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  1. Here I am with a new Harkonnen campaign made by. For this one I tried to use some “defence areas”. This means you may encounter units controlled by the AI wandering zones without buildings or even walls around. This is only present in a few maps. So I just tried a couple of ideas here and there. This campaign it’s called “Family Harkonnen”. Story: The great Baron Rakan Harkonnen has been ruling Dune for years, but now some lesser enemies have been appearing in supposedly clean areas. This is the perfect time to call his two sons: Gunseng and Copec. They both lack military experience, so the Baron will send them to fight those weak enemies, thus giving them some experience in real combat. Gunseng, being controlled by the player, will fight alongside his brother to perform all the tasks that your father has planned for you two. Sharing resources at first, but later they become strong enough not to constantly need each other. Can those two sons please their father? Game: For this campaign I tried to recover one style I almost forgot: Plenty of resources. Although in the early missions the money it’s not too much (or the initial units), the more mission we advance large amounts of money and units will be given to the player. Not only that, but also at least 2 or more reinforcements for the player during almost all the levels, so you can expect enemies attacking early as well. You brother it’s going to be very helpful, providing protection to the player the same way the player should be giving some protection to your ally, but the stronger and experienced both brothers becomes, the less they require to need to help each other, even at some point you can do a mission for yourself, and so your brother. The player (Gunseng) doesn’t have any line of dialogue through the game. Your father, your brother and sometimes other enemies are going to be the ones telling the player what it is happening or what you are suppose to do. Notes: The early missions are really fast to beat, but don’t get too confused. Once the combat tanks tech is reached enemies are going to take longer to defeat. I recommend building the barracks after your first refinery. Some maps start with lots of credits and heavy tanks, so it’s not something that you’ll need always; but spending a few credits on troopers on defend won’t hurt you. Mission 7 it's when the game becomes serious (I mean, hard), so a few turrets here and there are going to save you from enemy attacks. I don’t want to spoil the story, but I want to tell that not the full campaign it’s just about “Baron gives you a mission, sons fulfill”; so play to encounter something more interesting that a chain of tasks to do. Images: Download: Harkonnen Family.zip Readme.txt included with more information about files needed, but as long as you have the lastests gruntmod versions, all the files should be already there (except the maps). There isn't any other aditional file.
  2. Here I am once more to bring a new custom campaign for Dune 2000: Heretic Alliances. This is a special campaign where the player will have an ally that will help for the whole campaign THE PLOT: The Atreides detected some Tleilaxu's Carryalls going near a Sietch Fremen. They are planning to convert those powerfull warriors into Gholas. The Duke want to stop that plan at all cost. Once the defend its successful, the Fremen will work together with the Atreides as a new unstoppable alliance. There are other alliances on Arrakis, but only one side can win the war. Can the Atreides-Fremen alliance overcome their enemies? GAMEPLAY: For this campaign I forced myself to give the player at least 1 active ally to help in the missions. This means that your partner always will build/train units to attack the enemy. This will apply for all the missions during the whole campaign. The Fremen, although they can't train soldiers naturally, they still will have a base with a refinery, harversters and spawning some Fremens from time to time (if they lost one of the core buildings no more units will be spawned). Unlike other of my campaigns, this time it is sure that the player will always have someone on his side. Maybe the alliance doesn't become active until the player do something at the beginning but at least your ally will move, build and help to fight the enemy (no inactive or "just for show" type of AI). NOTES: Tibed wasn't used for this campaign. You can expect some spawning fremen for "nowhere" to look like they are being trained. However loosing the Sietch or the way to win more money won't be more help to the player (it's going to be some reminders on the firsts missions). One way or another, your ally it's guarantee to increase his army and attack the enemy. Sometimes helping your ally it's needed, but for the most part you ally can do well by himself (depending of the chaos of the battle, this may change). SCREENSHOTS: FILE: The zip includes the files with the missions, the screenshots and some core files (not needed if you already have them). Not extra files are added, so the Fremen still can't be trained. Heretic Alliances.zip
  3. STORY: "A New House" is a campaing about an alternative beggining of the story when a fourth House, along with Atreides, Harkonnen and Ordos join the battle for Arrakis. This new house it's not as prestigious as the three main ones, so it lacks the same strengh as they may have; this means this house won't increase the techonolgy as fast as the others. Even with the odds against them they will fight with their full strengh to conquer Dune and dominate the others. THEME: As a not as big House as Atreides, Ordos or Harkonnen, you won't get the tech by the natural means, instead, your character will get more tech by buying it or stealing new kind of vehicles from other enemies. However, you won't get the most advance tech at the end, since you are suppose to have less tech than the others (and to make it different from the Atreides); but on the other hand, your enemies won't be using their full tech either, plus you may find some ways to increase your army. Screenshots: FILE: New House.rar Readme.txt include with all the information.
