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Can I upload a map here? May I?

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This may sound silly, but I had a friend on Steam who was having some issues with the Britain scenario (the one that starts in 1870) so I loaded it into the editor and did a little tweaking to improve the balance and correct a problem he was having (his ports were turning all his Goods into Tires and none into Aluminum; he needed Aluminum but had no auto plants on his map so he didn't need tires).  So I changed the Tire requirement to Food instead of Goods, and bumped the Passengers and Lumber up to 2 per year.  The map seemed a little light in the Grain and Iron departments, so I tweaked those a touch, too. And I added Swindon between Bristol and Oxford (sort of) and weighted it towards Auto and Electrical production with a Bakery and/or Tool and Die for early game. Also anchored a steel mill in Birmingham (can you believe a map without a steel mill in Birmingham? I actually had a couple spawn that way!).  That would be like Pittsburgh with no Steel Mill, or Detroit without an Auto Plant (historically speaking, anyway.)

Anyway, I'd like to upload the tweaked version for him to download. I guess I could just email him the file, but people are leery of that kind of thing in this day and age.

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