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Found 9 results

  1. nomadic

    multiplayer issues

    Hi All, I discovered Gruntmods' Dune 2000 and am really enjoying it. Only, i cannot get multiplayer to work from inside virtual machine (i am traveling for business and obviously cannot install anything on my company PC). Looking on this and cncnet forum i found that the problem is known, the threads are inactive since several months and no solution has been published. My host PC is a Win7 x64 machine. I use latest VMWare player for virtualization. Virtual machine is Win10 Pro x86. Network mode (NAT / bridged) doesnt make any difference: CNC client does not connect (but VM can connect to Internet fine). On a forum somebody said that an older cncnet client (which version?) works from inside VM; where can i download older version of the client? I tried to copy the installation files on the host PC: now cncnet client can connect but launcher complains about incorrect installation. If I move the installation file to another location inside my VM i get the same result and the cncnet client still doesn't work (obviously). On the website it is mentioned also a portable version of Gruntmods Dune 2000 but i cannot find it. Can anybody please help? Many thanks in advance.
  2. Playing over CNCNET Playing over Hamachi Playing over the in-game "Internet" button Other methods Edit History
  3. Hi, Guys, Me and Kaking, We wants to play at the Dune's games (2000, Emperor) over the Internet. I configure a PvPGN's server ( 1.99 version beta WOL version ). But we have difficulties with the address_translation.conf: I put : only one line : # input (ip:port) output (ip:port) exclude (ip/netmask) include (ip/netmask) #----------------- ------------------ ---------------------- ---------------------- NONE And the log server was: pvpgn::trans_net: checking for client X.X.X.X ... pvpgn::trans_net: against entry -> output network pvpgn::trans_net: entry does match input address pvpgn::trans_net: no match found for (not translated) Why the log says : no match found ? Any Ideas? Thanks for answers, Code-C and Kaking, Long live to the fighters !
  4. Hello fellows. I see questions like “Can this game still be played online?” or “Is it possible to play multiplayer game?” appears periodically. So in this topic I want to summarize my knowledge on this subject. Well, I won’t describe the old method concerning IPX/SPX protocol installing & configuring. Cause there are many requirements. Install Evolve or Tunngle software. LAN Patch for multiplayer game. For 32&64 bit WinXPVista&7 OS. It's universal, both for 1.02 - 1.06 game versions & it don't modify the game files! See ReadMe inside & watch video tutorial You may also use GameRanger to play Dune 2000. But afaik GameRanger supports 1.02 game version only it's rather lagy unstable way to play Dune2k, especially if more than 2 ppl playing... For Dune2k & other IPX based games you may use Kali gaming client. No need in VPN software then. Watch video guide here. You may download portable (without videos, no need to install) 1.06 game here Those users who properly configured their firewall, Re-prioritized their network adapter, but still have problems connecting with others, may try this great utility - LanGame++ Running your own PvPGN Server I decided to upload PVPGN server v.1.99 compiled by my friend playtester from old-games.ru forum. It’s console based server, so you have to know/learn server commands. Making this server to work isn’t a trivial task either. I’am absolutely not the one to ask the questions about how to establish this server. Better visit official site forum. You will also need WOL components installed to play Dune or C&C via PvPGN. Anyway, we tested PvPGN server in Dune2k & StarCraft. It works! Anyone who wants to revive Dune2k multiplayer matches may now do so. Multiplayer match video. 4 players. Intense action. Was held on PvPGN server. Long Live the Fighters!
  5. STEP 1 Download: http://dune2000online.com/ STEP 2 Install: Hamachi is required for LAN and Neorouter is required for Channel Alman, so install both. Use Hamachi or Dune 2000 Chat to talk to other players about games or support. Active Networks in Hamachi: dune2000.my1.ru, pass: 0 Raiders Club, pass: dune Ordos Barracks, pass: dune STEP3 Run the Dune2k Launcher and choose multiplayer mode: Play Online - Enables Internet option (Internet Button under Multiplayer menu) and connects Dune 2000 to Alman Channel To enter, type Username and Password. Chat - Allows you to see through and interact with players inside Alman. Network (LAN) - Enables LAN option (LAN button under Multiplayer menu) and connects players through Hamachi Nertworks. When you select LAN from launcher menu, an IPX protocol box will pop up. Select the IP number starting with 25.XXX.XXX.X. Then Dune 2000 will enable then LAN button. Now come and play! :D
  6. Guest

