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South America

Maps based in South America.

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  1. Goal: It's business time! Test yourself and try to take out of the hole the rail transport system in the city and its surroundings. You choose your goal, just try not to lose too much money, recession may occur...
    Author's Comments: This is a scenario based on the Buenos Aires map. It starts at the time when the Argentinean state sold its companies, among which were the trains. There are few cities left to connect, but many lines to develop... will you be the only one to stand in the end?
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  2. Goal: In der Karibik gibts einige schöne Inseln, zum Beispiel das kleine Land St. Kitts und Nevis, oder Antigua und Barbuda...
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  3. Author's Comments: This map has taken me one day, my first map.
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  4. Goal: Jamaica, the pearl of the Caribbean.
    Author's Comments: This one is from an image. After a painful cleaning of the un-usable details such as gas stations, it was re-sampled. blurred and converted to gray-scale in Adobe Photoshop 5.
    This is a beta version. Events were added in haste - any tips on the use of event editor would be appreciated. It contains about 40 to 45 towns and bigger villages, and all remarkable physical features of Jamaica, such as The Cockpit Country, Blue Mountains, Black River, etc.
    PS: Many thanks to Mark and Jon Pecha. Their maps of Madagascar and Cuba inspired me to create this map. Also, I've used Mark's read-me as a template.
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  5. Goal: Welcome to Buenos Aires! It's hard to build a profitable railway line these days. Prove you're a Rail Baron and build a suitable network for this huge metropolis.
    Author's Comments: This is the final version of the Buenos Aires map. It has all the physical landscape and political divisions, plus cities, labels, and realistic minimum starting year and events. Enjoy the game!
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  6. Author's Comments: They have been modified some courses of the rivers to adjust them to the reality, especially the existing in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. They have been drawn some but. Also it has been made what is own in the birth of the affluent of the Amazon as the Black river. Equally it has been made with the Orinoco. They have been put the names of the rivers, dams and lakes. The oceans, mountain chains and zones as The Pampas and Patagonia have already its name.
    Taking as base the stage of South America that comes in the game have been adjusted the frontiers to the reality, especially in the conflicting zone between Mendoza (Argentina) and Santiago of Chile where was existing a territory of Brazil. What them was lacking to the two countries, centennially faced.
    New cities have been included in this map.
    Industry zones have been adjusted with sugar and but coffee in Brazil. Cattle and grain in the Pampas and Patagonia. Mineral in the north of Chile. Coal in Colombia. Oil in Ecuador. Wood in the Amazons.
    They have been added two territories: Trinidad - Tobago and Grenada, though they are islands and for the game do not influence.
    What but real of this stage are 55 news that they have been taken of the encyclopedias and happened and that nearly all have its influence on the economy of the game. Even the of the year 2.001, in which it will be my 50 anniversary, I hope that both events are fulfilled.
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  7. Goal: Em meados do seculo 19 grandes empresarios e governo estao esperando por alguem que de o primeiro passo para a construçao de uma ferrovia no Brasil.
    Author's Comments: Mapa contendo todos os atuais Estados Brasileiros.
    Ano Inicial: 1854
    Tamanho: 500 x 500
    Acesso a territórios: Apenas o Rio de Janeiro
    Industrias: Todas que estão no Brasil
    Locomotivas: Todas
    Gerentes: Todos
    Jogadores: Todos
    Cidades: + de 130 com as seguintes convenções relativas a sua população:
    Aldeia:>=50.000 e <100.000
    Cidade:>=100.000 e <1.000.000
    Metropole:>=1.000.000 e <10.000.000
    Jogadores do Computador: 2
    Condições de vitória:
    Bronze: Dinheiro do jogador>=$50 milhões até o final de 1917
    Prata: Condição anterior + Valor da empresa>=$200 milhões até o final de 1916
    Ouro: Valor da empresa>=$200 milhões + Jogador com a maior fortuna até o final de 1914
    Derrota: Não conseguir o Bronze
    Do mesmo autor: Estado de São Paulo e State of São Paulo.
