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Found 67 results

  1. I am here to present a new trio of maps based on the final missions from Dune 2 for the Genesis version. I will explain a little by sections of what you are going to find in these scenarios. The game: Overall the genesis game it’s the same as the computer version (except for some changes like the Harvesters being faster, less buildings/upgrades to do, less enemies to fight...); for this reason I didn’t wanted to create 3 full campaigns since it’s going to be very similar to the one I did based on the pc version. The final maps differ for each house so I created those. Maps: The Maps are heavily based on the three original missions, but they aren’t a 1:1 recreation but close to the original. This means the total absence of rifts and, except for some only-infantry areas, the vehicles can move freely around the entire map. The position of the buildings and preplaced units are faithful to the original (but more buildings to give a 100% operational base to the AI, like the IX Centre, more windtraps, etc...). Combat tank and siege tank position in the map or reinforcements have been swapped. Enemy: In the genesis game you only fight the Emperor in the final mission. To compensate the lack of more enemies/palaces they are given several special units like the Death Hand, Ornithopters, Devastators and Sonic Tanks. Since in Dune 2000 the Emperor doesn’t have anything special (except the Sardaukar) I used Tibed to give him some raw power to match the original game. Changes with Tibed: -Emperor now may build Devastators and Sonic Tanks (depending of the house, those special units may not be present). -Sardaukar no longer needs the Imperial Palace to be trained, just the barracks. - An enhanced Death Hand (only Emperor).* *Instead giving to the Emperor 2 special launch attacks (Death Hand + Airstrike), I maintained his traditional High-tech Factory and slightly reduced the recharge time for the Death Hand to launch it more often than the one the Harkonnen can. AI behavior: The AI has been designed to build fast and attack in rapid successions (once the player it’s spotted by the enemy reinforcements). Although the AI builds really fast, they also send his attacks in such short time intervals that he will not have time to create a large attack group. You can expect the enemy attacking with 1 trike, 1 Quad, 1 Siege tank, 1 Devastator/Sonic tank… plus 2-3 Sardaukar per wave (waves may vary if the player kills enemy units or force the AI to defend). Tips: Like the original game (both of them); the AI it’s not going to launch any attack (or DH) against the player early. Once you see the first enemy reinforcement drop be ready; the AI will attack you after that soon. The spice it’s limited, but the amount on the map it’s so big that I don’t see any player being near to deplete it. Just be sure to build your refineries near the spice areas. The room to deploy buildings it’s really big. Separate your buildings to avoid heavy damage due the Death Hands. Care for enemy reinforcements, they may land behind you. Harkonnen it’s the most easy of the three (safest mining areas), so if you are not sure start playing this one. The Ordos version it's the tougher of the three. Deviate enemy devastators and use the self destruct in order to succeed. Screens: These three screens are going to show to you a comparison of the original maps and my versions. File: Dune 2 Genesis.zip The zip includes 9 files, being the missions. Remember to apply the "templates.bin" to give the Emperor access to the special weapons. It's added a back_up from the original game, so you can revert it after playing the three maps.
  2. Back in time I created a campaign based in the Dune 2 game, but until now I didn’t update it. Today I can release the campaign again, not only update to work with the mission launcher, but also a good amount of changes on the AI to balance the game: More stable, improved and more fun to play (and harder). Later I will detail some of the main changes regarding the old version. Features: - Type of terrain based on the original Dune 2: Wide areas to move and attack, no rifts, mostly rock, sand, spice and dunes. - Spice limited; no blooms or way to get more money once all has been depleted. - Starting money, initial units, reinforcements and the configuration of the enemy base is heavily based in the original maps from Dune 2. - Briefing and advices extracted directly from Dune 2. - Voice and text “Enemy units approaching!” will warn players when an enemy carryall drops units around the base. - Overall is more easy with the Atreides and more harder with the Ordos. - The tech tree and weaponry is still the one from the Dune 2000 game: Troopers for Atreides, Trikes for Harkonnen... Basic tips: - If you are not used to the game, play the full campaign on easy (cost of units/building reduced and enemy reinforcements will be the same as the original Dune 2). Also, Atreides is the more easy of the three. - Defense yourself using gun turrets at the beginning (later rocket turrets may be added). - In advance missions don’t attack the enemy base from the front. The sides are always less protected and require less units/effort to do the most damage. -Don't over harvest. Build silos and/or stop harversters if you haverst more than needed. Main changes from the old version: - Sandworm presented in almost all missions. - No more AI not building certain type of unit because wrong proportions. - Missions where the AI don’t have light factory, the production of heavy tanks will be reduced. - New behaviour to the AI in mission 2: Passive until the player confronts it. - Improved