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  1. This is the release on my newer Campaign for the Emperor side. Since now the game no longer have bugs with the Repair Pad and with the adition of the editor that allows me to place any building and unit I can; I decided to create my second Emperor campaign, this time without recurring to Tibed or any other special tool. STORY: The campaign takes the inspiration of the original plot from the Dune 2 and 2000 series. The Padishad Emperor Shaddam IV challenge the three main houses to fight for the control of Arrakis, but this it's just a trick to bring the Atreides to Arrakis, far from their original planet; then the Emperor will use both Harkonnen and Ordos to take out the Atreides Forever. Unfortunately, the Emperor gets sick and things have started to go downhill. The Sardaukar that were part of the Harkonnen army (which have helped to conquer some Atreides territories) don't want to come back to their leader; instead they remain on the Baron side, since the Emperor may died at any moment, the harkonnen seems a more safe election. The Bene Gesserit Lady Elara, chief counselor of the Emperor, takes charge of the situation and send the best commander available (you) to give to both Harkonnen and those rebel Sardaukar a lesson they never forget. What about the Ordos? They will follow The Emperor's plan or they will go by themselves with the absence of Shadam IV? Can the Bene Gesserit Lady Elara recover the control of the situation and continue with the plan? GAMEPLAY: This campaign will start with a very low tech, increasing from mission to mission. Lady Elara will tell you all the info needed to succedd; sometimes she or a few of her buildings will be there to assist you, but for the most part you will use the imperial Army. On the early going a few Sardaukar will be deliver from time to time as part of reinforcements. Once the Starport become available more will arrive at once, helping on your battle. Also the Imperial Palace although can't be builded, several maps have the building already placed there, so you can train Sardaukar on your own. Lady Elara will provide with their personal army to help you in the main task, if necesary. NOTE: Tibed wasn't used for this campaign. This means that there is not needed to overwritte files. SCREENSHOTS: Updated 04/11/18: *Fixed some typos and wrong tiles. *Some new screenshots included into the .rar file (2 not being showed here). Too see all the changes that affect the game open the spoiler below: Updated 06/17/19: *Changes on three missions: *Small changes into mission 2 and 9 *Heavy changes into mission 7, spoiler for more info. FILE: The Emperors Plan.rar Like usual, the files incluse all the missions needed. Also a couple of extra files that are not really necessary if you are already playing using gruntmods, but needed if it is the vanilla game. Tibed wasn't used at all.
  2. Dune 3 is can be found on this page and general. If it's like Dune 2 then it may have the house Corrino assets I'm looking for. I need the Power Tank's attack sound effect, please provide a link to me.
  3. REPOSTING HERE AS IT IS THE CORRECT MESSAGE BOARD FOR THIS SUBJECT The Aim of this modification is to improve the original game content without over modifying specific aspects. Houses and Subhouses will remain the same, Subhouses will receive additional units/bonus's and combining specific Subhouses will allow for usage of cross technology. AI is considerably improved they will train all new units and construct all new buildings, they will construct all buildings faster and build more air pad's. AI playing without any Subhouse alliances will construct more refinery's, more manufacturing structures and will acheive full tech much faster. ALL NEW ADDITIONS HAVE ICONS THAT FIT WITH ORIGINAL EMPEROR THEME, NO LOSS OF QUALITY VIA TOTAL ICON CHANGES ------------------------------------------------------------------- SubHouses The Fremen- Fremen Camp: Can now be placed on Sand and Rock Fremen Outpost: Allows for further construction radius, small foundation for easy placement, can be placed on Sand and Rock, req upgraded Fremen Camp. The Tleilaxu- Tleilaxu Flesh Vats: Now Self Heals Tleilaxu Contaminator: Now self heals and trains faster The Ixians-- Ixian Scientist: A new stealth engineer unit, very slow walker, stealhed, requires upgraded Ixian Research Center. The Imperial Sardaukar Sardaukar General: A new tactical Unit, long build time, they can be promoted six times and self heal. requires upgraded Imperial Barracks. Elite Sardaukar: Uses knife more often +2 cells. The Guild of Navigators-- Guild Pyramid: Provides 600 Power, same as x6 Wind Traps with saving of 350 Spice, -25% Construction Time) req. upgraded Guild Palace. The Smugglers- Smuggler Goods are available to all sides at the Starport. Smugglers Quad: An AA, AG rocket quad with high attack but low hit points. Smugglers Combat Tank: This tank packs good firepower, but lacks in armor. