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  1. Hi everyone. I wanted to play several of the missions/campaigns from the D2k+ since before even doing any of my custom maps those mission/campaigns posted there were the first levels I played. However, those maps and missions requires to do a full overwrite of levels, texts and more. Now that we have all those amazing tools (modified dune2000.exe, a mission launcher, the newest editor...) I decided to convert them so I could play the one I want at anytime and not worrying about overwriting, creating back ups... The main idea is the conversion (and adaptation) but trying to not change
  2. Hi, I'm currently running Windows 10, and while the game works fine; I downloaded and enabled cutscenes, but they won't play. Please help! The cutscenes are part of what makes this game so freaking epic!!
  3. Hello everyone. I found byte arrays (in DUNE2000.DAT) so that the engineer could capture the towers. Perhaps it will be useful to someone. ---------------
  4. Some years ago I created a small mini smuggler campaign that contained only 4 missions long. I was trying to keep the theme of my vision of the Smugglers; If the campaign would be bigger (and increasing the tech from map to map) at the end the missions would feel like if you were playing as Ordos but with another color. But today I had new ideas and I manage to pick up those 4 missions already made and expand that mini campaign into a full complete campaign: 9 missions + 1 bonus extra mission, being able to maintain the main theme of the Smugglers, so here we go. STORY: This it's
  5. Hi everyone, * At this campaign, I changed in original Ordos missions ( 7-8-9 ) and I changed teams regions. * We have some change * I tested with hard difficulty * Story : Ordos is traitor, Ordos don't pay money to mercenaries, Mercenaries want to revenge Briefing : All of them same, some change, Important Briefing : All mission Mission Fail is your ally destroyed And in finally mission some change : When the time finish, they will come a lot of. Meanwhile the emperor will stall them, you need fast growth Have Fun Mercenaries Revenge.rar M
  6. By request, I am uploading here, in this post, the 3 original campaigns made by Westwood for Dune 2000. These are the unedited version (original size for the maps). The ".ini" files are also added to make those maps to appear on the Mission Launcher menu. Screenshot from A1V1 File: Westwood original campaigns.rar
  7. Hi! Today I was playing Dune 2000 on CnCnet and suddenly I can't login again This is the message shown: Please help me, I want to login again Thank you!
  8. I mean to update Rat buttons work the same way as they do in Starcraft for example. Left button selects unit(s) & attack with right one. Hard time with good ol Dune 2000 cause of both done with same button :/ 2nd Question: How can i find & add latest patch to Dune 2000 ? Kindly: Fedaygin
  9. Hola, Alguien tendría un imagen gif de Dune 2000?
  10. Greeting, I'm pleased to announce that I have finally finished designing my creative Emperor Mission. This is my first time trying editing, I hope you like it Alliance; Harkonnen. Enemies; Atreides, Fremen, Ordos, Mercenaries & Smugglers. Difficulty Level; Normal. Download link: Emperor Mission by Black Pegasus - AKA Hero2233.zip Installation Steps: 1. Make sure you have the latest version of Dune 2000 Gruntmods Edition 2. Unzip files in your dune 2000 -> data -> Missions. 3. Use the Mission
  11. Aquí les dejo una breve encuesta para mejorar y quedar bien con ustedes.
  12. Hi, I'm Luisito EB, a new member here and I send you greetings first ... I want to tell you that I am creating a more modern version (more missions, survivals, tests [I think they call them tests], and other things more ...) If anyone is interested in this version please contact me on my Facebook profile "Luisito EB" Find me I'm available ... Now I will pass some images to you, what is new and available. RISE OF MERCENARIES: (Mision 1 y 2) If you want to know more about this, go to my Luisito Blog that can be downloaded in the not too distant future.
