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Jacob Douds posted this when he was making the Airstrike mod:

I got the Ordos Helipad Working. Yay.

The problem was, for some reason, in the default artini.txt file, in the generic buildings section, with the walls, there is an Ordos Helipad entry. Which means the game reads that one first, but it doesn't exist so it crashes. But that means they were intending on putting in an Ordos Helipad but decided not to. I never noticed it there before.

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It is easy as long as you do not call it [ORHelipad]. The best thing is to use an existing OR Civilian building as this way it will also appear in those campaigns where the Ordos buildings are pre-set (eg the Ordos Arrakis base map, and the Ordos homeworld). Just copy the code from AT or HK helipad, remembering to change the 'Resource=' line to the chosen building name. Then take either the AT or HK helipad xbf and edit it to use ordos colours, rename the xbf and add it in the artini.

Then obviously you will need to at an OR Ornithopter also...

To get it quick use mine from ICW. You may wish to alter the helipad landing pad texture, I used an existing one (part of the ORstarport) which is round but the texture when applied to the HK Helipad is stretched (thats why both AT and HK helipad textures look oval in PSP but round in the game).

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There are ordos helipad textures:

=OR_HP_H128 and _64


OR_HP_pipes128, 64, and 32

OR_HP_trolly64 and 32

No damaged textures though, and I've lost the ones I made for Jacob.

The resultant helipad, when applied to the AT model, works apart from some eagle wings which you could easily replace with another nondescript ordos texture.

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