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Houses - Atreides - Atreides General: Available for order at Starport, Can gain six vetracy levels, Self Heals. Air Drone: can now be deviated Guard Post: can now can gain up to four vetracy levels. Specialized. Rocket Tower: can now gain up to four vetracy levels. Specialized. Smelter: Decreases Production time of Hanger and Factory. Requires Upgraded Conyard, Hanger. - Harkonan - Harkonen General: Available for order at Starport, Can gain six vetracy levels, Self Heals. Air Defense Platform: can now be deviated. Flame Turret: Can now gain up to four vetracy levels. Specialized. AA Turret: Can now gain up to four vetracy levels. Specialized. Smelter: Decreases Production time of Hanger and Factory. Requires Upgraded Conyard, Hanger. - Ordos - Ordos General: Available for order at Starport, Can gain six vetracy levels, Self Heals. Deviator: Can fire at Aerial targets Eye in the Sky: Can now be Deviated AA Mine: Can now be ordered at the Starport. Gas Turret: Can now gain up to four vetracy levels. Specialized. Pop-Up Turret: Can now gain up to four vetracy levels. Specialized. Smelter: Decreases Production time of Hanger and Factory. Requires Upgraded Conyard, Hanger. Misc Changes - All Tracked Units including (Kobra, Assault Tank, Sonic Tank, A.P.C, Inkvine Catapult, SM Tank etc), excluding (Flame Tank, RepairVehicle) have decreased TurnRate : 0.075 (from 0.175) for realistic ground vehicle maneuvers. Two Legged Mech Units such as (Devastator, Minotaurus) also have turn rate of 0.05 (from 0.15) for realistic maneuvers. "Basically" -1 Rate of turn for all Units except, Buzzsaw, Trike, Dustscout, Harvester, Flame Tank, Repair Vehicle. Hover Units and Mongoose need no Balance Modification for they can move in Any Direction A.I and Maps: -More credit injections on Non Arrakis maps (for longer ai battles) -Ai production ratio's changed, ai trains more infantry ratio (balances ordos ai vs harkonan ai, allows for better base defense) -Ai constructs all new buildings and manufactures all new units, even starports generals. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. Greeting, I'm pleased to announce that I have finally finished designing my creative Emperor Mission. This is my first time trying editing, I hope you like it Alliance; Harkonnen. Enemies; Atreides, Fremen, Ordos, Mercenaries & Smugglers. Difficulty Level; Normal. Download link: Emperor Mission by Black Pegasus - AKA Hero2233.zip Installation Steps: 1. Make sure you have the latest version of Dune 2000 Gruntmods Edition 2. Unzip files in your dune 2000 -> data -> Missions. 3. Use the Mission Launcher application to launch -> Emperor -> scroll down & select the mission. 4. Enjoy! Looking forward to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Peace out
  5. Campaign first released in 2014 on another post and updated several times during the next years, this is one of my earliest creations. STORY: The story starts at the finish of the Atreides Dune 2 campaign. On that final battle, The Emperor wanted to stop the Atreides by joining forces witht he Harkonnen and Ordos, but that wasn't enough. The Duke and the Fremen destroyed both Harkonnen and Ordos, now only remains the few last emperor buildings. But the Emperor refuse to simply die; so it will evacuate the area, recuperate for the massive casualties and fight back once again against the Atreides. THEME: This campaign will start with a very low tech, increasing just a bit per mission. The Emperor was almost defeated on the first map, so it is really weak at that point. Player will make use of the same weapons that in the original Dune 2: Sardaukar and heavy vehicles. That's why the light factory it's not available. Atreides are going to be the main enemy during the campaign, but the player will fight with another factions from time to time. Sardaukar are the first unit available to produce from the Barracks, so it is recommended to use it to have a decent defence until the player has enough tanks, and even then, Sardaukar can bring protection for your tanks from enemy troopers. Later the Imperial Palace will bring 2 extra units from your defeated allies. CHANGES WITH TIBED: To bring differences with previous works and because back in time there were some game breaking bugs, I altered with Tibed some things. The file include a .txt file listing all the modifications, but here there are the main ones: *The Light Factory and the Repair Pad cannot be builded. *Sardaukar available from the barracks as the only military unit you can train (not counting engineers). *Imperial Palace available: when produced, Both Harkonnen Devastator and Ordos Saboteur will become available. No changes on health, damage, speed... were done; more information on the notes.txt included. IMAGEN HERE: FILE: The Emperor Returns.rar WARNING: Before applying "templates.bin" do a back up from the original game since will change the original game too, making Atreides/Harkonnen/Ordos unable to train troopers until lastest levels (and broken the regular rules from the game). After you are done playing this custom campaign, revert the copy to the original. I added a backup from the original just in case you overwrite without doing any back_up. EDIT: JULY/2020 <-- if you follow these next steps, the warning from above can be ignored With the creation of the new version of the mission launcher by Feda, now this can be loaded more easily by using my custom stuff, like having different crates, altering the tech of the player/enemy, and all kind of things that previosly required to being overwritten manually. With the new version of that said launcher that's not needed anymore, if you have well placed the next pair of files. One contain the custom stuff used for this specific work, and the other the new .ini that can make that custom stuff to be loading it. Download files here: The emperor return update ini.rar CustomCampaignData.rar How to install: -CustomCampaignData: un zip this rar and move it into the root of the game, which means a folder called "CustomCampaignData" has to share the same folder as "Dune2000.exe" and "Missionlauncher.exe" are stored. -.ini files: After downloading the campaign (on the above area of this post), ovewritte with these .ini files. Simply Unzip it and ovewritte. - These two things only work together with the new version MissionLauncher released in this 2020 year, but they are still compatible with an early version, although if that's the case you have to do all the changes needed manually. This only works if the 1.2 mission launcher version it's used.
