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Found 5 results

  1. Nyerguds

    Westwood Font Editor

    As some people probably already heard, I made a font editor to edit the font format in Command & Conquer 1. Well, happy coincidence, it turned out this works for a bunch of other games, including Dune II. But that's not all; while implementing some of the pre-Dune2 font formats on request of Tomsons23, one of my strongest supporters and researchers in this journey, I got a request (from FunkyFr3sh) to also implement Dune 2000 support. Now, as people around here most probably already know, Dune 2000 was, in fact, not made by Westwood, and as a result, the font's internals were completely different from the Westwood formats. But we figured it out anyway So, without further ado... the Westwood Font Editor: Current version: 1.5.4 (21/12/2016) The project is built on the .Net framework v3.5 Its code is licensed under the WTFPL. Download: Downloads folder Source code: (C#) Sources folder Original development thread: (at cncnet.org) https://forums.cncnet.org/index.php?topic=6810.0 * * * Note on Dune 2000 support: The text encoding dropdown list has an extra "Dune 2000 text encoding" item at the bottom. The reason for this is that the font is strangely reordered. Dune 2000 has a text encoding translation table called "FONT.BIN", apparently meant to line up the used special characters in the font without leaving gaps. (Though, strangely, this isn't used to optimize the font in any way.) For example, if you need the character "ä", that's byte 0xE4 in the text encoding used by the game (Windows-1252; standard US / Western European). If you look on address 0xE4 in FONT.BIN, you'll see the value there is 0x80. This means that character "ä" is at index 0x80 (128) in the fonts. So, in short: ä = 0xE4 ==> table index 0xE4 ==> value 0x80 => font index 0x80 (The editor actually does the reverse; going from font table index to character by looking up in which spot in the table each index value is, but you don't need to do that, since Dune 2000 text files are just in Windows-1252 encoding) If you want to add fonts for a different text encoding to the game, I advise you to get rid of this whole nonsense by replacing FONT.BIN with a 256-byte file containing a simple sequence of bytes from 00 to FF, so each character simply gets mapped onto itself. This does require re-ordering all characters on the font to actually take their correct place... but I've already done that for you guys Dune 2000 fixed fonts: http://nyerguds.arsaneus-design.com/project_stuff/2016/WWFontEditor/resources/Dune2000FontsFixed.zip * * * Full list of supported types / games, as of v1.2.1: WWFont v1: -Wargame Construction Set -A Nightmare On Elm Street -DragonStrike -Circuit's Edge WWFont v2 -BattleTech The Crescent Hawk's Revenge -Eye of the Beholder -Eye of the Beholder II The Legend of Darkmoon WWFont v3 -The Legend of Kyrandia -Dune II -Lands of Lore The Throne of Chaos -The Legend of Kyrandia Hand of Fate -The Legend of Kyrandia Malcolm's Revenge -The Legend of Kyrandia Malcolm's Revenge Installer -Command & Conquer -Command & Conquer Installer -Command & Conquer Red Alert -Command & Conquer Red Alert Installer -Lands of Lore Guardians of Destiny -Lands of Lore Guardians of Destiny Installer -Command & Conquer Sole Survivor -Lands of Lore III WWFont v4 -Tiberian Sun -Tiberian Sun Installer -Tiberian Sun Firestorm -Tiberian Sun Firestorm Installer -Lands of Lore III Installer IGFont (Dune 2000 was made by Intelligent Games, not by Westwood) -Dune 2000
  2. CCHyper

    Dune II Posters, and more!