    The Main Vein



    Author's Comments: It's fun to play and is educational also. The map is a great big eye-ball with tentacles (or veins) emanating from it. All the cities are named after things associated with blood, veins, the heart, etc. Its kinda eerie. The only problem is its only playable in multiplayer mode. I would appreciate if you would respond by e-mail, let me know what you think. Thanks.
  7. Guest

    Making The Grade



    Goal: Deep in the mountains, there are opportunities waiting. Can you make the grade? Author's Comments: This map has complex victory conditions. There are eight map goals, for a combined total of nine Victory Points. In single player, you must earn one Victory Point within 40 years to earn Bronze or you lose. If you qualify for Bronze, you then get extra time (up to 80 years) to try and earn the Silver. You need four of the nine Victory Points for a Silver Medal. If you manage that, you will have up to 120 years to try and earn the Gold. You must earn ALL NINE Victory Points to win the Gold Medal. Earning even one point will be a challenge. The terrain is unforgiving. In multiplayer, you may choose between a Short Game or a Full Game, by playing either the original version or the "Short Multi" version. In the Short Game, the first player to score any Victory Point is the winner. In the Full Game, the first person to earn five Victory Points will win, or the player with the most points once all nine have been earned will win. Players may of course choose to play for other points totals, but you will have to use the main version and then keep track on your own if, for example, playing until someone earns two points. And of course, on a map this challenging, it won't be uncommon for players to go completely bankrupt in multiplayer. If you go bankrupt, obviously you are most likely finished. The map's only restriction is that you cannot start multiple companies. If players are going bankrupt, the last one still standing will be the victor. You may check the Briefing at *any* time to see how many total Victory Points have been awarded so far that game, in single or multiplayer. Multi - Special Note: this version is identical to the main version in every way except the victory conditions in multiplayer. For those who want to play this map in multi, but have a shorter game, use this version.
  8. Hi. I've been having trouble getting an Emperor: Battle for Dune coop campaign going. Whenever the game is about to start, it freezes and then crashes at the loading screen. I remember getting it to work at one point, but I don't remember what we did at all. Has anyone else been able to get it working? Is there something special we have to do to get it to work? Here are my system specs, in case it helps: MS WIndows Vista Home Premium 64-bit SP2 AMD Phenom 9850 Quad-Core Processor 6 gb RAM NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT Comodo Firewall Avast! Antivirus Disabling our firewalls/Avast didn't do anything. My friend has pretty much the same system specs except he has Windows 7. Another question: how do you get teams going in a LAN game? IIRC you can't ally with computers, but I've never known how to ally with other human players. Is there something I'm missing here?
  9. This archive contains _PRAC.MIS files that will let you to play the following game types: *) 2 human players vs. 4 AI players *) 3 human players vs. 3 AI players Note that the humans will be allied from the beggining of the game. (the same for AI), so no need to select a unit and hit the "A" key. For now, these files work only in Comp Stomp mode (humans vs. AI) but can be edited to work also for 2v2 matches between humans. Also note that a 2 humans vs 3 AI or 2 humans vs 2 AI is posible. How? Just add 2 AI players for 2v2 or 3 AI players for 2v3 instead of 4 AI for 2v4. All the players MUST HAVE the same _PRAC.MIS file for the game to work. If not, you'll crash. *** These files have been tested by my clanmate [aKa]Deliutsaa:x, Digit@l and me and are fully operational. But if you find something that isn't ok, let me know. You can also edit them using MVI's editor. I've uploaded them just to give the possibility to play against ALLIED AI players. As you know, without an alliance the AI players are really weak. ReadMe included, read it for installation instructions and other things :) Hope you like them and hope that they will help you! EDIT: The 2nd archive containes a .MIS file that can be used only in Practice singleplayer mode. Will make all the AI players that you introduce to ally against you. Useful to train your surviving abilities and to play under pressure xD _PRAC.MIS files.zip 1 v 5.zip 2v2v2.zip