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  1. The smugglers campaign is done! Again! Features: - Eighteen campaign levels; Thirty meticulously-crafted missions in total. - Highly varied objectives between mostly non-linear, large-scale maps. - A smooth difficulty curve from the simple tutorial to the thrilling climax. - Custom artwork to bring your most dire foes and epic confrontations to life. - Engaging story full of twists, evoking surprise, and bringing identity to each faction. - Your in-game choices will affect how certain missions play out. You are the Commander! - Challenge and drama that amp up constantly, adding a sense of desperation to your battles. - Re-imagined tech and balancing through a complex mod that's still loyal to the original designs. In-Game Screenshots: Details: Glossary of Units & Structures: Download Link: Summers' Solstice.zip Don't have Dune to run this on for some reason, or want a fresh installation? Here ya go: https://dunemaster.webs.com/files Installation & Execution: 1. Unpack the downloaded zip. 2. Merge the data folder inside the downloaded zip with the data folder in your D2k directory. Overwrite everything. 3. Launch the "Mission Launcher" application in your D2k directory. Navigate to "All Missions," then "Smugglers." Uninstallation: 1. Merge the data folder inside the backup folder inside the downloaded zip with the data folder in your D2k directory. Overwrite everything. That's all. Enjoy!
  2. This is now officially part of OpenRA since playtest-20120715-2. Please report broken things at http://bugs.openra.net and see https://github.com/OpenRA/OpenRA/labels/Dune%202000 for known issues. Fork us at https://github.com/O...enRA/tree/bleed to contribute patches. http://www.openra.net is a modern open source cross-platform reimplementation of the early westwood RTS games. It supports Command & Conquer: Red Alert and Tiberian Dawn as mods adding new units and rebalancing the game. There is an active community of developers and players for online matches via a nice Lobby. I've been working the last weeks on a Dune 2000 mod for OpenRA. As the game engine is similiar, but not identical (different game files, tile sizes, frameorders ...) so progress is not so fast. I already wrote a converter for the sprites and scripted some units/buildings. As the ratings of the original Dune 2000 are overall quite bad and this is quite some work I wonder if people will actually play the game once it is in a more polished state. Is there any interest at all? The text in the splash screen will change over time. If you have nice ideas, I will add them :) Well you can see, it's more like Command & Conquer: Yellow Alert right now. Some misplaced Dune 2000 units invading the UdSSR in winter. The code is in C#, but mostly it consists of simple YAML textfiles. It requires the DATA.R8 to be ripped off using a shell script at the moment. Not very user friendly, I know and you guys probably all use Windows so you need to write a batch file instead. I plan to later add an in-game GUI auto-import of the game files as exists for the other official OpenRA mods.
  3. I have made a secret colour slider in practise a.k.a. skirmish. Black colour is 127, but there are more similar colours. You can also select black colour after the light brown colour. Also for your convenience there are 7 AI's and credits up to 65000 (more is not possible). Skirmish.uil
  4. Original post above. Due to combining this campaign with the second, I've gone back and brought these maps up in quality since I'm better at mapping now. Should be more fun. We got new Combat Tanks... Blue: https://i.imgur.com/rFTtXc7.jpg Green: https://i.imgur.com/3bCV9E1.jpg Red: https://i.imgur.com/ldRXB4D.jpg Purple: https://prnt.sc/meei8z We got optimized AIs, we got bug fixing, we got better A E S T H E T I C S, we got new units, we got everything. Go check out the latest post in the thread and have fun - I'm not changing the maps again now that they're in their final draft states. I ain't doin' it. Theseuns are gonna be in the same 30-map campaign as the second half in the other WIP thread, still a WIP. Always WIP. WIP forever. Maybe. Kind of. Latest post: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27508-release-smugglers-campaign/page/6/?tab=comments#comment-396536 WIP thread 2: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27783-wip-smugglers-campaign-2/ Knock yer socks off, mates.
  5. Long story short: I want to add "Dune" into my C&C Supremacy mod, noth asset-wise and story-wise. But I can't really do that with what VXLs and SHPs are around. There are literally none, save for that Aerial Defense Platform I found on http://www.yrargentina.com/old/index.php Does anyone know if a conversion is possible? Which programs do I need? Does anyone want to get in the 'Special Thanks' section of the credits?
  6. I have recently started a small OpenRA mod that makes all 7 sides (Atreides, Fremen, Harkonnen, Corrino, Ordos, Mercenaries and Smugglers) playable for OpenRA's D2K mod. Wanted to share about it here too. I opened a ModDB page for it so you can find more info at there. About the mod, it will include 3 special unit and 1 ability for each side. An ability is not necessariliy a Super Weapon but a special thing for that faction. I'm still thinking about the units to add, even the idea phase is not complete. After i add all the units i'll release the first version, then other versiıns will mostly be ballancing stuff.