  6. December 15th marked 15 years since posting the topic “Emperor expansion pack” in Westwood's forums, the project which became known as the pioneering Kwisatz Haderach mod. I was very young then and not very mature and fled before it was all completed. One thing that got to me was having to watch helpless as others tried to crack the XBF format, the key to the models and so to a true expansion pack. This left me with the wish to return to the task numerous times, as my own computing skills increased. I have not really uncovered any more information than what was known back in 2002-03, which was already quite a lot actually. However, I believe that the viewer/exporter which was the product of those efforts has vast room for improvement. What follows is an outline of goals that in my opinion will conclusively resolve the XBF challenge - even though this will come 10+ years too late. Primary Goal A: Obj importer/exporter The obj format is virtually universal among 3D software - pretty much any of them can read it and many can export it. Thus converting to/from it opens up many possibilities to work with the models' geometry. The only caveat is that animations are not supported. What I propose and have worked on is a set of Python scripts that serve as command-line tools to import and export to this format. It is quick to develop in Python and the code can be easily adjusted. Specifically the goal can further be broken down into: • From XBF to obj - geometry only. This is complete (see screenshot below). I am happy to share the script after some cleaning up of the code. • From obj to XBF - the mirror image of the above. It is sufficient to add an equivalent write() for each read() • Texture support Primary Goal B: Collada importer/exporter Collada is a format created for the express purpose of sharing files across incompatible 3D software. The advantage over obj is support for animation. Thus, all Python scripts above should graduate to converting from/to Collada. Secondary goals/other possibilities Rather than convert to obj/collada, many 3D software tools allow the creation of plugins to support a format. In the case of Blender for example, these are written in Python and so it should be relatively simple to borrow code from the scripts above. Nonetheless, this is not a priority since pretty much any tool can work with obj and collada. It is also possible to write a viewer/editor specifically for XBF. The sole reason to do this is a better chance to fill out the last gaps in understanding the format. Otherwise, it is a waste of effort to reinvent the wheel. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ On the off chance someone has shared a similar fixation with XBF throughout the years, it would be fantastic if you would like to post about your progress so that efforts can be combined. I am very open to sharing my own code on a public repository, assuming there is interest. Though it would hardly be a surprise if everyone has long moved on.
  7. Hello, I was build up a game with 7 opponents in single player mode (single skirmish battle) on map "Broken Plain" (8 players). So far I have 5 opponents left, all surrounded by my units to prevent them attacking each other, and I wanted to install something like "training camps" where my units can easily increase their veteran levels. However, it appears that the units on this map have reached the limit. But not only the units, but also the buildings, or generally, the game assets: - If a unit is ready, it will only show "Ready" on the screen of the barracks/factory etc., but the unit is not being produced, unless I kill others - A new building will simply not build when placed - When I launch a rocket for example, it will not work, but if it does, it may happen that the region will not get this contaminated green ground effect at the attacked area Is there a way to increase this asset limit? Maybe there are some game files where memory settings are specified? Kind regards, Xamid
  8. Like the rest of my problems modding EBFD this one is also about XBFs. How can i edit the XBF file of a unit to decrease it's burst count for when it fires a weapon. I want to decrease the amount of times the HK Gun Turret fires (it fires 8 times right now). cheers.
