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Why no response from Terminal contact email?

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Is there some good reason why two emails to the Terminal via the contact link on their home page are not answered? Perhaps the site owner has abdicated to the Forum?

I have revised the basically unplayable Israel map from the website and was wondering if there was any interest in it at all. The original author has lots of interesting historical events which never triggered because of syntax problems which I have fixed. I have also added  bronze, silver, gold win conditions.  First time on this forum and was wondering if there is any way to upload RR2 maps. I know most RR folks are playing RR3 which I hate.

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20 hours ago, Gobalopper said:

That would be me. :) The website hasn't been updated in some time and the forum downloads section transitioned to be the source for maps. You should be able to upload the map to this thread and then I can add it to the forum downloads section:

I cannot figure out how to upload to the thread - sorry so dumb. I have added the map and txt comments to this reply if that works.



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