gold or Platinum versions?

I think there are 2 parts to the language problem but I'm guessing.

One is the maps themselves. This site has over 400 RT2 maps, including many of the ones on the CD, in English so you could play them instead of the ones on your CD.

The other is the default2.lng file which I assume is in Polish. There are also a few text and a couple html files you may want in English at the same time. Or do you have default1.lng or default.lng?

If its default2.lng I'll attach a zip file to my next post.

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Maybe you could actually try to exchange it at the store?

Some events are hard-coded, and these will always be in the local language.

This would include the two events that announce passenger traffic reduction, one in 1921, one in 1957.

It also may include the events that announce new station buildings, and definitely includes the ones that announce the availablity of steel and suspension bridges.

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One of the problem is that my copy is used...bought from a second hand store...

I got 5 other games too as a gift and RLT2 SC was one of them...prolly orginally bought from Poland or somewhere,,, ???

Is it possible to replace certain files with "english" ones??...

I haven

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Ver 1.55 is Platinum, which I'd expect to appear on the title page even on a crack, but I won't say it is a crack since I have no idea how foreign language versions are displayed. Anyhow the thing's so old that you could get the original for Cdn $10 four years ago, so I have no prob sending you the files. They're attached to this post.

But if it doesn't have about 129 maps included, then you got suckered into one of those limited edition versions that may not even work for scenarios not on the CD.

PS. If you have fast scroll issues (see topic), you can follow the link on this site's RRT2 main page and download patch 1.56. [attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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lol sunbeam, that explains it.

Hopefully the lng file I sent will work with 1.53.

Ver 1.53 is the patch for the TSC expansion pack.

Vers 1.54 and 1.55 are Gold and Platinum stand alone versions and are not patches even though they are presented that way on the patches page. Ver 1.56 is a patch that only works with Platinum.

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