  9. When looking though the Game.exe for Emperor i came across 10 unused tags. As far as i know no one else has ever posted anything about these tags on this forum or anywhere, i may be wrong though. I've only tested two of them. - CanReverse //Tried this on the Hark Assault Tank, didn't seem to make any difference to the way it moved or anything. - TurretHowMany - Drive - FirstFrame - LastFrame - BodyPart - Stride - Gunship //This makes Ornithopters do strafing runs when they attack, like a fixed wing aircraft. Unfortunatly the tag seems to be bugged and makes the Ornithopters land on each other when they land at a helipad. - MissileTrailSubdiv - GiftsToKiller Has anyone else ever discovered these tags before? Anyone here even modding Emperor? EDIT: found another tag - ReplicaBulletDamage //I expect this controls how much damage a weapon on a projected unit does, not tried it though.
  10. When you directly order the Buzzsaw or Flame Tank to attack something there supposed to fire both of there cannons at the target, but half the time they don't and only fire one of there cannons, especially when attacking buildings. Does anyone know a way i can get them to always fire both of there cannons when i order them to attack something? I have tried many changing there turrets code many times but nothing creates the desired effect. Can anyone help me out with this, if there are any EBFD modders here. Thanks in advance.
  11. I want to increase the amount of default sound files that the game plays when you select a group, order them to attack or just move. For example if you select a group of Atreides units and order them to move, they will always say "For the Duke". their is no other voices just that exact same voice played. I just cant play it, for me this is gamebreaker. Now I was browsing around in GeneralSFX.txt and messed around with the attack, move and select sounds for the fremen, sarduakar and guild, For post length Ill just post the Sardaukar. [imgroupAttack] ;Sounds = $13-UA00 ;"To battle!" Sounds = $13-UA01 ;"Attack!" Sounds = $13-UA03 ;"Time to die!" Sounds = $13-UA06 ;"Death Before Dishonor!" Sounds = $SarAttack1 Sounds = $SarAttack2 [imgroupMove] Sounds = $13-UM01 ;"No surrender!" Sounds = $13-UM02 ;"As you wish!" Sounds = $13-UM03 ;"Take no prisoners." Sounds = $SarMove1 Sounds = $SarMove2 [imgroupSelection] Sounds = $13-US08 ;"We are prepared!" Sounds = $13-US00 ;"Imperial troops reporting." Sounds = $13-US02 ;"Ready for battle." Sounds = $SarSelect1 Sounds = $SarSelect2. Now when I went ingame with the Sardaukar, they still said the same thing when I moved them, "No surrender" so obviously I did something wrong. But I tinkered with the others and they all said the same things after I edited the other fields. Anyone got anything to contribute?
  12. "Yes, there is a way to fix it. I replaced the FXData section from the Guild Niap flyer's XBF files with the FXData section from the Atreides Drone XBF files, and with the modified XBF files, the Niap shoots. I'm adding the Niap and 2 other aircraft to a new version of my Emperor Fast Units Mod. If anyone wants to include the Niap in a mod, send me an email to aia96@softcom.net and I'll email you copies of the modified XBF files. " Adrian_Messecar, does he still float around this forum? If so, Does anybody know if this was released? The Niap isnt in the version of the mod uploaded and i would like to use it or replicate how it was done. Other Questions: Was it Finished? Would it be possible to apply the dust scouts hide abilities to the tl leech unit by replacing/adding part of the xbf data?
  13. ViewRange = 500 - Roughly Reveals the Entire Map (anything other values, such as 100, 200, 300, 400 cause internal errors) When i say Roughly reveals the entire map, It leaves tiny fog patches here and there, like very small, not as efficient as a reveal crate but gets the job done. if Anybody else has any knowledge of Emperor possibilities please post them here.