    Hi FED2k! It has been a long time since I stuck my head in to say hello, some of you might remember me when I was researching for a high-res patch for D2k. All my time now is spent on a new project called "RA++", but that is not why I am here... In my profession, I work in the commerical print industry and this gives me access to all sorts of awesome services, and this includes printing posters for absolute pennies, including this one... I am able to source the Dune II key art from the box in very high resolution, so this allowed me to produce a "movie style" poster, with complete game credits! Now I have 9 of these available (maybe more in the future if they go quickly) and the printed size is 58cm x 86cm, and Nyerguds just got one from me and he can varify the high quality of the print. :) So I am offering these out to anyone and everyone, and all you would need to pay for is the postage/carriage charge, so the poster is absolutly free! You can contact me via PM, and they are first come, first serve! I have many others posters I have designed and recreated with the help of tomsons26 from CNCNet, so if you have any requests for other games C&C, Tomb Radier, Metal Gear Solid, Lands Of Lore etc, I can look into producing posters for these games too :D
  3. The_Legacy

    Moddifying the Dune 2 EXE

    Greetings! After many years of playing Dune II, and recently being inspired to play it once again, I've decided that I wanted to create a complete overhaul on the missions, and unit balancing. Specifically, I'd like to try to change some of the stats of the units, and, more importantly, I wanted to create an 'expert' mission mode, where the missions all start at mission 8 tech levels, where some missions will have different objectives or higher spice quotas, and existing enemy bases are heavily expanded upon, for all to provide late-game level challenges. Ultimately, I want to rework the existing campaign to make it a difficult fight all the way through, without changing the overall positions of the starting locations, but rather instead expanding on them. The motivation is because I believe the war would have started realistically with all the big weapons available to all commanders from the beginning, and that the player (and his/her foe) are limited in technology for learning purposes. If I'm not mistaken, tech availability in the Construction Yard, Light Factories, Heavy Factories, and High Tech Factories are all based on hardcoded information in the EXE file (I've looked through the Dune II editor and I now know the different values you can set). Scenarios and Starport availability, as far as I know, are coded in the Scenario###.ini files, which is arguably the far easier part of the job. But, if I'm not mistaken, EXE editing is required to allow construction of later-game buildings, and I will need to edit the EXE anyway for some balance changes I wanted to make. Using the Dune II Editor, I was able to locate hex values in the EXE, and I changed them to what I wanted. However, when I ran the EXE, I saw no changes. Do you know why this may be the case? Are there tutorials to hex editing the EXE? Is there anything I need to know? Thanks. P.S. For feedback purposes, I wanted to provide the changes I was thinking of doing, based on what I can see that is changeable: - Increase maximum number of units and structures to the maximum the game engine allows. - Adding the ability to capture ALL structure types, to allow a full-base-capture playstyle. - Changing most unit commands from the default Attack / Move / Retreat / Guard to Attack / Move / Hunt / Area Guard, to facilitate proper unit defenses and co-ordinate mass assaults. (Note: Move changes to Guard automatically after movement, so replacing Guard essentially adds a fifth command). - Allow the Atredies to build the WOR, and the Ordos the Launcher, after level 4, due to the increasing violence from the war triggering changes in policy (the fact that the Ordos can order Launchers in the Starport, and the Atredies can build Siege Tanks, which are substantially more powerful than Troopers, make this glaringly apparent). - Changing the roles of Quads, Trikes, and Raider Trikes to proper scouts (large vision range) and modifying their machine guns to be dual-purpose anti-ground/anti-air to fill a badly needed role which the game only provides in the Troopers, Launcher, and Gun/Missile Turrets. - Increasing Raider Trike damage and hit points to match standard Trike levels, while increasing costs to 200, in order to provide proper counterplay verses Quads and Trikes beyond scouting. - Markedly increasing movement speed and increasing turret and chassis rotation of standard Tanks (similar to Dune 2000 levels, and, perhaps, to launcher levels but with better movement speed over sand), in order to give them a badly needed flanking advantage over Siege Tanks in a one-on-one battle (whereas Siege Tanks would keep their firepower and armor, making them superior in a head-on fight vs Tanks). This would reward players for micromanaging combats with tanks, but Siege Tanks would win in a fixed-position battle. - Decrease Siege Tank costs from 600 to 500, to address the cost vs effectiveness ratio comparision between Tanks and Siege Tanks provided in another thread. - Reducing sight range of Siege Tanks and Devastators to current Quad/Trike/Raider Trike levels, to compensate for the changes for Light Vehicles. - Greatly increasing Devastator weapon damage while greatly reducing fire rate, making it an extremely powerful foe in singular fights, but that can be easily defeated against large numbers. Currently, the Devastator is essentially a bigger, badder Siege Tank, and can completely replace them in armies. This change would make using them en masse a risky strategy, due to their extremely low fire-rate post-change. - Add a second missile launch for Deviators, in order to match Launcher fire output. Rate of fire would be reduced to compensate. - Decrease cost of Soldier to 30, and Infantry Squads to 50, due to their extremely poor cost vs effectiveness ratio. Reduce Barracks upgrade cost to 100. - Increase Troopers damage and armor to be equal to Tanks, and the Trooper as half that. Increase cost from 100/200 to 125/250 This is not only to make infantry tactics viable, but to dramatically increase the difficulty of Sadaukar Trooper deployments in Missions 4, 8 and 9, and to boost the effectiveness of the Atredies Fremen palace power. Their lower cost is compensated by their vulnerability to being run over. - Change Ornithoper weapons from missiles to guns (as per the intro cinematic). Increase Ornithopter armor to 100 (compensated by the addition of effective mobile anti-air units). - Remove upgrade requirement for MCV construction. Increase base cost of MCV's to 999 to compensate. - Add ALL non-faction units to the Starport. Since the Starport delivers mercenaries to your force, it would make sense for Infantry and Troopers to be included in their offerings. - Saboteurs will be rebalanced...somehow. Something to make them more effective. If there is some way to spawn multiple of them akin to how Fremen are deployed, this would be optimal, and appropriately terrifying. Note that I will be balance testing all changes before release, and any suggestions are welcome.
  4. Nyerguds