AI (all missions): First and subsequent attacks are more efficient/stronger. - Adaptive AI: The more enemies are present, the production of units is reduced and the time between attacks is delayed. - A new mission 7 in the Atreides Campaign (last one has lots of problem due the way Dune 2000 works). - All the reinforcements now appear 25% faster. - New voice line of dialogue “Enemy units approaching!” said by the mentat. - Both text and voice “Enemy units approaching!” now appears when the carryall is dropping the units instead when the carryall enter the scenario. - Initial defensive units given to the AI. - More "guard area" units around the enemy base (most in the front). - Carryalls no longer pick up vehicles for short travels. - In missions with 2 AI sharing the same area (2 enemies together) have the same proportion of units patrolling as if they were only one. - AI don't build faster under attack (same pace whether it is attacked or not). - Starport removed from the AI bases. - Mission 9 reinforcement now loops in intervals. No longer the first enemy drop will repeat over and over due the short timer. - More initial money to the player and less to the Atreides in the mission 9 of the Ordos campaign. Also an extra mine field of spice in the enemy base (the mission is still more harder than Atreides/Harkonnen version). Images here: Download the three campaigns here: Dune 2 Campaign.rar How to install: Copy/move the files from the "mission" Folder into the "mission" folder on your Dune2000\gruntmod. Coping "tiledata.bin" into "\data\bin" is totally necessary (skip this step if you already did it to any other campaign). Readme.txt included with all the information needed. If you have already done this with other campaigns then only the files from the "mission" folder are needed.
  3. Moddifying the Dune 2 EXE

    Greetings! After many years of playing Dune II, and recently being inspired to play it once again, I've decided that I wanted to create a complete overhaul on the missions, and unit balancing. Specifically, I'd like to try to change some of the stats of the units, and, more importantly, I wanted to create an 'expert' mission mode, where the missions all start at mission 8 tech levels, where some missions will have different objectives or higher spice quotas, and existing enemy bases are heavily expanded upon, for all to provide late-game level challenges. Ultimately, I want to rework the existing campaign to make it a difficult fight all the way through, without changing the overall positions of the starting locations, but rather instead expanding on them. The motivation is because I believe the war would have started realistically with all the big weapons available to all commanders from the beginning, and that the player (and his/her foe) are limited in technology for learning purposes. If I'm not mistaken, tech availability in the Construction Yard, Light Factories, Heavy Factories, and High Tech Factories are all based on hardcoded information in the EXE file (I've looked through the Dune II editor and I now know the different values you can set). Scenarios and Starport availability, as far as I know, are coded in the Scenario###.ini files, which is arguably the far easier part of the job. But, if I'm not mistaken, EXE editing is required to allow construction of later-game buildings, and I will need to edit the EXE anyway for some balance changes I wanted to make. Using the Dune II Editor, I was able to locate hex values in the EXE, and I changed them to what I wanted. However, when I ran the EXE, I saw no changes. Do you know why this may be the case? Are there tutorials to hex editing the EXE? Is there anything I need to know? Thanks. P.S. For feedback purposes, I wanted to provide the changes I was thinking of doing, based on what I can see that is changeable: - Increase maximum number of units and structures to the maximum the game engine allows. - Adding the ability to capture ALL structure types, to allow a full-base-capture playstyle. - Changing most unit commands from the default Attack / Move / Retreat / Guard to Attack / Move / Hunt / Area Guard, to facilitate proper unit defenses and co-ordinate mass assaults. (Note: Move changes to Guard automatically after movement, so replacing Guard essentially adds a fifth command). - Allow the Atredies to build the WOR, and the Ordos the Launcher, after level 4, due to the increasing violence from the war triggering changes in policy (the fact that the Ordos can order Launchers in the Starport, and the Atredies can build Siege Tanks, which are substantially more powerful than Troopers, make this glaringly apparent). - Changing the roles of Quads, Trikes, and Raider Trikes to proper scouts (large vision range) and modifying their machine guns to be dual-purpose anti-ground/anti-air to fill a badly needed role which the game only provides in the Troopers, Launcher, and Gun/Missile Turrets. - Increasing Raider Trike damage and hit points to match standard Trike levels, while increasing costs to 200, in order to provide proper counterplay verses Quads and Trikes beyond scouting. - Markedly increasing movement speed and increasing turret and chassis rotation of standard Tanks (similar to Dune 2000 levels, and, perhaps, to launcher levels but with better movement speed over sand), in order to give them a badly needed flanking advantage over Siege Tanks in a one-on-one battle (whereas Siege Tanks would keep their firepower and armor, making them superior in a head-on fight vs Tanks). This would reward players for micromanaging combats with tanks, but Siege Tanks would win in a fixed-position battle. - Decrease Siege Tank costs from 600 to 500, to