  14. This mod is inspired by the book Dune 12, a parody that I wrote with my brother 13 years ago. Harkonnen use spice for beauty masks, Atreides for medicines, Bene Gesserit as a drug, Tremend (indigenous people that tamed Sandcats) eat it and Ordos or Empire just sell it at transports companies (there isn't just the guild, there are two major companies one is CAODM that is professional but there is too Aliverso that is more ambitious and have a military fleet and land vehicles). Now that I think the numbers in the book are too big...for example there is a battle in a 100X100 km cave with billions of people. ATREIDES Atreides Militia: Slow (3.5) and frail this soldier is very cheap and fast to produce. It has a better range than the regular infantry (6 instead of 5) and can see stealthed units. Atreides Infantry: Little faster than above but still very slow (4.0) this soldier is sturdier than all other basic infantries. Atreides Boregiver: Armed with a bored module this soldier is able to inflict great damage against vehicles and is even better against aircraft because in addition of the damage is able to force their retreat. But isn't able to damage both infantry and buildings. In fact in the book the weapon make pilots lose control but don't damage them directly. I tried to use fedaykin model but it has a lot of problem targeting air units so I used imperial general model. Atreides Engineer: Sturdiest engineer in the game. Sand Bike: Cheaper and slower. In fact Atreides are famous for slow jeeps and crappy tanks in the book. Mongoose: Weaker but cheaper and a little faster. Medical Vehicle: Able to cure infantry and Sandcats. Also the cheapest crushing infantry unit. Minotaur: A little faster. AA Mine Ornitopter: A little faster (but doesn't gain so much more speed with veterancy) and with selfhealing. HARKONNEN Harkonnen Soldier: Weaker than Atreides Militia but faster (4.5 speed) has a lower range than regular infantry (4) but is able to do area damage (he has a shotgun). Harkonnen Assassin: Is the old Harkonnen Light Infantry with 4.5 speed, stealth when still and unstealth ability. Harkonnen Trooper: Same unit but 4.5 speed. Harkonnen Flamer: Same unit but 4.5 speed. More efficient against buildings. Harkonnen Engineer: 4.5 speed and better with the pistol. Improved by very little the speed of Buzzsaw, Devastator and MissileTank. ORDOS Ordos Scout Ordos Chemical Trooper: Slower (5.0) but sturdier and deadlier. It cost 75 resources and slower to produce, so prepare being outnumbered. In fact in the book while Atreides have bigger population, Harkonnen a little less but more severe conscription laws, Ordos are rich but fewer. Ordos Mortar Ordos Saboteur Ordos Fanatic: Is a weak and cheap Elite Sardaukar (knife and laser gun). There isn't Holtzman effect in the book, so no exploit with this unit. Ordos Engineer: The weakest engineer, but at least has 5.0 speed. Raider Trike: Fastest land vehicle, don't have the abilites of dust scout of burrowing but still selfrepair. Deviator: Faster bullet, can deviate weakest type of infantry and can choke infantry to death but is still countered easily by infantry. Lenardon Aviation. I had a professor with the same face of Dan Peterson that spoke light robocop. So in the book there are small robots with an advanced jetpack that aren't seen by aviation radar....too bad infantry model isn't able to to that and I used air drone model. Anyway is a lot weaker than air drone but cheaper. TREMEND Tremend Rider: Just a little above than regular infantry but is stealthed. Why he cost 150 resource? Because he can ride worms. Tremend Warrior: The same sniper, just it is renamed. Tremend Trooper: A stealthed and stronger Kindjal Infantry. Sandcat: A little slower than Raider Trike is able to burrow under dustbowl and is quite sturdy. He must be in contact with enemies to harm them. EMPIRE Imperial Soldiers: Just regular Sardaukar renamed. In the book Sardaukar are the elite of the empire soldier, not the basic. Imperial Sardaukar: Fires with a plasma gun that is effective against everything. Very expensive for being an infantry. Imperial APC: Sturdier than the Atreides one but it is unarmed and unable to stealth. Combat Tank: A weaker Assault Tank with a very little increase of speed and turnrate. BENE GESSERIT Drug Slave: Just the old Contaminator but with a little more health and cheaper. Drug Injector: Like the old leech but with nearly decent damage against infantry that is gassed instead of shot. It is cheaper and a little slower and frail but the larva is faster in ruining the vehicle. Illusion Maker: Just like the old projector but cheaper and projections can't damage enemy