    I got an original Dune II box! :D

    I found this on ebay, for $15. Despite the shipping to Belgium coming down to an additional $33, I could absolutely not resist this: The box arrived yesterday, and I immediately got to work. Sadly my current PC doesn't have a floppy drive, so I couldn't get the content off the disks, but I'm fairly sure I already got that version on my disk anyway. The main reasons I had for buying this didn't really include the floppies, anyway. These reasons, besides the fact this is a treasure of gaming history, and the fact the box is complete even down to the original receipt of the sale in a game store, are these: -The cover art. I haven't found any place online that has a high resolution version of that, or even a good quality one. -That cute little newspaper thingy, which is more or less their newsletter with added internal development anecdotes, and some hints and tricks for their games. -The lovely ring-bound manual. Of course, since I already remade the manual as PDF file with colour images, there wasn't much use in scanning that. Not to mention, A) there must be plenty of scans of that going around, and B) it's ring-bound, which is annoying to scan. However, the other two items are scanned, and posted here for your enjoyment: Find them all here: Scan of the cover image (larger version) Full scan of the cover (the gold letters came out quite nicely I think ;) ) Newspaper page 1 Newspaper page 2 Newspaper page 3 Newspaper page 4 These are, in fact, still downsized versions; I scanned everything at 600 dpi. You can find the ultra-high lossless png versions in this folder: http://nyerguds.arsaneus-design.com/dune/dune2box/png/
  5. sudobash

    DUNE II INTRO.PAC framerate

    Hi all, New here, but not to DUNE. I have been looking at the (sadly abandoned looking) dunelegacy port. I have some experience with c++ so I am having a go at fixing it up a bit. I noticed that the intro cutscene plays slow in some parts, but normally in other parts. Delving into the code, I found that the cutscenes have a hard coded 5.88 fps. Looking online I have found plenty of information about modding level PAK files but almost about the data PAK files. Is there some place where I can find information about these files, and specifically how to determine the FPS?