address the cost vs effectiveness ratio comparision between Tanks and Siege Tanks provided in another thread. - Reducing sight range of Siege Tanks and Devastators to current Quad/Trike/Raider Trike levels, to compensate for the changes for Light Vehicles. - Greatly increasing Devastator weapon damage while greatly reducing fire rate, making it an extremely powerful foe in singular fights, but that can be easily defeated against large numbers. Currently, the Devastator is essentially a bigger, badder Siege Tank, and can completely replace them in armies. This change would make using them en masse a risky strategy, due to their extremely low fire-rate post-change. - Add a second missile launch for Deviators, in order to match Launcher fire output. Rate of fire would be reduced to compensate. - Decrease cost of Soldier to 30, and Infantry Squads to 50, due to their extremely poor cost vs effectiveness ratio. Reduce Barracks upgrade cost to 100. - Increase Troopers damage and armor to be equal to Tanks, and the Trooper as half that. Increase cost from 100/200 to 125/250 This is not only to make infantry tactics viable, but to dramatically increase the difficulty of Sadaukar Trooper deployments in Missions 4, 8 and 9, and to boost the effectiveness of the Atredies Fremen palace power. Their lower cost is compensated by their vulnerability to being run over. - Change Ornithoper weapons from missiles to guns (as per the intro cinematic). Increase Ornithopter armor to 100 (compensated by the addition of effective mobile anti-air units). - Remove upgrade requirement for MCV construction. Increase base cost of MCV's to 999 to compensate. - Add ALL non-faction units to the Starport. Since the Starport delivers mercenaries to your force, it would make sense for Infantry and Troopers to be included in their offerings. - Saboteurs will be rebalanced...somehow. Something to make them more effective. If there is some way to spawn multiple of them akin to how Fremen are deployed, this would be optimal, and appropriately terrifying. Note that I will be balance testing all changes before release, and any suggestions are welcome.
  4. Download link: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B2vavbKPhjU9RFI0d0xhT3hRdUE Hello. After playing many Dune Dynasty campaigns, I created one by myself. I know, it's not a big deal as it's pretty easy to create new scenarios in Dune 2, but maybe somebody (just as me) already has played all popular mods and wants some more. Also, maybe it can encourage somebody to create his own campaigns for DD. Dune Dynasty is amazing Open Dune-based 'ultimate' edition of Dune 2 by dynasty: http://forum.dune2k.com/topic/24316-dune-dynasty/ If you don't know how to add custom campaigns in Dune Dynasty: just create folder 'dune rush' (or any other name) in 'campaign' folder of Dune Dynasty and copy my scenario1.pak, meta.ini, profile.ini and house.ini here (for engrish briefings you should also add textf.eng,textm.eng and texts.eng here). After that, run Dune Dynasty and click subtitle string on title screen (usually 'Building of a Dinasty'). I used Dune 2 Scenario Editor (http://oscomp.hu/?details/147) and DuneMaps (http://dunemaps.sourceforge.net/) , also Dune 2 PAK for packing (http://oscomp.hu/?details/604). Thank TCH and Segra for their tools. And of course, thank dynasty for such great enhanced fork of OD and original OD guys. Dune Rush is my first attempt in Dune 2 modding. It is a Mercenary Campaign with only one scenario for mission (except mission 7, which has 2 of them). It's heavy based on repeated reinforcements (this functionality absents in original Dune 2). This campaign is quite hard, but I tested and cleared every scenario. Don't forget, you can start from any mission in Dune Dynasty. UPDATE: Sardaukar campaign was added. 11 scenarios (levels 4 and 8 have two choices). UPDATE: Fremen campaign was added. It has 10 scenarios (lvl 8 has 2 choices). I used SSTEditor for briefings/advices/victory/defeat messages and MrFibble's Dune 2 eXchanged project files as a donor (original briefing files open in SSTE with an error). Do not hope for great briefings, though, as my English is kind of primitive and contains errors. Changes:
  5. DuneMaps v.64 ERROR

    Hello! 1. I was read the forum, but I can't found any solution my problem. I have the Dune 2 with 1.07 fix. If I like to run DuneMaps, an error massage pop up. "Dune2.exe not found in data directory" Can you help me, how to fix this? 2. I like to edit maps, but with the "bgafc_de" editor I can't edit rocks and sand, so I'm looking for some other tools to edit maps. Have you any ideas what should i use? I hope someone is still in here, a lot of editing link didn't work now. Thank you very much, and have a nice day, Csongor
  6. Amiga Moding Questions

    Hi @ all. I m working on a Dune 2 Mod for the Amiga Version. Im using THC´s Editor, HexEditor and normal EditPad for the scenario and regio ini´s. My first map is ready but i have a great problem. The Harvester dont move one meter. The dont harvest the spice and just stand still. Now my Idea is that there is a commando like (Hunt, Guard etc..) but i dont think it. What is the Problem and how can i fix it? Sorry for my bad english (im from germany) Greets
  7. Dune Wikia

    Hello, i added a section about Dune II fangames (http://dune.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Dune_II_fangames) in the Dune Wiki (http://dune.wikia.com). I hope it helps to let people know about those good works that keep the great Dune II alive. Note that i didn't mean to add "everything" (such as minor or non working projects), since it is an encyclopedia, not a resource for developers.