  4. The smugglers campaign is done! Again! Features: - Eighteen campaign levels; Thirty meticulously-crafted missions in total. - Highly varied objectives between mostly non-linear, large-scale maps. - A smooth difficulty curve from the simple tutorial to the thrilling climax. - Custom artwork to bring your most dire foes and epic confrontations to life. - Engaging story full of twists, evoking surprise, and bringing identity to each faction. - Your in-game choices will affect how certain missions play out. You are the Commander! - Challenge and drama that amp up constantly, adding a sense of desperation to your battles. - Re-imagined tech and balancing through a complex mod that's still loyal to the original designs. In-Game Screenshots: Details: Glossary of Units & Structures: Download Link: Summers' Solstice.zip Don't have Dune to run this on for some reason, or want a fresh installation? Here ya go: https://dunemaster.webs.com/files Installation & Execution: 1. Unpack the downloaded zip. 2. Merge the data folder inside the downloaded zip with the data folder in your D2k directory. Overwrite everything. 3. Launch the "Mission Launcher" application in your D2k directory. Navigate to "All Missions," then "Smugglers." Uninstallation: 1. Merge the data folder inside the backup folder inside the downloaded zip with the data folder in your D2k directory. Overwrite everything. That's all. Enjoy!
  5. Using the full strengh of the new Feda's version of the launcher, I am here releasing my lastest Campaign. Coalition of Nobles. a long campaign with a good mix of many vs many battles, fights on your own, different areas (not just Arrakis), commando style missions that last for a while and so on. To properly apply this mod you will need the latest updated launcher, which you can get here. STORY: The Emperor challenge that made the three Major Houses to face each other it's already on the run. Nobody but Atreides, Ordos and Harkonnen will participate, but there is a group of four minor Houses, eager to get power, that think that if the four of them join forces they have a chance to defeat the big Houses. Because of this it is born a coalition of 4 Nobles hoping that they can defeat the superior technology of their enemies with they bigger number in units. Featuring: Lassoki: Nobody has proper info about the style of this House (controlled by the player, so their personality come from the player itself). Considered the leader of the Coalition. Iasi: Specialist on infantry, so it will focus on infantry kind of units like the Light Infantry and the Trooper, but it will produce other units as well. Qaii: Specialist on fast vehicles, so it will center their production on Trikes and Quads, but also producing other units too. Bromeli: Specialist on bombing. It lacks a proper army, but it will use their superior bombing skill to damage enemies on the rear. CAMPAIGN: This is a long campaign, 16 missions, plus one extra mission that it is not canon and has nothing to do with the story. The main idea here it's to have the player fighting alonside other small factions that will often will have lesser tecnology than the enemies. Because of this Tibed was used so this is why you need to use the lastes launcher, as it will change from mission to mission. A couple of missions contain more than 1 version. Those multi-versions are exactly the same but with small alterations. For example, on mission 6 it split on 3 versions. Depending which version you will have as an ally one of the other 3 members of the coalition. Terrain, gameplay, script... it's exactly the same (except the fact that every ally will focus more on some units than in the others). Not the 16 missions will happen on Arrakis, so check any intel regarding the planet's resources or which addition or modification certain units have for this version (and some lore attached to those modifications). THE GOLDEN RULE: People that played my campaigns by now will know that I usually gives drops for the enemy, which means that at any point the enemy (or the player) may see a carryall dropping certain units on the side or even behind your base. For this specific campaign, I applied a rule for myself to not even use that. This means that, with the exception of cutscenes, the Ais won't get extra units to attack the player, the same as the player don't get reinforcements. This also applies to deliveries and so on. The Ais will build their own forces and will use them in battle, but the amount of units they may send to attack may change, sometimes it's because I made them to delay/faster the attacks, or because the Ai may use the starport more in the late game. But the things it's, that nobody gets extra units (except some harvester remplacemente and, again, cutscenes related). SCREENSHOTS: Lassoki (player) paired together with their ally, the Qaii. The Iasi attacking with a bigger amount of infantry kind of units withouth negleting other units. Playing as Iasi on Draconis IV. Playing as Qaii on Caladan. Playing as Bromeli on Giedi Prime. The four Members of the Coalition striking together for a big combined attack. BONUS MISSION: This extra mission, the 17º mission, it is just a bonus mission non related to the story. It is a tribute to those old campaigns and authors that did maps back in then when no much info was there, so the mission itself it's simple in terms of the terrain, and even use a generic AI instead a one well though one. It has pseudorandom bases for the Ais (I clicked almost a random and whatever place the buildings were placed they stayed there). Everybody gets deliveries for free from time to time and your allies will build all the units equally (but those deliveries will give the speciality of each House). The golden Rule it's gone for this map. Also I added a few things that will separated this make from the old works, the briefing will say what I changed. Overall, this is a chaotic mission where at any moment the player or the allies can be