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  8. Goal: Link the Pampas with the world's economy.
    Author's Comments: This is my first scenario. I tried to represent the semi-industrialized Argentine economy. A note for the ecologists: Argentina DOES NOT export nuclear waste. It represents domestic traffic to/from the areas not represented in the map.
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  9. Goal: It's Time to Build Railroads and Exploit These Nations' Natural Wealth
    Author's Comments: This land is vast and mountainous. The map accurately shows mountain ranges, cities, and resources from the Pacific Ocean to the High Andes to the Amazon Basin. Interesting events occur often based on the region's rich historical past.
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  10. Goal: O imperio de Pedro II esta chegando ao fim. A Republica do Brasil esta para ser proclamada e os paulistas governarao o pais por varios anos. Voce tem tudo para se tornar o maior magnata da ferrovia paulista.
    Author's Comments: Dica: Adquire os direitos de acesso ao Estado de Sao Paulo logo apos iniciar uma Companhia e começe pela cidade de Sao Paulo.
    Mapa do Estado de São Paulo e alguns Estados vizinhos - são várias cidades, metrópoles e megalópoles contendo toda a riqueza real de como elas são.
    Você tem tudo para ser um magnata ferroviário, porém, as metas a serem cumpridas são bem difíceis.
    São Paulo também conta com toda sua história, governadores, presidentes, doenças, invenções, crises, etc.
    Boa Sorte!
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  11. Goal: Argentina is growing in these days very fast, new immigrants are coming from all over the world looking for a new life. can you help Argentina to become the most important country in this region of the world?
    your goal: connect the city of Montevideo and Porto Algero to Argentina, also connect Bolivia and Chile. Haul at least 100 loads between Bolivia and Argentina. Haul at least 100 loads between Chile and Argentina. IF you do so until 1931 you will receive the gold.
    Author's Comments: Argentina by the turn of the century is growing like no other country in the world, can you help it to become a power in the region?
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  12. Goal: A free hand in the eastern region of South America. How do you make money?
    Author's Comments: One of the maps found in the GOLD edition of the Railroad Tycoon.
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  13. Goal: Pedro's II empire is reaching the end. The Republic of Brazil is to be proclaimed and the inhabitants from São Paulo will govern the country for several years. You have everything to turn the largest magnate of the industry.
    Author's Comments: Clue: Acquires the fast access to the State of São Paulo after beginning a Company and begin the city of São Paulo.
    Map of the State of São Paulo and some neighboring States - they are several cities, metropolises and megalopolises containing the whole real wealth of like them they are.
    You have everything to be a railroad magnate, however, the goals here they are very difficult.
    São Paulo also bill with all your history, governors, presidents of the Brazil, diseases, inventions, crises, etc...
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  14. Goal: Venezuela ist ein schönes Land, doch voller Gefahren: Urwald, Sümpfe, Berge, Westen...
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  15. Goal: Espirito Santo, little south-west's State of Brasil, needs somebody with competence to connect your territory, north to south.
    Author's Comments: This is the last (4th) version for this map, which was number 07 or 12 in download rank of the anterior The Terminal.
    The goal and other messages, as the scenario's newspapers headlines (not the "default" newspapers), now are in English.
    I hope you enjoy it. I worked hard to do it, with help of friends as Steve M., RRnut and Konstantin.
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  16. Author's Comments: I have found a Falkland Islands map on the Net. I have put levels of grey according to the altitudes then made a .PCX file before to import it inside the map editor and adapt it by hand to be more realistic and enhanced. During 1982 War on Port-Stanley, I hear BBC radio to know more about this war, because in France where I lived, media TV were not so developed like today.
    Major ports will send wool and farmers have sheep and cows. When the territory will be kept by Argentina on 1982 April 2nd, each player will pay $1,000,000 to survive. This money will be back plus 50% after date June 15th when UK troopers will win the Port-Stanley battle.
    In 1995, the announcement of oil fields discovered north of Falkland Islands area has been done. Reality or virtuality? In my game, the reality has been chosen and oil production will increase.
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