  8. Maximum of structures?

    Hi community! I don't know, if there's a row in the scenario.pak or anything else, where you can change the maximum of structures. After you has built a definite count of buildings you can get the message "can't create more" if you want to start a new build order. Isn't there any option to set the maximum of structures like the maximum of units? Do anyone know the exactly default setting of the maximum of structures?
  9. Hello commuity! If you edit a scenario, is it possible, that you can set one CPU controlled house / faction friendly? For example the Atreides and the Fremen are working together, as like as in the original game. The Fremen from the Atreides Palace attack automatically the enemy bases and wouldn't shot at Atreides units or structures. But how is it, if I want to make a scenario playing the Atreides and build in the scenario editor a Fremen base nearby? With Fremen vehicles, turrets, factories and all what would make it complete? But the Fremen will be controlled by the computer. Would they automatically just attack the enemy bases or would they attack me? Like Fremen & Atreides I want to make a teamwork between House Ordos and the Merchants, too. Do I have to set the option in the scenario.ini or scenario.pak ? Where and how I have to do this? Thanks in advance.
  10. A 'romhack' of a Sega Mega drive version. current version: DuneHack (-Re) Build _r53 It's a not complete hack, no new missions included. But it's a some 'base' for creating new campaings. Main difference: + Units and Buildings limits increased up to 127. (102 ground) + Extra build with map size increased to 128x128. + Reinforcements - currently up to 55 + no more included in global limits. + Support sardaukar house. + Support fremen house: fremen and atreides allies; fremen special weapon - creates 5 worms on map. + Many changes in code. (changelog not created and I don't rememeber them all) + Worms and saboteurs can be controllable and can be buyed from starport - icons added; also no limited to 3. + Some improvements in AI. + Some bugfixes and minor balance change. + New features (like spice fields regenerating, new win/lose, new reinforcements abitilites). New Editor for Maps and Missions - DuneAMC. Can be downloaded here: http://www.emu-land.net/forum/index.php/topic,16864.2700.html If someone is interested I can try to write full changelog. We also glad to see map-makers who want to create their own campaings for this hack.
  11. DuneX release v1.29

    EDITED: In agreement with MrFlibble, I attached the new release of DuneX (Dune 2 eXtended Edition) v1.29. ChangeLog: v1.29: (June 18, 2013) Fixed Saboteur Move command: he no more detonates on no-building tiles destinationFix: capturing structures with deviated units did not unlock techFixed Windtrap power information when a Windtrap is capturedFixed Radar friend/enemy units countChanged Sandworm best target behaviour to avoid attacking Fremen WarriorsDUNEX129.ZIP v1.28: (April 22, 2013) Fixed Timeout Scenario variable to reach victory condition by timingFull working bilateral alliance between Fremen & Atreides (Atreides CPU now is active to Fremen)Sardaukar Trooper can swap weapon type on short range like Regular Troopers & Warriors and no more explosion animation when they die (single infantry death animation)GUI Unit Menu no more lost focus on selected unit when cancel a Move/Attack commandFixed various Mentats alerts (restored missing "Unit" speech on Sardaukar alerts & always called Houses name for Units and Structures instead of "Enemy" speech)DUNEX128.ZIP More info on related threads: Dune 2 eXtended Project [Dune 2] EXE editing & programming issues

    Hey, Wasn't there a PROFILE.INI file floating around somewhere? Curious.