the focus, or even the enemy can have problems to hold depending on who attacks who. FILE: Coalition of Nobles.rar Mission 12 Update: mission 12 update.rar<-- It was no point on doing the secondary objetives unless you could do the five of them, as the reward for doign all was making the main goal much more easy. However, doing some of them on their own was almost a waste of resources, with a better plan to just wait until having a big army to do all at once. With this update, players are rewarded with a free harvester and a few light vehicles every secondary objetive is done. Also, now every tile of ore is "thick", so it is more easy to track which areas containing ore are bigger han others, based on number of tiles and not if these pieces of ore could be harvest for shorter or longer; this also increase the overall amount of ore in the map, more in the area around the player which is the place that it is needed the most. Mission 13 Update: mission 13 update.rar <-- It seems that expecting people to scout with the saboteurs was a bit harsh, plus the location of the outpots don't seems as obvious as I though they were. This update now makes the first objetive easier by revealing the area around the outposts and all the wall-turrets, so now it's only about planning a path and not being spotted. Also now, after the destruction of the Outposts are achieve, a few more area will be revealed, making much more easy for players to use the airstrike and the Death Hand (when available) to strike something withouth aiming at the fog of war and hoping to hit something. Coalition of nobles bonus update.rar <-- Small fix; the Qaii weren't producing the modified version of the Raider, and they were getting regular Raiders as reinforcements (Deliveries were given the correct version). Update: (january 2021) The campaign has been updated. Among the changes, now the missions will appear in the proper order from 01 to 15 on the launcher and not having the double digit ones in bewteen the others. Also the name of the missions are going to be in english. About the missions, more or less the update are small changes, some wrong tiles here and there, and a bit more of information on some briefings to clarify certain things, plus other small fixes like more initial money for the Ai and other tiny things not worthy to mention. *Mission 6 (all 3 versions): besides other small changes, the most important now is that the Harkonnen base that was in the middle of the map no longer will begin the fight as neutral towar the player and no longer will attack the Atreides. Now, instead, it is going to be more passive, buildings units much more slowly until the time limit it's reached OR if the player lost a unit; in any of these cases the Ai will build exactly as it was in the previous version. Also, the Sandworm now enter the game much later, but now there are 3 of them instead of only 1 (for Mission 6c, only 2 sandworms will appear). *For Missions 12 and 13, which you ne ed to destroy the Outpost and protect an engineer for a few seconds, random debris and the infantry that spawned from the building destroyed could kill the engineer too quickly even if you had units nearby. Now these engineers (only for these two levels) will have more armor. They can take 2 Siege tanks bullets and still survive, so now you won't loose the mission due the random debris/infantry (you still need to protect him as they still will get killed if they are on their own). SCRAPPED MAP: Coalicion nobles scrapped map.rar This is a scrapped version from the final mission. I was doing the mission in a way until I realize that I didn't like how it was going. Instead having 4 houses figthing toghether having your 3 allies helping (even if they are not the strongest ally ever), I turned the mission into "who is stronger, the enemy or the player" with the allies being just there, 100% useless. So, this scrapped mission it's harder than the original, but also not the concept I was looking for. The mission it's the same as the mission 16, but you will face a much stronger enemy while the player have access to tons of spice to compensate. I left behind this mission for those who want's to play a harder version of mission 16, but otherwise ignore it. I name this mission so it will be at the bottom of the campaign, so play it the last. HOW TO INSTALL: First of all, get the newest version of Feda's Launcher on the post here. It is possible to manually copy files but you may need to do it per every mission, so it is not recommended. Also, if you are not using that version, you won't see the custom colors used (unless, again, you manually copy certain files depending on the missions; so just use the launcher). -CustomCampaignData: move this folder into the main root of your game. You should look at several .exe files (like dune2000.exe, missionlauncher.exe...) in the same place as CustomCampaignData folder is. -Missions: the mission on the inside (.map/.ini/.mis) needs to be placed into the same folder called "missions", it will be in the path "data/missions" but if you have the missions outside "data" then move them; just move them in the same folder you have any other missions stored. -data\Ui_data: move this files into the same path in order to be able to play the game. only one file should be promted to overwritte which you can say "no". Not all the text.uibs are going to be use as I included the spanish version too, so it is possible to left out all the files that contain "ESP" or "SPA" out. -Tilesets included but have to be applied manually too; if you are prompted to overwritte you can do it; these are the most updated versions of those tilesets. If any mission triggers a problem report to me, I could be done a mistake at any point. The custom color on the icon bars (wine color on the top and right sides) will only appear if you are playing in vanilla res, 800x600 or 1024x768; any other resolution bigger than that and the game will use the original color.
