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Request: Dune 2000 Palette.RES to .PAL


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Recently I've been messing around with some C&C mods and I figured that it is entirely possible to add Dune 2K assets to other C&C games. I've had this idea for sometime, even though its been shot-down. Still I would at least like to attempt it. Aside from basic AI scripting, there is only one problem. As you could guess from the title, the color palette used by Dune 2K is in a completely different format than other C&C color palettes. Most other C&C games use a .PAL format for their color palettes while Dune 2K uses .RES. Currently, there is no known method or software to convert one to the other. The people I've talked to, who made the mod that I plan to either integrate into or branch off of, have no idea on how to work with such a format. But since you guys, people who currently work with Dune 2K assets, might have a solution to this. The only way I've tried so far was to open up the .BIN version and then copy off the hex code, then paste that into a RGB converter and hope for the best. I'd appreciate any feedback you guys could give me since this is the biggest issue outside of the actual coding.

Basically: I want to find a way to convert the PALETTE.RES file to .PAL so I can import sprites from Dune 2K that will have the proper colors.  

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sega mega drive's dune can help? i mean system of colors from it. it have 2 bytes $0rgb... hm... or $0bgr? dont remebmer :(  so color can be $0 to $F. so table of colors for standart RGB is:

    Select inp
      Case 0
        out = 0
      Case 2
        out = 36
      Case 4
        out = 72
      Case 6
        out = 109
      Case 8
        out = 145
      Case $A
        out = 181
      Case $C
        out = 219
      Case $E
        out = 255

so some game's color $0456 - means RGB(72,109,145)... or RGB(145,109,72) - need to test to find sure wich one it was RGB or BGR or whatever it was...

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