  13. Version 1.02b


    The latest version of the fix is 1.02b, and it includes the following changes: - a smarter and more powerful AI that forms teams of vehicles that it sends against you, instead of single units; - you can now buy ornithopters via the Starport in the last two missions - this feature was also missing due to a syntax error; - some scenarios that had a unit limit lower than 25 were fixed; - the scenario files have been optimized by removing extra blank and obsolete strings. The advanced version has all the features of the normal fix, plus: - the player's max unit cap has been raised to 50; - in missions where Starport is available, the number of each unit-type in stock at CHOAM has been doubled; - the computer players' max unit cap has been raised to 35; - the amount of credits given to the computer players at the start of each mission has been significantly increased to give the AI an advantage over the player. The fix is theoretically compatible with all existing versions of Dune 2.
  14. I've published on this Thread a Collection of ALL hex editing discussions about Dune 2 EXE. I've collected from all topics regards Dune 2 Hex Editing, researches for bugs fixed and game customizing. All the infos have been sorted and cataloged, within URL link reference and a short explanation regards the modify. All Documents are in PDF format. Only v1.07-EU supported. I hope that this will serve to Dune 2 fans to reach better what they would like looking for and understand more clearly about Hex Editing. :) A special Thanks is for MrFlibble about forum support and many suggestions, Nyerguds about his wonderful EXE editor, Segra about his IDA db research that has permitted to recognized many steps on functions that regulates game playing of Dune 2. Again many Thanks to all users that have contributed with them posts to make possibile all this Collection. :) Main topics: Full Bilateral Alliance between two factions (when play as Atreides or as Fremen for example)Fix Conquest Map Vanishing House bugFix Concrete Slabs bugFix remap colours of House IXFix Loop ReinforcementsRemove Decay Structures built on concrete slabsIncrease limit number of units that Sandworms can swallowFix GUI of Units Menu that 'loses' focus on selected unit (11/04/2013)Fix use of Timeout Key on INI Scenario files as victory condition (21/04/2013)Fix: Saboteur no more detonates with Move command (29/04/2013)Fix: capturing structures with deviated units did not unlock tech (03/05/2013)Fix: Windtrap power information incorrect after capturing a Windtrap (03/05/2013)Fix: Radar scan double-counted some units and missed others (03/06/2013) - CORRECTIONChange Sandworm best target behaviour to avoid attacking Fremen Warrior/Warriors (03/06/2013)Last Update: 03/06/2013 Dune 2 v1.07-EU - Hex Editing PDF Collection.zip P.S. Bytes opcodes can be a bit different between v1.07-EU and segra's IDA db, because of db is obtained from a different version.
  15. Hey everyone, I had some questions that I wanted to ask because I needed help on certain things for dune 2. I first just wanted to say I am impressed with the effort and work that alot of you have done for a Gem such as dune 2. I have been active on the Dune 2000 editing board but I decided to play around with Dune 2. I know these questions should be asked in the appropriate topic, but they vary from topic to topic that would be easier to put all on one post. So any way here are my dilemmas that I hope you can help me with: 1.) I own the Dune 2: Building of a dynasty US Version 1.07. I downloaded the Dune 2 1.07 fix and copied the contents of the DYNASTY folder. Now I read alot on what It fixed in the game such as the "Team Bug" As well as "Looped Reinforcements". How ever these changes do not take effect. The AI still does not team nor do Reinforcements repeat at all. I edited some Scenario files to show these implications but it dosent seem to have taken effect. I also saw a file called PatchWise.log stating this SETUP.EXE -> Original file CRC error occurred, it has been skipped. SETUPENG.DIP -> Original file CRC error occurred, it has been skipped. ENGLISH.PAK -> Original file CRC error occurred, it has been skipped. SCENARIO.PAK -> Original file CRC error occurred, it has been skipped. DUNE2.EXE -> Original file CRC error occurred, it has been skipped. Im guessing the fix did not work? 2.) I saw some topics on EMC editing here http://forum.dune2k....c-pages-opened/. I tried opening the page with the edited Build.EMC file but the page is down since Im so late in the game. Would any one have information on how to open EMC files with notepad? Or would anyone still have the updated Build.EMC file? 3.) I notice many people were able to decomplie the exe and edit it in C/C++ code. Was the source obtained by someone? I looked at OpenDune but I did not find the original Dune 2 source. Any answers and suggestions is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read/answer.
