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Russian roulette

Spectral Paladin

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So there I was one day, staring out of the window with nothing to do. A brilliant idea came to my mind: play russian roulette! So I searched the web (you didn't think I meant for real, did you) but found no games! Where is the world going I wonder. No russian roulette on the web. People are crazy.

Anyway, I thought I could setup my own game here. Don't shoot me - yet.

I 've come up with a set of rules that should make the game simple and fun. Not random though (besides, according to frequent fanfic posters, nothing is random, hehe). Some aspects of the game will provide the players with some control over the process. Furthermore, players gain experience the more opponents they beat and thus have even better chances of surviving next time.

For now I 'll do the calculations. If people like it, maybe I 'll make it a php game.

So who's interested?

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