units, also they endure more time. PAPACY Swiss Guard: Slow but very sturdy infantry with fast selfhealing ability. Kills infantry in contact, quite effective against buildings too. Papal Bull: Just like infiltrators but with a deviator effect when explode. Because in real life when pope sent that or you convert or you die. Holy Tower: A LOT weaker Tleilaxu tower. No energy require and works when windtraps are broken. Ordos could side with this faction for have this as AA turret. Papal Fortress: Bigger and sturdier gas turret. Artillery Tower: Tower with big range. Not enough to attack enemy base, but can avoid enemy to camp nearby your base. Has a minimum range and isn't so good against mobile targets. ALIVERSO Quad: More powerful than Buzzsaw, Raider Trike and Sand Bike, but also a little more expensive. Fake Tank: Use the model of NIAB Tank but is unable to shoot or teleport. In the book Aliverso use 1 million fake tanks to deceive Harkonnen. Aliverso Tank: A cheaper and weaker NIAB Tank, the firepower is half and the fact it recharge a little faster doesn't compensate enough. But is able to act faster after teleport. Aliverso Airship: A little faster and less sturdy than Harkonnen Gunship, but able to damage both aircraft and land units. It uses ornitopter weapons but with less range. Weaker than Harkonnen and Atreides counterpart (Harkonnen bombard better, Atreides bombard and fight vehicles better because the range thing) it doesn't require to rearm in landing pad. This mod doesn't use any new model. I'm curious if the cost and buildtime are balanced and if some units is totally useless or too useful even if I change that. VERSION 1.02 Papal Fortress and Artillery Tower make more sense (before were overpowered and useless at the same time...cheap and damage all bases because blastradius too big....now they are more expensive and precise). Sardaukar and Fanatics are more resistant against LMG warhead. Sandcats are less effective against medium vehicles, light vehicles and buildings but they do damage on small area...since in the book are usually at least 15 metres long make sense to hit more than a soldier at time. Boregiver can both damage and force aircraft to retreat....it is just random. Before were able only to retreat without damaging it. VERSION 1.03 Artillery Tower more expensive but less friendlydamage. Harkonnen Soldier deal 300 damage to infantry but has just 100 health. Harkonnen Assassin use Sardaukar model, is very sturdy (1200), good range but very bad rate of fire. Imperial Soldier use Harkonnen Light Infantry model, is less sturdy but the rate of fire improved greatly. Boregiver deal more damage but can hit only one vehicle at time. Ordos Fanatic sturdier. Sonic Tank don't damage other Sonic Tank but damage Tremend infantry. Emperor Dune 12.zip
  15. Hello community, I'm currently working on a private mod. Nnothing special, just some units here, some stat tweaks there. Actually, I'm a bit used to modding rules.txt because I did the same many years ago on RA2 ^^, but where are the limits? Everything looks quite restricted with little room to make big changes. Something I'd like to know if it is possible to upgrade buildings in a way that it is replaced by something completely new. For example, upgrading a small windtrap so it becomes a large windtrap and generates more energy. Or upgrading a pop-up turret in a way that it will be able to shoot lasers or can shoot in the air. Of course I'll not be able to decide which building will get the upgrade so it will always be a bit of a gamble, but its not meant to be perfect ^^. Also, I'd like to make a repair building but is it even possible to do something like that with the engine? I've noticed that the Atreides repair unit does not have an attack, only the "repair = true" line, can this apply to buildings as well somehow? I've tried but without any result. Oh and are there many some commandos which are still viable from older cnc games but are just not in use? I may have a look at RA2 rules.ini in this case. It would be cool if you could help me. I don't have many plans for now but I'll certainly add as much as I can do as a sole person. Btw, there are no free models available for download anywhere? ^^ (some kind of equivalent to Yuri Argentina).
  16. now i have learnt to mod emperor it's easier than i first thouht y won't the guniap fire any type of weapon is it a problem with the modle is there anyway to fix it i know that the gun it uses works as i have used it on the at air drone oh by the way i'm certain that before i updated to 1.9 it fired