  16. hey im new to this Site and i whould Like to say im a Big fan of Dune and The books and Movie's " Series " But what i really need help with is.. i have Download the SD Game The Conquest of Arrakis Version 1.27 and i love it. But there is one thing i really whould like is that in the campains the computer starts with a Full base " Like the other Dune games. what i whould like to know is. is there a Way i chould Edit The campain maps and place a Rebuild base in to the game im playing Via the Dune 2 Scenario Editor i have downloaded. i can easely make a Map and place buildings and all that. but it seems i cant Find the Campain maps anywere in my Folder?
  17. Experimentation Woes

    So, I'm new here and all that, yadda yadda yadda. I've been working on modifying Dune 2 to fit my own personal tastes - messing with the tech tree, changing what costs what and how fast it builds, changing where the IX Units are built from, and so on and so forth. I've noticed a few oddities, however. 1) If I try to edit Scenario.PAK directly to accommodate a Starport in lower tech levels, the game fails to go past the Bene Gesserit screens. 2) If the build time is set to 1, some funky things happen with structure costs - half of the cost gets lopped off (I haven't tried this out with Build Time 0 or 2 yet). Similarly, a Sonic Tank at Build Time 10 with cost 600 only deducts 500 when all is said and done. So far, using (tech+1)^2 build times combined with (tech)*100 build costs alleviates the cost oddness, but it does generate balance issues on early stages. 3) Changing structure sizes also produces weird graphical results - while functionality is never impaired, it's a little hard to distinguish a silo from a house of ix from an outpost when they all look like half-built structures. Likewise, changing the upgraded concrete from 2x2 to 3x3 produced weird results when trying to place the concrete - most of the time, the bottom level of concrete wouldn't place (and don't even bother changing regular concrete from 1x1 - it doesn't have the same adaptability that upgraded concrete has) The specifics of the modifications I'm making are as follows: This is to my personal tastes and preferences: I am changing the tech tree to better suit what I think makes sense. Some examples are requiring a Spice Silo before you can build Harvesters, as well as the chain of Windtrap -> Refinery -> Light -> Heavy -> Hi Tech -> Starport (Outpost has been removed from the Vehicle Factory chain, but Starport still requires it) Sonic Tanks and Deviators are now built from Light Factory instead of Heavy Factory in order to increase the number of Launchers and Siege Tanks built by the AI on higher levels (in theory, at least) Concrete is Fast and Cheap - 1x1 Concrete and 2x2 Concrete both cost 3 credits, with build times of 1 and 4 respectively; Similar speed and cost changes have been made to Wall, Turret, and Rocket Turret, but walls now consume 1 power per tile, and Standard Turret power use has been raised to 20. Structure sizes will be changed based on function. All support structures would become 1x1 (except Refinery, which will probably have to stay at least 2x2 tall, and may even become 3x3), Barracks, WOR, and Light Factory will become 1x2; Heavy Factory will become 1x3; Hi Tech will become 2x2; and Palace, Construction Yard, Starport, and Repair Facility will all become/remain 3x3 structures. This will only happen once I learn how to adjust graphic size correctly, but I will modify the scenarios to accomidate the new sizes once I figure out how to change the CHOAM sections without breaking the file. Ornithopter-using enemies will become much more deadly due to increased vision ranges of Outpost and Starport - Outpost now has vision 25, and Starport now has vision 250. Miscellaneous unit changes: All units except for Devastator have full CPU outside of screen; Turret and Rocket Turret now have full CPU outside of screen (so no parking a Launcher or Sonic Tank outside of turret range and just filling the CPU Rebuild Queue with Turrets); Thopters are now controllable, and have Area Guard as a command option; Devastator speed decreased to 5, Health increased to 1000, now has rotating turret, turning speed increased to 2, is no longer picked up for repairs, move command replaced with Hunt, Guard replaced with Area Guard; Sonic Tank range decreased to 5, now fires twice, now sounds like a Worm attacking; Deviator no longer fires twice, but firing rate now matches Devastator and can now target air units. Construction Yard can now be built from the Construction Yard; it requires a Palace to have been built, but it's cheaper and faster than building an MCV. Snce the mod is based around my personal preferences and likely won't have many major overhauls to the actual scenarios, I'm not planning on publicly releasing it - though I may mail it to you if you really want to see what I like to play against. The only major change I would make to the scenarios at this point beyond Starport adjustments is replacing all Human Construction Yards with MCV's. The main reason I'm posting this is to get my approved post, but also to see if I can get some advice on how to do most of what I want to do with this; the Modding Tools thread is very out of date, and a lot of the links I found while trying to do this myself were dead links - some led to the forum without leading to a topic, while others lead to a webpage that I couldn't make heads or tails of.
