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Console Game Owners (Game Cube, PS2, X-Box)

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In my opinion it was very easy, offcourse some of the levels was more difficult than others, but still. And yes it's great sometimes it really seems like you're max and some of the levels just gives me the creeps  ;D. The plot is also good, I won't tell you anything, I think it's great.

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Yes but I only got a PS one, But I got VII, VIII, and IX( ;D) Which is my favorit I like that universe. But still I think that ff is the best RPGs in the world, I got something very similar called something with Dragoons or something, it's good but as good as ff.

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I have a PS2, had it since launch:D, and I got a DC:), both are classic consoles. I would go for an XB if M$ actually had worthwhile games for me to look forward to in the next couple of years:-/, the PS2 has some fantastic titles coming out for it now which is what I've been mainly waiting for and the GC, well, there's already a list of games soon to come out for it which I'm really wanting a lot.

Just one problem.....launch dates:'(

MGS2 - March

XB - March

FFX - June (FFXI will be released in Japan first!!!)

GC - June

Aren't us Europeaners unlucky?

Oh yeah, did I mention that FF7-9 are being remade for the PS2? Sweet eh? Just wanted to say that most of you will probably flame me for saying that FF8 is the best FF I've ever played, FF6 follows closely behind ;)

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