  17. How would I change my colour in Skirmish to Red? The AI always takes red which means that Harkonnen have to do with orange. So If someone could find a way to fix that, it'd be nice. Also, how do I get all music to play in Skirmish? I did the .bag thing, adding the music, fixed up the common music like so: [LocalDefaults]Group = HD InvalidHouseVolume = 80;; Generic Front End themes;[INMenu]Data = IN_MenuLoop = YesPhase = -1[INScore]Data = IN_ScoreLoop = YesPhase = -1;; Atreides Skirmish themes;[Atreides1]Group = Atreides HDData = (AT01)The_War_BeginsTitle = The War BeginsPhase = 0[Atreides2]Group = Atreides HDData = (AT02)Sand_ExcursionTitle = Sand ExcursionPhase = 0[Atreides3]Group = Atreides HDData = (AT03)Assembling_the_TroopsTitle = Assembling the TroopsPhase = 0[Atreides4]Group = Atreides HDData = (AT04)The_Spice_Must_FlowTitle = The Spice Must FlowPhase = 0[Atreides5]Group = Atreides HDData = (AT05)The_OverseerTitle = The OverseerPhase = 0[Atreides6]Group = Atreides HDData = (AT06)Battle_of_the_AtreidesTitle = Battle of the AtreidesPhase = 0[Atreides7]Group = Atreides HDData = (AT07)Ride_the_WormTitle = Ride the WormPhase = 0[Atreides8]Group = Atreides HDData = (AT08)Infiltrating_HKTitle = Infiltrating the HarkonnenPhase = 0[Atreides10]Group = Atreides HDData = (AT10)Fremen_AllianceTitle = Fremen AlliancePhase = 0[Atreides11]Group = Atreides HDData = (AT11)Assassination_AttemptTitle = Assassination AttemptPhase = 0[Atreides12]Group = Atreides HDData = (AT12)Fight_in_the_DunesTitle = Fight in the DunesPhase = 0;; Harkonnen Skirmish themes;[Harkonnen1]Group = Harkonnen HDData = (HK01)The_MachineTitle = The MachinePhase = 0[Harkonnen2]Group = Harkonnen HDData = (HK02)SurroundedTitle = SurroundedPhase = 0[Harkonnen3]Group = Harkonnen HDData = (HK03)Tribute_to_EvilTitle = Tribute to EvilPhase = 0[Harkonnen4]Group = Harkonnen HDData = (HK04)Harkonnen_ForceTitle = Harkonnen ForcePhase = 0[Harkonnen5]Group = Harkonnen HDData = (HK05)LegacyTitle = LegacyPhase = 0[Harkonnen6]Group = Harkonnen HDData = (HK06)UnstoppableTitle = UnstoppablePhase = 0[Harkonnen7]Group = Harkonnen HDData = (HK07)Dark_AllianceTitle = Dark AlliancePhase = 0[Harkonnen8]Group = Harkonnen HDData = (HK08)War_for_the_SpiceTitle = War for the SpicePhase = 0[Harkonnen9]Group = Harkonnen HDData = (HK09)Defenders_of_ArrakisTitle = Defenders of ArrakisPhase = 0[Harkonnen10]Group = Harkonnen HDData = (HK10)House_HarkonnenTitle = House HarkonnenPhase = 0[Harkonnen11]Group = Harkonnen HDData = (HK11)InvincibleTitle = InvinciblePhase = 0[Harkonnen12]Group = Harkonnen HDData = (HK12)Victory_is_InevitableTitle = Victory is InevitablePhase = 0;; Ordos Skirmish themes;[Ordos1]Group = Ordos HDData = (OR01)Not_an_OptionTitle = Not an OptionPhase = 0[Ordos2]Group = Ordos HDData = (OR02)The_StrategistTitle = The StrategistPhase = 0[Ordos3]Group = Ordos HDData = (OR03)House_OrdosTitle = House OrdosPhase = 0[Ordos4]Group = Ordos HDData = (OR04)GholaTitle = GholaPhase = 0[Ordos5]Group = Ordos HDData = (OR05)ExecutronicTitle = ExecutronicPhase = 0[Ordos6]Group = Ordos HDData = (OR06)DeceptionTitle = DeceptionPhase = 0[Ordos7]Group = Ordos HDData = (OR07)SabotageTitle = SabotagePhase = 0[Ordos8]Group = Ordos HDData = (OR08)Dream_of_the_ExecutrixTitle = Dream of the ExecutrixPhase = 0[Ordos9]Group = Ordos HDData = (OR09)A_Plan_of_AttackTitle = A Plan of AttackPhase = 0[Ordos10]Group = Ordos HDData = (OR10)Ordos_ControlTitle = Ordos ControlPhase = 0[Ordos11]Group = Ordos HDData = (OR11)The_SpecimenTitle = The SpecimenPhase = 0[Ordos12]Group = Ordos HDData = (OR12)InfiltratorsTitle = Infiltrators and AssassinsPhase = 0and also renamed the track to appropiate names. But still, it doesn't work. Does anyone have their file modified already to making all songs play on skirmish? Because I'd much rather have that than try to troubleshoot the whole thing.
  18. I am doing this map and mission. There will be 9 missions, that will be related to original Dune 2000 storyline (more or less). I already draft the storyline (will be in briefing for each mission) and done sketching the map. The thing I want to ask here is 1- Is the title is right? The Emperor referred to the purple house right? And House Corrinor is considered as Emperor right? 2- How do I put the my briefing onto the game briefing? This make take some time, especially with the map.
  19. Progress so Far All houses: Force Recon Rules.ini complete. Machinegun and Mortar Rules.INI complete Atredeis: Commando: Rules.Ini Complete Harkonnen: Berserker rules.ini complete Ordos: Assassin rules.ini complete Weapons: Recon rifle turret, bullet added Flamer Pistol turret, bullet added Nerve agent pistol turret, bullet added, warhead added Machinegun turret, added Submachinegun turret, bullet, warhead added More to come!