  18. After a couple of years, DST has finally been updated https://sourceforge.net/projects/dst/files/ 1.3 Fixes a few bugs, and renames all the executed unit / structure / team functions to match those of Open Dune.
  19. I've heard that Dune 2's seed generator has been reverse engineered. My searching between Calculus and frantic programming sessions hasn't turned up any useful info other than DuneMaps and OpenDune both using them. Are there any relevant topics about how this was done and how to implement them? Thanks in advance.
  20. Map format for Dune II remakes

    Hi There are currently multiple Dune 2 remakes developed: - Dune 2 - The Maker - OpenDune - Dune 2 - The Golden Path - Dune Legacy (which is were I am from) Some of these remakes have already developed their own map format. My idea is to unify the map format, thus every dune remake can use any map. I investigated a little bit the D2TM and D2TGP map formats but was not satisfied with their solution. D2TM stores mainly the map and the starting positions. No way to specify units or structures. The format is similar to an ini file but the terrain info is not saved in the typical key/value mechanism of ini files. D2TGP uses some binary format which I could not find any specification for and is difficult to implement in editors and other games. Therefore I designed my own map format with the following things in mind: - human readable - stores the terrain explicitly (not a seed value like Dune II) - can store units and structures - make it possible to have maps which can be played with every house (not just the houses specified in the map like in the Dune II scenario/map format) - can specify reinforcements - easily implementable for Dune II remakes As a result I designed a map format that is as similar as possible to the original Dune II scenario format (scen*.ini files). In fact the original scenario format is a subset of my format with only small changes where necessary. A first draft of this map format specification can be found at http://www.myway.de/richieland/Dune II Scenario Format Specification.pdf. I implemented it in the Dune Legacy version which I released today. What do you think about it? What do you think is necessary to be accepted in other Dune II remakes or editors? Up to now it is only a suggestion how we could help map makers and increase the pool of available maps. The following simple map shows how the terrain info is saved in the ini file and how it is possible to let the user choose which house to play: [BASIC]Version=2License=CC-BY-SAAuthor=R. SchallerTechLevel=8WinFlags=3LoseFlags=1[MAP]SizeX=32SizeY=32000=%%%%%--~~~~++++++++++~~~~--%%%%%001=%%%%%%--~~~~++++++++~~~~--%%%%%%002=%%%%%%%--~~~~++++++~~~~--%%%%%%%003=%%%%%%%%--~~~~++++~~~~--%%%%%%%%004=%%%%%%%%%--~~~~++~~~~--%%%%%%%%%005=-%%%%%%%%%--~~~~~~~~--%%%%%%%%%-006=--%%%%%%%%%--~~~~~~--%%%%%%%%%--007=---%%%%%%%%%--~~~~--%%%%%%%%%---008=----%%%%%%%%%--~~--%%%%%%%%%----009=-----%%%%%%%%%----%%%%%%%%%-----010=---O--%%%%%%%%%--%%%%%%%%%--O---011=-------%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%-------012=--------%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%--------013=---------%%%@@%%%%@@%%%---------014=----------%%%@@%%@@%%%----------015=-------O---%%%@@@@%%%---O-------016=-----------%%%@@@@%%%-----------017=----------%%%@@%%@@%%%----------018=---------%%%@@%%%%@@%%%---------019=--------%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%--------020=---O---%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%---O---021=------%%%%%%%%%--%%%%%%%%%------022=-----%%%%%%%%%----%%%%%%%%%-----023=----%%%%%%%%%--~~--%%%%%%%%%----024=---%%%%%%%%%--~~~~--%%%%%%%%%---025=--%%%%%%%%%--~~~~~~--%%%%%%%%%--026=-%%%%%%%%%--~~~~~~~~--%%%%%%%%%-027=%%%%%%%%%--~~~~++~~~~--%%%%%%%%%028=%%%%%%%%--~~~~++++~~~~--%%%%%%%%029=%%%%%%%--~~~~++++++~~~~--%%%%%%%030=%%%%%%--~~~~++++++++~~~~--%%%%%%031=%%%%%--~~~~++++++++++~~~~--%%%%%[Player1]Quota=0Credits=1500[Player2]Quota=0Credits=1500[CHOAM]Carryall=5'Thopter=5Launcher=5Tank=5Siege Tank=5Trike=5Quad=5Harvester=5MCV=5[UNITS][STRUCTURES]ID000=Player1,Const Yard,256,66ID001=Player2,Const Yard,256,924[REINFORCEMENTS]
  21. Hey Guys, After being rather bored a couple of weeks ago, i decided it was time to build a scenario editor for Dune2. So here it is Its built using c++ with WxWidgets and SDL, and uses an old OD2 revision for the scenario loading / map drawing. I've only provided a Windows executable, and have not yet attempted compiling on any other system. But its all generic code and shouldn't have any trouble compiling anywhere WxWidgets/SDL will go. Amiga and PC Scenario INIs are supported, however everything saves to the PC format at present (note, it will not save into PAKs, even if you load a scenario from one). some controls that can be used but may not be obvious at first, * You can zoom in and out by using the mouse scroll wheel * right clicking on units.structures.terrain will provide a menu offering the various types of modifications which can be made to them (add spice field/bloom, rotate unit, set start actions, delete) * Window is re-sizable I think the editor has everything required to build a complete scenario, but please, let me know if you see something thats missing or find something that doesnt work quite right http://dunemaps.sourceforge.net/ P.S. its fun creating a new scenario and typing in random numbers to checkout how the map looks lol