  6. Update (July 17th, 2021): This campaign is considered finished because I had lost all ideas on how to continue this campaign. I apologize for any inconvenience this might cause. Thank you for all your supports. My first campaign. Still WIP. But here we go. The plot: The campaign takes place in a what-if scenario where 3 Great House failed to kill the padishah emperor in "WOA: SS" campaign by aKaFedaYkin. The combined army of Spacing Guild and House Corrino launched a counter-offensive against all 3 great houses. The result is devastated. House Ordos simulated their eventual destruction against the Emperor. They decided to booby trap their building, and hid the rest of the army somewhere in Arrakis, using their Stealth Technology. House Ordos raids Emperor/Spacing Guild's mining facility almost everyday and send intel to their allies. They calculate that this is the best way to profit from the situation. Baron Harkonnen's was KIA during a battle against Sardaukar. This created a power vacuum between Copec Harkonnen and Gunseng Harkonnen. Copec allies himself with the Emperor, refusing to work with their eternal enemy, Atreides. While Gunseng reject the traitorous emperor, believing that Copec is being used by him, and will be disposed later. House Atreides is the main target of the Emperor's offensive operation. Shaddam IV thinks that house Atreides is the biggest problem and need to destroyed first. However, to keep house Harkonnen and house Ordos at bay, he supplies weapons and tanks to Copec, so that he could fight his brother, and deploy search party for Ordos's outpost. Much to smuggler's dismay, he also claim all spice as his, and require his permission to harvest, no need to say that the price for such paper is absurd. Anyone who doesn't have his permission is permanently retired. Spacing Guild refuses all transportation between Arrakis and 3 homeworld of house Harkonnen, Atreides, and Ordos, they profit from harvesting spice under Emperor's protection. A few concerned noble house of Landsraad fears the rising power of house Corrino and Spacing Guild. They fear the combination of space travel monopoly, spice monopoly, and Sardaukar would allow Shaddam IV to swallow up the Landsraad. They contract you, a renowned leader of now-disbanded mercenary group to prevent such future. They will transfer a huge amount of money to your bank to get you started, because any other methods might reveal their involvement in Arrakis' affair. After signing the contract, you contact Jim, your previous right hand man, to bring you and your newly-formed mercenary group to Arrakis. Jim, actually his codename, while looking unreliable, but is pretty ruthless and capable during his time as mercenary. He joined the smuggler's guild shortly after the group's disbandment, seeking the thrill of battle. He climbed rank rapidly, and now he is the leader of smuggler guild's branch in Arrakis. With that, start your story in the desert planet of Dune. The campaign features: 25+ missions. Twist. Everyone loves plot twist. Often rich in money, but low tech. Unique objective. Multiple ways to complete objective. Progress: Mission 1-4: Done. Re-balancing. Mission 5: Done. Re-balancing. Mission 6: Done. Re-balancing. Mission 7: Done. Re-balancing. Mission 8: Testing. Mission 9: Scripting. Mission 10: Mapping. Mission 11: Scripting. Mission 12: Mapping. Download: Merc - FOE v1.1.rar How to install: Extract the contents to their respective folder in /data/ folder in your Dune 2000 installation. Ensure that you have the lastest version of Dune 2000, Mission Launcher, and "Tiledata.bin". Launch mission through mission launcher. Changelog: FOE v1.0 -> v1.1: Note: I intend for these missions to be more difficult than original campaign. So play to your maximum capability. The campaign is still work in progress, there might be additional changes to existing mission. I greatly appreciate your feedbacks, possible bugs, bad English (English is not my native language), especially balancing concerns, as my skill is not that good, and I balance based on that. Let me know if you found any cheese tactics as well. Thanks for playing my campaign. I hope you have had a great time.