  13. This is a new Campaign titled: “The origin of the mercenaries”. This is the story (non official) of how the mercenaries were born and giving a feeling to the player that you are actually somewhat weak. PLOT: At the beginning, there were a group of smugglers picking the spice and sending it out of dune in exchange for money, but now with all those Atreides, Harkonnen, Ordos and even the Emperor fighting each other every day is harder and harder to harvest, with all the good places already taken by one of those factions and all that remains are poor places of spice or too dangerous. Be
  14. Hi guys ! i finished my campaign , before i created Test Campaing only 6 mission. Now it's ready İ I tried all of them, easy, normal, hard game. -Some tileset problem : fixed -Some interesting and incomprehensible ( : :D />) missions fixed -And fixed information ! - And i used two maps in Dune 2000 campaña Fremen. " i saw , he told you can use, thank you bro ! " -And now my english better , i think you will understand me : :) -i didn't create new map. İt's ready, I made some changes, Story : Smugglers are mercenaries and betrayed. Ordos was their largest. This Ordos did not protect
  15. Hi, it's me again, briging a new Campaign: The Tleilaxu one. Back in time I created a single map using them. After a While I though that maybe I could do a whole campaign for the Tleilaxu focusing into the Ghola thing, making the Soldiers the leimotiv of the campaign and the faction. In the end, That was I did; a total of 7 missions where the player control the Tleilaxu. PLOT: The Tleilaxu sneak into Arrakis thanks to the Spacing guild. Their reasons are because in times of wars Atreides, Harkonnen, Ordos... are constatly fighting each other, thus using the frigates from the spacing gu
  16. Hi guys. You read that right, a campaing for Dune 2000 based in the first book from Frank Herbert. A total of 15 mission following the steps of Paul Atreides since he meets the Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam until the final battle in Arrakis. To create this custom campaing I took the liberty to do a lot of adaptation, more or less accuracy and trying to bring some events from the book into a RTS game like this. So, for this campaign you will encounter several type of adaptations: -The logicals: a scenario like when the Harkonnen and Sardaukar overwhelm the Atreides. Of cours
  17. STORY: The mission is about how IX have been doing research for the major House, selling them three mighty tanks: Sonic Tank, Deviator and the Devastator. Right now Ix is well aware of the power of those special tanks, so... why not use that superior firepower to conquer Arrakis? Atreides, Ordos and Harkonnen fear such power so they join forces and create a big base combining the three of them to protect themselves. On the other Hand, the player need to capture a smuggler Starport so you can bring your armies and your special tanks from Ix. TIBED: Since Ix (index = 8 / Sandworm)
  18. To talk properly about this simple map I will divide in three sections: First, this is a map coping the style from the Practice/Skirmish. An VCM, 10 units, 7000 credits, tech level of 5.... and several IAS with the exact same resources. This means the IA don't have any advantage as part of reinforcements, extra harversters-carryall... the only thing is the priority of some units and buildings, and the fact that they will fight togheter (all ally). Second. The idea about creating a "Skirmish" type of map came for a premise: Creating a random objetive. And I did that. In this single
  19. What is the origin of the Mercenaries faction in Dune games (Super Dune 2 , Dune 2000)? If I don't mistake, the army of the House Ordos (colored by green) is are mercenaires. But who are the yellow-colored Mercenaries? (I started creating a new dune II remake/clone few weeks ago, and I set the Mercenaries as a playable house (like in Super Dune2 or in Dune Legacy), but I don't know what should I write in the mentat-sections). Any idea?
  20. One way I used to install Dune2000 on Win7 x64.. Get your Dune2000 disc or image and go to Explorer. Next.. Create a directory on One of your harddrives c:\ for example c:\Dune2000. . Now copy the content of the Dune2000 disc to your newly made directory, all the files . Now your done and you can select the Dune2000 exe. The game should run fine. . Note: if the game wont run move it(entire directory) to program files(x86).. The game worked for me on win7x64 in a directory (also known as a folder) on my root c:\ drive in a newly named folder..
  21. In the end of every tileset we can see... false spice. I will call it - false spice :-) (Look at the red arrow on the picture). The map used below is from Campaign made by Cm_blast (4 mission) I recommend this campain for play :-) https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27344-release-frank-herbert-custom-campaign-for-dune-2000/ We can do vertical, horizontal and curved lines or areas, using the false spice. This spice is impassable for units, but not for worm. So it adds new interesting possibilities for maps. Look at the ending and corner elements below.
  22. I have been trying to change the armour tag for buildings in Dune 2000, but no matter what i change the tag to the game still uses the vanilla game armour type. It seems the armour tag is hardcoded in Dune 2000, atleast on buildings. Although this is very unlikely but has anyone ever un-hardcoded the armour types for buildings in Dune 2000, or has anyone figured out a good workaround to this problem? thanks in advance.
  23. STEP 1 Download: http://dune2000online.com/ STEP 2 Install: Hamachi is required for LAN and Neorouter is required for Channel Alman, so install both. Use Hamachi or Dune 2000 Chat to talk to other players about games or support. Active Networks in Hamachi: dune2000.my1.ru, pass: 0 Raiders Club, pass: dune Ordos Barracks, pass: dune STEP3 Run the Dune2k Launcher and choose multiplayer mode: Play Online - Enables Internet option (Internet Button under Multiplayer menu) and connects Dune 2000 to Alman Channel To enter, type Username and Password. Chat - Allows you to see through a
  24. I've succeeded in making a Dune 2000 expansion blank shell to make mods for the game with vanilla binaries without overwriting the original files.. I'll be releasing a stable version once i've completed emperor chronicles as i've implemented this blank shell into it.. Features Can make missions for Dune 2000 vanilla without overwriting previous or original files.. Separate music, missions & video folder for adding new stuff into it.. Separate ui data folder to modify interface.. Updated launchers customized for your use.. This is a product of dat file binary editing.. I'll post the differe
  25. I just realised that audio feature has been removed from my dune 2000 mod by mistake.. Can anyone help me in fixing this problem.. Should i attatch the files??
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