  7. STORY: The big Houses had paid to the spacing guild in order to use their services, like transporting units from their own planets into Arrakis. However, some time already passed and a few of these factions still have pending payments. The Spacing guild will go into Arrakis and will make them to paid by force, if necesary. The Spacing Guild it's not allowed to deploy their own Construction Yard, but they will make use of their upgrade starport (and bending a bit the rules) in order to achieve their two goals... they are not ready to show you which are their second objetive... yet. THEME: For this Spacing Guild campaign I tried to make something unique with the Starport and, in general, with the rules of the game. Instead simply giving the player deliveries for free I wanted to do it in a more active way. This means that in some maps the frigate will arrive much more faster when doing an order, making the prizes to fluctuate more often or even increasing the stocks quickly so the player, as long as have money, can keep doing orders and having big armies with the starport. Because the story, half of the campaign you won't deploy a Construction Yard but instead using a pre-established base; however, once the second part of the story it's set into motion, the player will have access to a traditional base and, at the same time, other well know rules are going to be altered. POSIBBLE ERRORS: Due the kind of Index I used for represent the Spacing Guild, game can show an error after finishing a mission. This doesn't affect the gameplay at all, simply move on into the next mission. The error, if it appears, will show up after the mission succesfull. SCREENSHOTS: FILE: Spacing Guild.zip
  8. Hi again guys. I am here to present my newest campaing: "The Antifremen campaing". I created this campaing based in my "Fremen Warriors" one. In fact, are the same maps but modified to adapt to this new versión. In this campaing, instead being the Fremen the player will control the Harkonnen/emperor side. So when in the first level in the Fremen Warriors campaing you need to destroy several Harkonnen Harvesters avoiding being crushed by them. Now, in this alternative story, you have the control of those Harversters and you are going to crush all those fremen to win the mission. Of course, the maps, events and other variables have been modified to help the IA (and the player), so you can expect in some maps better routes to move your units and/or the enemy having it more easily to reach you. However, this campaing have 10 mission instead 9, splitting the last one in two parts. Contrary to the "original" version, in this campaign most of the levels are about building a base/units. So this levels are longer and resemble more any other regular campaing (I mean, building a refinery, training some soldiers, destroy a fully operational enemy base, etc...) To play this campaing you need all the files included in the zip (if you already have the ones in the "data" folder from another campaing then aren't needed). A readme also included with all the information needed. Note: to play the campaing choose "Emperor", although some levels you are the Harkonnen. Now some Screens: AntiFremen.zip
  9. Updated: Hi, it's me again with a new mod. Using all the improvements with the launcher by Funky I decided to make the very first campaign using the real smugglers (instead Ordos as smugglers), and working with the ini files and that kind of stuff. I was thinking what kind of campaign can be done with this guys. There are at least 2 or 3 campaigns as smugglers over there, but I wanted to create a new one and make the player feel like you are playing as a true smuggler faction. So, Who are the Smugglers? Looking into the game, the smugglers are there as neutral, harvesting without caring about fights. Most the time they only have a refinery and barracks... and by the time they have a starport the player must stole it, so the smugglers are weak. they don't have a chance to survive against the raw power of any house (even the Mercs). So, with this in mind, I create a mini campaing with only 4 levels, enough to giving the smugglers some kind of identity without making them too strong, so the player can feel more than a weak smuggler than a Ordos with another colour. The plot: Some group of men, considered as neutrals in the war of Dune, traveling to the desert planet searching the most valuable material in the universe: the spice Melange. Even though the smugglers are neutrals they aren't exempt from having to deal with multiple dangers. The Screens: The stuff: To play this mini campaign you need the gruntmod edition in addition to the launcher. Also you need the update version of the "Dune2000.exe". those files can ben found in this other post: http://forum.dune2k.com/topic/26661-dune-2000-106p-game-patching-bug-fixes-new-features/ The new stuff: To simply things, now all the 12 files (4 missions) are in the same language. Just copy and paste them into the "missions" folder where you have gruntmod installed. Also a readme.txt with instructions included. This small update change some numbers from the IA, making them building faster/slower, or attacking earlier/later for the first time, etc... The campaing itself don't change at all. A Readme included with all the information. Smugglers.rar
  10. Today I'm Announcing the name of my mod which was till now named "Codename Emperor Mod". Also here's the Mod-db Page of the mod : Link And also there is an Official Mod Page : Link (site has been launched) And as per another post the mod demo will be released by April 21. Stick around and watch out for the mod.
