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Unique Video Games??


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TMA, I think you should try to make Syndicate Wars to work on your computer. You might need to change a tiny part of your RAM memory into some old EMS (?) memory though. I don't remember the command, but it was just a command and nothing else to do. The game is AWE_some.

Also, I know I am looking forward to a mod made by some fans (thousands of hours, new graphics, etc.) trying to make a better "Civilization" game with dynasties, diplomacy, etc: http://www.theagesofman.net/index.html

The mod is free.

And right now I look even more at Supreme Ruler 2010 which I find to be really... something special. But the it's quite serious, as you can manage everything of a state. www.supremeruler2010.com (demo coming, just gone gold... and worth buying on my side)

Otherwise, if you never played Galactic Civilizations, perhaps you should give a try at the demo.

If you just want a little game to give a try, get a SNES emulator and try Battle Ogre (from Square). Old, but it has its style. If you never played Final Fantasy VI (FF3 in the USA) from Square, it is a piece of ART. Not simply game; ART :)A try at total art that is.

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So I finished Loom. It's a pretty short game, but it was fun to play, and had a neat story to it.

Oldies but goodies. Too easy indeed. No death, no violence, no dead end, just a unique character who seems to live on the moon. Very recommended. :)

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