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Maps based in Africa.

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  1. Goal: Africa - the oceans of the world have risen and this is where you are to make a new start.
    Author's Comments: Scenario "Africa After the Flood.mp2" - fixes
    1) starting year problem - most of the engines are disabled via the Map Options, so any starting year earlier than 1910 meant you wouldn't have an engine available for a number of years. Fixed starting date.
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  2. Goal: A sliver of hope exists to unite an Africa divided by Imperial Europe. Some felt that by building a Trans-Africa railroad Africa could gain a measure of unity. Try to connect Cape Town to Cairo by 1930.
    Author's Comments: Note: this was one of the original campaign maps from Railroad Tycoon II ("Cape to Cairo", campaign pt. 18, #18Cap~1.map)
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  3. Author's Comments: I like to make maps. Because I only play multiplayer games nowadays, I don't have the patience to make a scenario. Anyone who wants to make one, please feel free to do so under your own name...
  4. Goal: Morocco has just become an independent nation. The King wants you to build a railway across the Atlas Mountains and industrialize the country.
    Author's Comments: Although the Atlas Mountains are no higher than the Alps and the major passes are free of snow, no railway has ever crossed them, largely because the economic importance of the region south of the Atlas declined with the end of the caravan trade across the Sahara.
    This scenario is based accurately on Moroccan economic geography and loosely on Moroccan history. It runs from 1956, the year of Moroccan independence, through 1980, under King Mohammed V and King Hassan II. Passenger traffic is low after the first few years, but you can exploit the country's great natural resource, phosphate(chemicals) and trade for the raw materials that you lack.
    For a Bronze win, you must connect three cities south of the Atlas with the capital in the north, probably across the three major passes, and haul 150 loads north across the mountains. As long as your railroad survives economically, this should be easy.
    For a Silver win, you must own $5M in industry, which will strain your cash, and you must develop the auto industry. To get the needed raw materials, export chemicals for rubber and fertilizer for coal.
    For a Gold win you must play the stock market well enough to have a PNW of $10M and you must purchase rights in the North and in Algeria in order to connect three remote cities to the capital.
    Along the way, various ministers (coal, oil, steel) and power groups (hotel owners, Islamic clergy, marijuana growers) will set tasks that will cut your expenses once you achieve them. Do all these things and you will pretty much connect up the whole country and be shipping all commodities.
    A few tips:
    1. If you can connect to Erfoud before the death of Mohammed V in 1961 it will pay off, but this is a big distraction from other goals.
    2. Passenger revenue is great during the first couple of years then falls off abruptly. Get industry going early. The best chain is chemicals->fertilizer->export for coal ->steel->autos.
    3. For some reason exporting chemicals for rubber in Casablanca works unreliably. I had no problem in El Jadida. Anyway, Casablanca is subject to traffic jams and you need to use other ports.
    4. Electrifying the main lines is probably a good idea, but you will need to build some long, sparsely used lines in the south for which electric is too expensive. The scenario is winnable with diesel.
    5. To get oil before you have rights in Algeria, haul produce (dates) north across the Atlas and export it to get oil.
    6. Don't be too greedy in margin buying, or you'll get wiped out in a recession.
    The style of this scenario was heavily influenced by John Schwarz's Styria scenario, but there are fewer deadlines and less potential for total disaster.
    Please email your comments and suggestions for improvements. I hope to release a well-tuned version in early April.
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  5. Goal: The Red Island. Rails in the Indian Ocean.
    Author's Comments: Created from the TerrainBase collection, converted to greyscale in GeoVu before being despeckled, blurred and resampled to 251x500 pixels in Photoshop 5. Because Madagascar elevations start at 119 feet, I had to manually add coastal areas, especially in the northwest, west, far northeast and far south west, as well as a coastal strip the length of the eastern coast. (Tip...when doing this, add key rivers in BEFORE adding coastlines, then you can clearly see where key estuaries are, AFTER you add land - not as easy as it sounds).
    Towns in the north and east and west coast are fairly accurate. The exact location of Tana, Antsirabe and inland towns are a bit more difficult (could do with a real map editor to be able to input towns by real co-ordinates).
    In time I hope to add more villages, especially in the south and south west, and events to create a proper scenario.
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  6. Goal: Bring the railway to the Black Continent.
    Author's Comments: Starting Year: 1820
    Start Range: 1800-1850
    Map Size: 500 x 500
    Map Base: DEM-Picture
    Map Restrictions: Only One Company, only connected tracks
    Territories: Yes
    Barred Industry: Nuclear Power Plant, Landfill
    Player Pool: All
    Manager Pool: All
    Locomotive Pool: All
    Single Player: Scenario
    Computer Players: max 2
    SP Gold Win:$ Company and Player Networth in 150 Years
    SP Silver Win: 900.000.000$ Company and Player Networth in 150 Years
    SP Bronze Win: 800.000.000$ Company and Player Networth in 150 Years
    SP Loss: Don't complete bronze requirements.
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  7. Goal: "The Beloved Country"
    Union of South Africa
    World War II has come to a close. The soldiers have come home. Meanwhile the railroads have been neglected. You have been chosen to modernize and expand your country's railroads. In doing so it is hoped this will transform a war econmomy into a peacetime economy.
    There is trouble ahead though. African nations will seek to be free of their colonial rulers. Your own country will soon have internal problems. But the trains must keep running.
    Author's Comments: Return to South Africa after WWII and rebuild the railroad system.
    If you find errors in spelling or events let me know so I can fix them.
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  8. Goal: The oil to the North, agriculture and mining to the South. Connect across the desert... Accept the challenge.
    Author's Comments: This map is the first attempt at creating a realistic Africa. In this first pass, as you will see, I have not done very well with the disbursement of industry. It seems too crowded for Africa. However, my next update will improve the disbursement of industry and it will be good. You will enjoy this one anyway, I am sure. The computer should have no problem getting started.
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  9. Goal: Ethiopia, land of towering mountains and deep valleys. One of the hardest landscapes to build railway anywhere in the world. Which is why you've been chosen for the job.
    Author's Comments: I've not finished playing with the industry or started on the events for this map yet. But I may be some time working on those. Until I've finished those tasks here is the first version of Ethiopia. Unlike most mountainous maps which can be difficult to see where you are building in the valleys, Ethiopia has the advantage that you are building mostly on the ridges.
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  10. Goal: The European powers use the railroads to maintain their grip on their colonies in the Dark continent.
    Author's Comments: The year is 1900. The railroad has come to Africa. Develop Africa's industries and help your home country maintain control of her colonies.
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