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Maps based in Asia.

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  1. Goal: Both North and South Korea are rocky nations with difficult terrain. You are going to provide them with an efficient rail system to encourage the growth of their economy.
    You have forty years to build your empire.
    GOLD - In 25 years haul 1,500 loads of cargo and have profit of $100,000, and a player net worth of $150,000.
    SILVER - Haul 1,000 loads and have profit of $75,000, and player net worth of $50,000.
    BRONZE - Haul 250 loads and have a profit of $5,000, and a player net worth of $7,500.
    Author's Comments: Here is a map of Korea made by a newbie. It has cities, ports and rewards for playing. Probably not for the expert because cities are not in exact realistic locations. Just wanted to share with others.
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  2. Goal: The revolution is over, and now China must set its goals to the future. You have been placed in charge of the Ministry of Railways, and now you will be responsible for the planning and execution of China's rail system. Being under direct government control you have many restrictions placed on you that you must work around. Your task is 3-fold should you wish to secure true economic success for your nation. You have 30 years to accomplish the following goals, good luck.
    For Bronze: You have been asked to connect the capitol city of Beijing to the largest city in China - Shanghai.
    For Silver: Accomplish the Bronze task, and establish an effective trade route to China's reserves of Iron and Coal in the Northwest by hauling 100 loads of coal and 50 loads of Iron from that region to the rest of China.
    For Gold: Secure the Silver tasks, and stimulate China's export industry as well. In order to do this you will need to haul 30 loads of Clothing, Toys, and Autos to China's port towns.
    - Can Only Start ONE Company
    - No Stock Market
    - No Bankruptcy
    - Dividends Cannot Be Changed
    - Industries Cannot Be Bought Or Built
    - You Cannot Be Fired As Chairman
    Author's Comments: After a period of civil unrest, the People's Republic of China takes power under the leadership of Mao Zedong. The future of China's economy now depends on revitalizing a mostly ignored railroad system in China's heartland.
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