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Cheap way sucks


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if ur stuck on a mission like AI 8 all u need to do is do the expensive way not the cheap way the ordos have all there units ready they just let us have time to build so build ur stuff like heavy refinerie stuff for Rocket Turrets once u got dat build concrete around ur important stuff now build r turrets as fast as u can but if u lose ur harvester just build another one. Now once u build enough turrets to last u a while build starport then once u get dat build another refinery and order 3 harvesters get around 10k now build order as much as u can then build the ultamite defence

I will list rules for tough missions

1.Always be Defense!

2.Build a huge army for defence then once its big enough save and attack

3.if u lose just load the game u had before or use ur r-turrets for defence and build from there

4.Always keep atleast 10k if ur plannin on wantin a huge offence or defense

5.Have fun with buildin ur army!dont just use the best u can buy or just use ur deathhand missile or airstrike

6.Don't stress if they own u in da beggining just recognize there patterns of where they first attack

7.If u get pretty far in a game save it

Hopefully this will help u guys out and dont be sayin i suck at this game cause this is my first game guide/mission guide

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

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