  7. Again, I am here to present a new campaign. Yet another Butlerian Jihad related campaign that form a trilogy and goes the final chapter of the whole story... or maybe not. As the last time, it's highly recommended to play both the Original Butlerian Jihad and the sequel BJ: War Machines to fully understand all the events of the game. Like those two campaigns, here you will play as the main trio of houses depending of the maps, indicated on the top of the briefing, so you will always know which faction you are playing. Backstory (spoilers from the two first campaigns). On the original Butlerian Jihad Campaign, the three main houses were using an artificial intelligence to help them to manage a big scale war. The Emperor used his power to turn all those units controled by an A.I. against their masters. Atreides, Ordos and Harkonnen joined forces to defeat the Emperor, making the A.I. to not have an owner anymore. Even withouth an onwer, the A.I. still follow a basic programming code: Defeat all the houses. They were much more predictable and easy to defeat, but each day their numbers grown, and not even the superior human tactics could deal with a such disadvantage in numbers. Atreides, Ordos and Harkonnen join once again to disable once for all the A.I. by shuting down the main sever where the code it's stored. Story The A.I. are no longer a threat. Unmanned vehicles/Cyborgs have a "auto-target" lock on to target any enemy vehicle that approach, but their factories are disabled, they cannot expand, build or attack anybody. Are easy prey for the three factions that simply conquer as many land as they can before restarting the war for Arrakis once again. However, the Ordos take advantage of no interventions from the other houses to try to develop a new an improved A.I. one that requires much more testing to be sure that the story doesn't repeat again. To make things worse. Ixians and Mercenaries are interested on the adquisition of those kind of vehicles. They want to make use of any sort of an A.I., they want to simply sell as scrap those Unmanned vehicles or they have other intentions? Atreides and Harkonnen, after the two wars, are totally against any kind of A.I. Can these two discover what the Ordos are planning and what it's the reason about Ixian and Mercenaries having those kind of vehicles in their armies? GameplayFor this final campaign I tried to present the A.I. as it is: a finished "enemy". Because of that, some maps will show Machines buildings that are that "for show", withouth producing units or anything. Of course, other factions may want those building for themselves. But, at the same time, vechiles both unmanned and with an A.I. will strengh the attacks of defenses of whatever faction tries to use them, being enemy or ally. Screenshots Mercenaries reinforce their defenses thanks to unmanned vehicles Ixians protect a Machines base to avoid the Atreides to raze it. The Ordos activate one A.I. To help them against an enemy ambush. FILE Butlerian Jihad Zone Zero.zip How to install: Extract the files and move it into the mission folder, then using the mission launcher on the "Harkonnen" section of the menu. Not needed other extra files, the ones provided doesn't mod the game and, if you already played any other campaign of mine, you probably will have those files already into your game, if not, just overwrite them just in case. Like the previous 2 campaigns, this is a hard campaign, so if you are not used to play this game, it's recommended to play it on easy. Also, although I recommend playing the other 2 campaigns first, there is some kind of "almost loop" feeling that, by the time you finish the final map, playing the first map on the first campaign still would make sense. EDIT: JULY/2020 With the creation of the new version of the mission launcher by Feda, now this can be loaded more easily by using my custom stuff, like having different crates, altering the tech of the player/enemy, and all kind of things that previosly required to being overwritten manually. With the new version of that said launcher that's not needed anymore, if you have well placed the next pair of files. One contain the custom stuff used for this specific work, and the other the new .ini that can make that custom stuff to be loading it. This specific campaign adds specific information with a summary of the main objetives, secondary objetives (if available), tips and suggestion that there are also told on the briefings, but with a image to help much better. Download files here: CustomCampaignData.rar<-- includes intel of the trilogy + single mission BJ 3 update inis.rar How to install: -CustomCampaignData: un zip this rar and move it into the root of the game, which means a folder called "CustomCampaignData" has to share the same folder as "Dune2000.exe" and "Missionlauncher.exe" are stored. -.ini files: After downloading the campaign (on the above area of this post), ovewritte with these .ini files. Simply Unzip it and ovewritte. - These two things only work together with the new version MissionLauncher released in this 2020 year, but they are still compatible with an early version; but if that's the case there is no point on downloading it as I didn't use any "custom" stuff (only the intel, not affecting the gameplay at all).