  20. Hey, new here, and fairly new to the mod scene. I would like to know how to add units in emperor, if at all possible. As I would like to expand a little bit on the infantry selections contained within all of the houses, and the removal of the more heavier vehicles, in favor of just the lighter ones. To make the game more centric towards infantry tactics. Additions/changes I'd make Such as: Specialist troops, like commandos, etc. A broader assortment of basic infantry Removal of almost all infantry crush units, but keeping things like trikes, quads, hovertanks. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Sanguine-Soul (and yes, I do have Tib-ed, but in there it seems there is no way to mess with more than just unit parameters.) Update: These are the ideas I have so far on what I would like to do: Unit ideas for Emperor Mod: Infantry units: Atredes: Commando Force Recon Machinegunner (deployable) sniper (deployable) Mortar man (deployable) Anti-Tank Riflemen Elite Infantry Grenadier (maybe) Ordos: Force Recon Assassin (Subloid, deploys in order to copy a unit's appearance) Saboteur Riflemen Anti-Tank Chemical Weapons Mortarman (Deployable) Machinegunner (deployable) Medic (deployable to aid station) Harkonnen: Force Recon Storm trooper Rifleman Anti-Tank Elite Storm trooper Machinegun (deployable) Mortar (deployable) Flamethrower Berserker Vehicles: (All sides will have these units, despite how they may look) Armored personell carrier: Carries 10 riflemen/force recon or 5 of any other infantry unit. Armed with a light machinegun. Infantry Fighting Vehicle: Carries 5 riflemen/force recon or 1 of any other infantry unit. Armed with a Heavy Machinegun Supply Vehicle: Deploys into a Ammo dump, where soldiers resupply. Deployable anywhere. (Unarmed) Medical Vehicle: Deploys into a Triage station and heals soldiers. Deployable only near a ammo dump. (unarmed) Combat Skimmer: A light armored vehicle that carries a Light Laser Cannon and a light machinegun. Useful against other IFV and infantry. Game concepts: Supply: Each Infantry unit will have a limited ammount of ammo, thus forcing them to rely on supply depots (deployable building from supply vehicles. A soldier will automatically retreat to the nearest supply depot. Triage: Every battle has casualties and wounded. Each side will be able build a medical vehcile which will deploy into a triage station, which will heal soldiers. (Note, soldiers will not autoretreat to the triage station) Lack of Heavy tanks: Heavy tanks/vehicles would somewhat blunt the entire reasoning behind the concept of the infantry mod, and thus would be removed. The only exception to the rule would be the spice harvester. Infantry as base defenses: Like any army, you would need a garrison to protect your base, and therefore there will be no buildable base defenses. Light Vehicles: Infantry tactics often surround the use of an apc or Infantry fighting vehicle. While better than infantry and more durable, they will lack many things that the infantry has, such as the ability to hide in cover, etc.
  21. I am looking for someone to help share the load in making this mod go from a concept to a reality. More or less, I am willing to open up a google documents account, and post the rules.ini there, so those involved are able to work on that, (along with the appropriate corresponding file that controls icons etc.) Those interested, throw me a line as a private message, or toss me a IM. Thanks. Oh, and remember, this is an infantry only mod with few vehicles.
  22. Hello, I am new to this forum and have just reloaded Dune Emperor since a good many years. I have decided to mod the Game to be more inline with the original movie. Less vehicles and more Infantry. I tried Editing the Rules.txt but the game will crash when loading. Basically I want to remove certain Vehicles from the game, can I do this in the Rules.txt or do I need to edit more files? I need some help from someone who has recently modded Emperor and knows what I need to do. I also plan on adding the Toto Tracks to the game, any advice on how to make that work would be nice. I have DuneEx2 and the BagTool programs. Should I use something else? Thanks again, Firefly
  23. Hi im new here, i need some help as every time i try to download the conflict of the lansraad mod for Emperor, it goes to 50% and thens stops, i really want to try this out as it sounds interesting and i already played corrino's revenge
  24. i have a mod which i want 2 send 2 dune2k.com downloads. how do i do that ?
  25. Hello everyone i am a musician, intending to remix some of the music from Emperor battle for dune. I own the game CDs and would like to rip the audio files off of them. Is there a piece of software that allows us to get at the audio files, or has someone in the community uploaded them already? I've spent a long time looking in varrious places and as of yet had no luck with it. I'm especially looking forward to getting my hands on the Sardaukar samples! I look forward to hearing from you Thankyou!
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