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[MAPPER RESOURCE] expanded vanilla campaign maps


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here ya go

what's this, you ask?



i remapped all the vanilla campaign maps to be bigger and stuff. people keep coming back to the vanilla campaign maps to mod them, like "A5V1 but you play as smugglers," or "H4V1 but you play as fremen," or something. the original campaign maps don't have that much space on them though, so, like, here you go. these maps are considered free use blank slates; put stuff on 'em, change the terrain up further if ya want, do whatever

here's an example in O7V1

they're not exact copies of the vanilla maps. I remapped everything, so some island shapes are a bit different, but the general layouts of the maps are very similar with a couple of exceptions, like I broke up the player's island on H6V1 and added a bunch more cliffs to O9V1

here are some bullet points on remap policy:
 - blank slates. all maps had their objects removed. no events, no conditions, no AI, no player... these are meant to be blank slates for use by anyone. the only thing I added were player starts, making them playable skirmish game / multiplayer maps, though without proper AIs I don't imagine a skirmish would be all that engaging. anyway, Klofkac's editor has a "find" function, so all eight player starts on any map can be easily removed by mappers looking to use this resource
 - worm accessibility. if there is a bare sand tile accessible to a vehicle, it is also accessible to sandworms. the vanilla maps had a lot of instances where worms were trapped or otherwise couldn't access certain sand tiles, so if the player moved a vehicle to one such place, the worms would cling to the rocks nearby and try to get to them, but never be able to
 - normalized blooms and worm spawn location counts. across maps sharing the same number, there's a consistent amount of Spice blooms and worm counts. all level 7's have exactly 18 blooms, spread as evenly as I could make them across the map, and exactly two worm spawners, most likely in parallel locations like you see in the screenie up there. one at the bottom, one at the top. the max amount of 'crates' is 30, and Spice blooms count as crates, so I wanted to stay away from the max in case mappers want to put some crates on a map
 - general non-linearity. there might be a new infantry-only path in a couple of places, or maybe the sides of the maps offer new pathways around. there are enough decently-sized rock islands around to expand to... I tried to make sure that there were multiple ways to get to places
 - measured pathing. here's an example, because it's easier to explain that way:


the original map had three pathways in this location. one 1-tile and two 2-tiles. the revision has two pathways, but one is 3-tiles and the other remains 2-tiles. paths might still be tight in a lot of places, since they were in vanilla, but they're streamlined in this sort of way

that's all, i guess. have fun

Edited by Fey
fixed some errors; details in follow-up post
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zalu pointed out to me that this existed on H9V1's map expansion, in the bottom left corner

that would have made this map expansion unplayable garbage! thanks for the heads up mate, it's fixed now

also apparently H9V2 was a duplicate of O9V2's map file. oops. the reuploaded zip in the OP has the proper map file now:


alright, that's all that's in the update. feel free to reach out some more or post here if any of y'all find any more nonsense, thanks

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