  8. We are approaching the Christmas time; well, there are still days before it comes, but so in this mini campaign too. Using The Snowdy tileset; I create a small mini campaign that only last for 4 missions; overall short, but I tried to do a few new things here, so here it is: "A Christmas Tale": an overall short and easy campaign, although takes some time for players to adapt to the limited resources and the narrow layout of the maps. STORY: Christmas time it's approaching. There are still some days before the time it's up, so Santa Claus it's just waiting on his house while the rest of the village, populated by elfs, are enjoying their happy lifes. Unfortunatelly, some stranger coming from outside the planet "Earth" decided to appear in a belic way. Those foreigners attacked and destroyed Santa's workshop. Since it wasn't the right day yet that place was empty, so there are no casualties. However, those hostiles army vehicles now have the village as their new target. The Elfs have drawn their weapons and will try to fight back. Will Christmas be celebrated this year? GAMEPLAY: The mini campaign it's composed of 4 missions, player will take control of a different side depending of the map; each one with a different idea in mind to make every mission unique from the others. On this campaign you won't use the classic spice but the gems from the snowdy tileset; these gems worth more money. 1000 credits per harvester instead 700 and, since you can build on almost anyplace, the player it's guarantee a very fast pace at the beggining of the map. However, these gems won't reappear once they have been harvested. Don't focus your mining operations on one place but spread your refineries to get the most amount of money quickly. Since a full harvester gives more money than usual and since you can build the refineries 1 tile away from the mining area, the money will increase really fast, so be carefull with the amount of refineries you place. Assuming you play on the normal difficulty, 2 refineries (and no extra harvesters) are enough to keep building "trooper + combat tank" constantly and still increasing your amount of credits (but again, the gems won't last forever). Last; navigating the map may be a bit hard, so don't use huge armies while trying to face the enemy. This also goes into the player favor, once you see an AI that double your units being defeated easily because the configuration of the map will make the AI to split his units. Use this info to win maps more easily. MISSIONS: *Mission 1: Playing as the Elfs, you need to survive the map from those army vehicles that threaten the village. Player it's given plenty of Elfs (Fremen) to help on this task, but be carefull with the superior weaponry of the enemy. *Mission 2: Playing as Atreides, a base vs base kind of map. Deploy your MCV, build a base, protect Santa Claus's village and destroy the enemy base. *Mission 3: Playing as Ordos, you need to deploy a new base, protect from the enemy attacks but, this time, your objetive it's not destroying the enemy base, but a smaller task: Capturing the village. *Mission 4: Playing as the Elfs; you will face a big puzzle map. No base, no resources, only a fortnight of vehicles available to go to different islands and reach the final destination of those islands, using a type of vehicle per island; go with the wrong vehicle and the unit will be inefficient, suffering too much damage, or that unit simply can't go that road without dieing. SCREENSHOTS: Elfs protecting themselves against some belic enemies. Atreides deploy a base, taking some gems to increase his economy. 1 Puzzle. 5 Islands. Can you solve it? <--- the text.uib included here it's for the english version, so don't worry, all the names and briefings are in english. FILE: A Christmas Tale.rar - download, unzip and follow the instructions below (Tileatr9.bin included) Missing file on the .rar here: TILEATR9.bin- needed to load the maps. INSTALLATION: Move each file at the place it correspond; remember that depending of the version of your game "missions" could be inside the "data" folder or at the outside. This includes:*TILEDATA.BIN - the file that won't alter you game, but it is needed to make devastators for certain factions to appear into the game. *BLOXSNOW.R16 - the tileset, copy into the "data" folder on the game.*DATA.R16 (optional file) - This will disable the crates that appear on the game, those that appear when you shoot, so instead the brown from arrakis, now they won't show any crates at all. Warning: This will alter you game forever. *TEXTCHRISTMAS.UIB - With this file some parts of the game will show a different naming, such as Elfs (instead Fremen) and Gems (instead spice) among others. *Back up - original "DATA.R16" to revert the original game. "BLOXSNOW.r16" and "TEXTCHRISTMAS.UIB" are files you need in order to make the campaign playable. (BLOXSNOW may be already into your game if you use the online updater). These files don't alter your game. "DATA.R16" it's optional, but since it will alter your game after that (no more crates on the ground) do a copy of the file before overwritting or just revert to the original using