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Lithium a strange metal


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1.  Boeing to change back to old style batteries in the 787. 


     I wonder if somebody didn't anticipate that Lithium salts under certain conditions, can return current over unity, causing over heating of the Lithium battery.




2.  One of the storage tanks in central Washington state is leaking radioactive liquid.


    I wonder if no one at the storage site has heard that passing radioactive fluids through the Cold Water Fusion process, can quickly change the radioactive half life from many years to minutes?


Again, Cold Water Fusion is all over the web again.    (Plans and Products)    Japan holds the more important Patents.



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1.  Looks like Boeing and the Japanese battery Company found a solution for over heating batteries in the 787.   They are fire proofing,  venting and spilling the excess heat from the batteries. 


2.  News about the leaking radioactive water problem in the storage tanks at Hanford has gone silent.  


3.   Same with the news about the Cold fusion powered car the Japanese were building; where their reactors emitted radiation into the area after the earth quake and flood.  

I was looking forward to seeing the free energy car that could go 3000 miles on one charge.  

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Not much train news.


Lithium batteries in the news again.   After an UPS plane on fire, crashed yesterday in the Southern part of the US.


After the last UPS plane crash about 3 years ago,  "authorities have blamed the Sept. 3, 2010, crash on the jet's load of 80,000 to 90,000 lithium batteries, which are sensitive to temperature.  Investigators determined that a fire probably began in the cargo containing the batteries." in that crash.


I wonder if these batteries are ever carried in railroad containers.

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Update on Lithium Batteries:


It seems that pilots didn't see the message that read:  if a Lithium Battery is fully discharged, it must be replaced.   It will over heat if charging is attempted.


Similar  wording is on the lithium batteries used in model remote cars and planes. 




Japan is still under the radioactive alert where the Cold fusion cars were to be built.  All industry in the area is shut down.

The radioactive floating junk from Japan:  small ships, barges, misc stuff is expected to come ashore along the US coast for many years.

I read that there is a floating island of garbage  a few hundred miles wide in the waters of the Central Pacific.


Some place within the waters of another floating island is an old cruse liner that broke loose from its' tow in a heavy wind storm. 

It was to be scraped in South America. No one seems willing to claim this tall ship.   Last seen drift heading for the waters off the UK.   :O  


PS.  There are some neat films of trains and trams under the U-Tube attachment posted by Crownvic95 in the Debates/ global warming thread.

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Not being scientifically inclined, I find the stated comments very interesting.  But I will makd some comments of which I have heard reported.


Science, well, manufacturers, are always experimenting with new avenues of products.  Now Lithiumn has a longer life duration, but the cost is considerably more than that of other materials.   SO, wouldn't it be just as profitable to spend less, and replace oftener, than to have such hazards as presently founded?


A report indicates that if an auto equipped with a  Lithiumn battery, has a "certain" level of charge, that it has to be towed to a garage, and thereby served by an authorized mechanic.  The report did not specify what that "service" required.


Now I know from working around an auto garage, that if a person left his fuel supply go under 1/4 tank, that the fuel pump would normally have to be changed, as it would overheat from the lack of fuel to keep it cool.  Hence the pump would fail to operate.


Just a bit of information to the younger generation.   My generation relied on a "mechanically" operated fuel pump, which was activated by a "arm" pressing against the crankshaft.   But automotive, as many other creations, have come a long way in developement, but is a discussion of other types of problems.  LOL :laugh:

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Lithium batteries of an equal size, at about double the price,can return over 4 times that of lead acid batteries.


In some of the Cold Water Fusion experiments where Lithium was used, Lithium batteries returned close to 100 times input; But,

These were out of control and melted themselves.   It seems that electronics could be developed to control this problem.  

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