  11. I'm working on a fremen campaign (it will be uploaded on this week) The new houses: -Ixians (I have made new binary files that works without bugs) house:IX color:light brown -Black Fremens house:fremen color:black -Rainbow fremens house:fremen Color:on map darkblue;in game green,blue AND SOME OTHER HOUSES THAT I DON'T REMEMBER NOTES: -The original fremens have a name: WESTeRN Fremens -The text file will be created later -IF you find bugs or anything write it here :D
  12. Hello community, I'm very interesting in making own dune 2 games / mods. I already made own fan-games of maniac mansion, if you know the original game. At first I just make something with the scenario editor and the d2editor (for editing the assets of the units and structures). I found out, that many mods, editors and other programms couldn't be started on Win-7. Are there possiblities to make dune 2 (and own mods & editions) runable on Windows 7 in windowed mode without using dosbox. This would be important, because many playes wouldn't like to play the games, if they won't run on new Windows versions. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi, I got a bit curious considering that only 2 songs for each faction are available in skirmish, whether or not the rest could be added. I know its possible to change the songs by simply changing the data and title, but I was wondering if there's a way to actually add more songs - for example This would be an existing thing inside the music code [Atreides1] Group = Atreides HD Data = (AT01)The_War_Begins Title = The War Begins Phase = 0 There's also one for track 7, or Atreides7. You can change them by changing the data and title to the song you want once they're imported, but... If you add one entirely new with a different number, such as [Atreides2] Group = Atreides HD Data = (AT02)Sand_Excursion Title = Sand Excursion Phase = 0 Then it never plays. The default songs still play, or if you replace the existing songs with those ones then whatever is set plays, but adding new songs to have 3 or more just doesn't work. Anyone know how to add more songs so I could put the entire soundtrack for each house into skirmish? (Yes, I have a new .bag file with all the songs from the disc on it now on HD)
  14. I've succeeded in making a Dune 2000 expansion blank shell to make mods for the game with vanilla binaries without overwriting the original files.. I'll be releasing a stable version once i've completed emperor chronicles as i've implemented this blank shell into it.. Features Can make missions for Dune 2000 vanilla without overwriting previous or original files.. Separate music, missions & video folder for adding new stuff into it.. Separate ui data folder to modify interface.. Updated launchers customized for your use.. This is a product of dat file binary editing.. I'll post the different versions soon..
  15. I'm modding the default dune 2000 ui for the mod I'm creating and found a whole new area of the game. But I'm restricted from modding some stuff and found lots of unwanted stuff also. I wish mvi would make the uil editor more first-time user-friendly. But I've been through a lot of files and played with them and found interesting ways to modify the game to an extent. I'll be posting some ideas over here from my present uil reasearch. I've problems accessing the map screen and in game screen.. anyone know how to edit these??
  16. a Dune mod for Mount&Blade Warband experiencing problems with my website where the screenshots are stored. sorry for that. I decided to modify a bit the first post so people reading this first would find it easier to understand what this is all about. So, I am trying to do a full mod of Mound&Blade Warband in order to redo and possibly go beyond Cryo's Dune game. The work is going steady but a bit slow because I'm working alone and I still have to got to work and have a life :D I'll keep you posted on how the whole thing is going. Don't expect miracles. UPDATES: 7th August 2013 56. new cursor DONE 55. Dusty day skydome DONE 54. Clear day skydome DONE 53. Clear night skydome DONE 49. new UI design WIP 48. new font WIP Full changelog: Initail post: Credits: Lumos for the energy shield code; Zsar for the lord indictment fix; Rubik for the world map borders code; Xenoargh for the pistol and crouch codes; Gutekfiutek for some awesome textures I used as base for new ones; HokieBT, Swyter, SheriffTheAvenger, MadVader and Slawomir of Aaarrghh for the "attack people in town" script.
  17. Has anyone manged to ally the AI together in skirmish or multiplayer matches... I'm moderately good with code but after looking at the rules file I cant even find the string its declared as (if it is a string). Help would be much appreciated
  18. I was editing some .uil files the other day and was thinking of hacking the linear linking of mission files... Is there any way of extending the mission link to add in more missions??? Also when we set the side to more than 2 (ie: to play as subhouses) within the uil files how can we stop the game frm crashing in the score screen.. Is there Anyway to play a music while not in gameplay...
  19. I've made my first mod for Dune 2000 and it can be downloaded at www.d2kplus.com/mod_emperor.php. I could not think of a better title so I just called it "Emperor mission". You play as the Imperial house Corrino as you fight the combined forces of the Atreides, Harkonnen and Ordos. If you think it's to easy or something, let me know and I'll tweak it a bit. Also, mvi has awesome photo editing skills :D
  20. Progress so Far All houses: Force Recon Rules.ini complete. Machinegun and Mortar Rules.INI complete Atredeis: Commando: Rules.Ini Complete Harkonnen: Berserker rules.ini complete Ordos: Assassin rules.ini complete Weapons: Recon rifle turret, bullet added Flamer Pistol turret, bullet added Nerve agent pistol turret, bullet added, warhead added Machinegun turret, added Submachinegun turret, bullet, warhead added More to come!