my back up. NOTE: To any that can beat the puzzle map; try to not post the solution. After +100 missions I have done this is actually my first puzzle map, so let my puzzle to survive at least a few players before getting revealed, please ☹️. But if you are stuck a need help, send me a private to recieve the solution. EDIT: JULY/2020 With the creation of the new version of the mission launcher by Feda, now this can be loaded more easily by using my custom stuff, like having different crates, altering the tech of the player/enemy, and all kind of things that previosly required to being overwritten manually. With the new version of that said launcher that's not needed anymore, if you have well placed the next pair of files. One contain the custom stuff used for this specific work, and the other the new .ini that can make that custom stuff to be loading it. Download files here: CustomCampaignData.rar A Christmas tale updated inis.rar MINI UPDATE: (February 2021) This mini-update it's about a single file that only will do a minor alteration on the 4º mission. Right now it is possible to sell the repair pad to get a few infantry and use them to "break" some puzzles, or simply making solving them pointless. I didn't want to trigger a "mission loose" and making people to loose the progression of the map by selling a repair pad, even if it is by mistake. After applying this specific file: Templates.bin : the repair pads on that mission won't spawn infantry, while Atreides and Ordos repair pad from previous missions will behave as usuall. Copy this file into the path "\<path gameinstalled>\CustomCampaignData\CmBlastMisiones\Navidad\data\bin" (this folder should contain a couple of .bin files already. How to install. -CustomCampaignData: un zip this rar and move it into the root of the game, which means a folder called "CustomCampaignData" has to share the same folder as "Dune2000.exe" and "Missionlauncher.exe" are stored. -.ini files: After downloading the campaign (on the above area of this post), ovewritte with these .ini files. Simply Unzip it and ovewritte. - These two things only work together with the new version MissionLauncher released in this 2020 year, but they are still compatible with an early version, although if that's the case you have to do all the changes needed manually.
  9. This is the release on my newer Campaign for the Emperor side. Since now the game no longer have bugs with the Repair Pad and with the adition of the editor that allows me to place any building and unit I can; I decided to create my second Emperor campaign, this time without recurring to Tibed or any other special tool. STORY: The campaign takes the inspiration of the original plot from the Dune 2 and 2000 series. The Padishad Emperor Shaddam IV challenge the three main houses to fight for the control of Arrakis, but this it's just a trick to bring the Atreides to Arrakis, far from their original planet; then the Emperor will use both Harkonnen and Ordos to take out the Atreides Forever. Unfortunately, the Emperor gets sick and things have started to go downhill. The Sardaukar that were part of the Harkonnen army (which have helped to conquer some Atreides territories) don't want to come back to their leader; instead they remain on the Baron side, since the Emperor may died at any moment, the harkonnen seems a more safe election. The Bene Gesserit Lady Elara, chief counselor of the Emperor, takes charge of the situation and send the best commander available (you) to give to both Harkonnen and those rebel Sardaukar a lesson they never forget. What about the Ordos? They will follow The Emperor's plan or they will go by themselves with the absence of Shadam IV? Can the Bene Gesserit Lady Elara recover the control of the situation and continue with the plan? GAMEPLAY: This campaign will start with a very low tech, increasing from mission to mission. Lady Elara will tell you all the info needed to succedd; sometimes she or a few of her buildings will be there to assist you, but for the most part you will use the imperial Army. On the early going a few Sardaukar will be deliver from time to time as part of reinforcements. Once the Starport become available more will arrive at once, helping on your battle. Also the Imperial Palace although can't be builded, several maps have the building already placed there, so you can train Sardaukar on your own. Lady Elara will provide with their personal army to help you in the main task, if necesary. NOTE: Tibed wasn't used for this campaign. This means that there is not needed to overwritte files. SCREENSHOTS: Updated 04/11/18: *Fixed some typos and wrong tiles. *Some new screenshots included into the .rar file (2 not being showed here). Too see all the changes that affect the game open the spoiler below: Updated 06/17/19: *Changes on three missions: *Small changes into mission 2 and 9 *Heavy changes into mission 7, spoiler for more info. FILE: The Emperors Plan.rar Like usual, the files incluse all the missions needed. Also a couple of extra files that are not really necessary if you are already playing using gruntmods, but needed if it is the vanilla game. Tibed wasn't used at all.