  22. Dune 2 Graphics requested!

    hello! ;D I am new to the forum and to be honest, a bit shy and nervous! . anywho, I need some sprites from dune 2 (preferably not the Amiga version, (if I spelt Amiga right) because they are rather... cartoony... kinda....................... please and thank you [Edit] wait! I made a mistake! I want the amiga ones! I have buildings I just need units!!!! LOLZ!
  23. Amiga version editing

    Hi, I have Dune 2 1.00 on Amiga emulator. have already read most of the topics. Unfortunately no usable tools from PC version can be used for Amiga except for unusable graphics and so on. Do you know anyone did something for Amiga files like executables .ini ext? I have already broke down and stripped completely Amiga scenario files but they are no plain text plike PC ones so it was a lot of work to discover everything from scrach as it was strictly hex based work. Still I am missing meaning for some of teams commands and things like that as they were never used in original scripts so there is i big guess what hex value they should have. I noticed that Amiga version 1.00 is much more upgraded than PC one. There is no teambug for example, no turret bugs. Teaming or rather group follow friendly unit function works by default just like repeated reinforcements. Much stuff simply works here even if it was not operational on 1.07 of PC. Whatever. I have a question: 1. Where can I find PC exe editor resources like how was techtree, unit restriction discovered in exe datasection? I could use that knowledge as the chance is very high that it is similar data structure to amiga one. I could of course reedit exe of PC that compare effect with unchanged version to discover what has been changed to achieve desired effect but it is nonsense at this knowledge is common for some ppl here. Just lost of time for me, better ask right? 2. Is there a chance to find what hex values of PC ini files correspond to plain text used for edition (i understood PC one uses plain text commands what leads to ex. teambug ect.)? for example define bloom at 05AAh and 05B7h from pc would like for amiga more like 0142 0002 05AA 05B7h in the Amiga ini file while ex PC Kamikaze, Normal team commands loke here like 4Bh & 4Eh 3. Does anyone know it another as battle for arrakis 1.0 war released ever on amiga? like 1.2 or whatever? one conclusion have anyone tried to place structure 14h near your base on PC version and have it this cool effect as in Amiga 1.00 as well? I personally think it coud have been under development and never finished for release. I was never able to finish Ordos L9 with this structure implemented in player base so hard it makes the game here
  24. Hi, I'm working on a Dune II Mod. I have never modded before but thanks to all the forums here (which I have been searching when I get stuck)I have got further than I thought I would. I am making the mod for my 8 year old sister, who is a massive Dr Who fan, and from what I tell her of Dune, she would love to read that too if she could understand it. Well, the first problem I have hit which I haven't got past is when I wanted to change the Intro text (also seems to happen to other things). I changed it to my custom text, but now both Siberian String Editor and any other medium brings up radom giberish for every string, even the ones I didn't change. This happens in game. Does anyone have any suggestions? I read about Windwalker having similar problems, but the fixes I saw on his Miserable attemps at Dune editing topic didn't work for me. I have tried repacking the intro.eng files into a pak. Otherwise, so far everything is fine. Thanks, Dunenerd
  25. Hi! I've ironed out most portability issues with libeastwood for windows, it builds and all, but not all of it works. Since I have not windows nor any windows development experience I was wondering if someone could help out fixing the few bugs breaking it.. I'm quite sure that it's only a matter of 3-4 bugs that should be pretty trivial to fix... So if anyone could help me, I'd be very greatful! the branch is the trunk branch at http://launchpad.net/libeastwood To anyone who would be so kind to fix this for me, you're my hero!