  21. When I was younger (in 2000) I wrote with my little brother a silly novel of 60 pages,that is Dune 12.It is based more on the games than the book,but it is not serious,just a parody.The Harkonnen want the spice because they use it for beauty mask,Atreides are drunk or doctors,the Ordos are not based on the mafia but they are based on the Swiss (I mean they are good traders,they support the Pope,they are excellent soldiers),the Bene Gesserit are just useless charlatans,there are the Tremend instead Fremen and are just poor people that live underground,there are sancats instead sandworms,etc. With this mod I want to bring the book on Dune 2000 game. The mod is incomplete for some reasons:I haven't found a way to implement sandcats and the strings are unchanged for now. And there are also other problems:Tibed doesn't work with 1.06,and in my pc the Dune 2000 mission editor doesn't work (I don't know if the guilty is Dune 2000 version or Vista),so there are some problems:for example in my book Ordos are allied with the Emperor-Pope and Emperor together against the infedels but since I can't mod the missions you will have to fight against the Emperor! These are the changes: Light Infantry is different for each house: -Atreides,Smugglers and Mercenay use the standard Light Infantry -Ordos,Emperor and Fremen use a faster infantry with 900 armor (instead 600) and better rof,but it cost 75 solaris instead 50.I modded Fremen to implement this. -Harkonnen infantry is well armored (700) but is really slow (192 instead 256) and has a bad rof.However they are cheaper:40 solaris instead 50.I modded thumper to implement this. Troopers now have a better attack against tanks,but worse against light vehicles.They are better against the infantry,but still inefficient.Their speed now is really pathetic. Trike are only a little faster than Quad,but they cost only 200. Raider are as fast as the carryalls,but they still cost 350. Quad now have the same range of combat tanks,but their bonus against light armors make them excellent against missile launchers. Ordos Combat Tanks are just a little slower than quad. Atreides Combat Tanks are really slow (a little faster than siege tanks) they have worse armor than the original game (2000 instead 2100),a really slow rate of turn...but they cost only 600 and they are really fast to produce. Harkonnen Combat Tanks are faster than Atreides tanks,but they are still slow.However their armor is huge:3500.They cost 800 instead of 700. Siege Tanks are a little more efficient against heavy armors (warhead changed from 20 to 25). Missile Tanks have a 25% bonus against heavy armors,but they are more vulnerable to Quad. Sonic Tanks are faster and have a better range (the same of siege tanks).The armor is 2500 instead 3000,but now is easier for them to reach the enemy. Devastators have a decent range,still short however. Deviators have a better range (same of Sonic Tanks) and are faster.Their gas is quite effective against infantry. Ornithopters are slower and do 50% less damage,however airstrike requires half time to recharge. Saboteurs are faster. Death Hands have heavy armor instead of none.That means that missile launchers can intercept them?I don't tested it. Tremends are not stealthed but they are produced (only one at time) ten time faster.They have huge armor (1500) and the same speed of Harkonnen Combat Tanks. Sardaukars have 2000 armor and a better rof of the Tremens,but they are just fast as regular infantry.They selfheal. Sandworms are faster than many vehicles such siege tanks or harvesters (like Dune 2).
  22. i resently got the 1.06 patch for Dune 2K which i got from nahoo.com but when i installed the patch the game wouldn;t pay single player or skrimish only lan i tryed a no cd crack that just made the game nt start Propperly so then i went to download the DUne 2K Gruntmod Edition but there site was down and i couldn't dwnload it from anywhere else can anyone plzz help me cheers
  23. i have a mod which i want 2 send 2 dune2k.com downloads. how do i do that ?
  24. I'm sure everybody here already spend much time playing Rome TW, and also one great programmer was so kind to create a plugin for 3DSMax to edit RTW models. It's a solid chance, as the hardest problem of Medieval TW was the unit animation, which with 3D models wouldn't be so terrible. So, is there anybody with me on this?
  25. Over the past week i've been checking out Starcraft from MOD point of view and it does show much promise. Now before i get flamed for suggesting a mod of such a old game just head over to www.campaigncreations.com. i'm finishing a broodwar desert map now that really shows off the imense possibilities of SC's AI. For example -> by using the triggers it is possible to have a terran campaign insane comp player that builds a massive base and churns out huge forces, but as soon as he has a sertain number of units they are given to an ally comp player with AI junkyard dog and after that AI terran campaign with medic is given the base for a while. There are ofcourse many custom made AI's available and you can create your own. It really is great fun playing a multi in which both you and your human opponent are backed up by competent computer allies. To get an idea of what can be done with the game check out http://dominion.campaigncreations.com/redalert.html It is a shame that there arn't a Dune mod for Starcraft yet, given that there are mods for all manner of lesser SF. So once again -> is there anyone interested in helping with the making of a mod for the most modable RTS game of all time?
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