  10. I've been working on a set of alternative missions for the Original Ordos campaign. The idea was to create additional options playing through. I've tried to remain loyal to the original mission concepts. This isn't meant to be an entirely original or new campaign, just a re-imagining of the original. - New versions of missions 1 - 9 - 2 new options for all missions from 4 onwards - Original mission briefings attached: Can be accessed in game from the in-game menu, or read on the briefing page from the mission launcher - Bonus mission: 'How to Build a Deviator' - set between missions 6 and 7 - Additional folder 'Subs' containing the same missions playable as allied sub-houses. I'm also planning remakes of the Harkonnen and Atreides campaigns eventually, but for now, I look forward to hearing what people think of this one. EDIT: Now updated with version 2.00, AI's will now berserk when their bases are destroyed, small bugs fixed, sub-houses and bonus missions now all included in same zip file. DOWNLOAD: OrdosCampaign200.7z DOWNLOAD SUB-HOUSES ONLY: Subs.7z
  11. Some years ago I created a small mini smuggler campaign that contained only 4 missions long. I was trying to keep the theme of my vision of the Smugglers; If the campaign would be bigger (and increasing the tech from map to map) at the end the missions would feel like if you were playing as Ordos but with another color. But today I had new ideas and I manage to pick up those 4 missions already made and expand that mini campaign into a full complete campaign: 9 missions + 1 bonus extra mission, being able to maintain the main theme of the Smugglers, so here we go. STORY: This it's the story of a specific group of smugglers, led by Esmar Tuek. He hired the player to command his army, since you have the skills to do it and help them with the problems that a hostile planet as Dune can throw at them. The Smugglers are neutral in the big war for Arrakis. They main purpose it's getting money by harvesting or doing business with contraband of vehicles inside or outside Arrakis. But this doesn't mean that their lives will be easy; not everyone is so peaceful. Can you help solve all the problems that may affect this small group of smugglers? THE THEME: For my vision of "who are the smugglers" I followed these three points: *Neutral: Smugglers are neutral in the big war of Dune. They don’t have allies or enemies, but this does not mean that they are not exempt from dangers. *Money: Smugglers main purpose it’s to earn profit. Harvesting it’s a good way to do it, but not the only one. *Weak: Smugglers are not too well prepared to fight like other factions, so they don’t really want to start a war against any House. Although that it’s the theme of the Smuggler, this campaign still has traditional fighting, building a base from zero and all that, but you never will face several factions at the same time, or maybe there are other favorable factors that will help you to survive, making credible that a such weak faction can win in specific situations. MINI CAMPAIGN REUSED: The original mini campaign was composed of four missions; I reused the three first to make the start of this new campaign. They are overall the same but I made a few adjustments now that I know more about the game. For example on the mission 2 the Ordos now will target your silos with their engineers instead going against a windtrap. Or in the mission 3 the walls around the base are owned by the player instead on an ally AI without affecting the main outcome of the events. There are a few more changes, but those missions are played roughly the same. I changed the most the briefing to add Esmar Tuek and other parts of the text to adapt to the new situation. Also the dialogue in mid-game will change a bit too, not only adding Tuek's name when talking/warning the player, but also a couple of more lines more. The 4º mission no longer made sense with the story of the full campaign extended, but I didn’t want to delete or leave this map out. For this reason I included it as part of a bonus singular mission following an alternate ending. This final map its' not part of the main cannon, so it's not mandatory to play it. The bonus mission has been altered a bit. The main part it's I make the enemy to not crush deliberately your infantry, so the luck (of being crushed by the AI or not) it's not a factor to win or loose the map. The map is still hard and can not be taken lightly. UPDATE: *Mission 4: 1 Silo added, but that won't change too much unles you are really slow. At a normal pace the player should get around 2500-3000 credits by the time you do the first part of the mission. Also a couple of more tiles of spice near the player base. *Mission 5: Enemies emergency build it's slighly faster (is still long). The player have 1 harvester removed (overall the AI will have their refineries and silos full or almost full, so 1 it's enough). Also some spice fields around the Ai's were moved, so players won't encounter too easily a harvester messing with them (and far enough to force Ai's to use the carryall). Finally, one of the enemy refineries it's surrounded by walls and guarded by a bunch of troopers: Siege tanks can kill them easily. Last: the AI now start repairing buildings sooner, so you are less likely to destroy a building you didn't want by accident. *Mission 8: The briefing now states not only that there are 5 groups you need to visit, but also tell who you will encounter. Even on the objetive part said your goal it's to sell 1 special weapon to each of the 5 groups. Also the Atreides base now it's more open and require much less walk around to reach the exit. *Mission 9: Near the two biggest spice fields over the middle section of the maps now there are a few enemy troopers and infantry guarding. They are there just to split the attention of the player that go too early on that area. SCREENSHOTS: FILE: The file uploaded contain the missions and a few extra files just in case you apply it into a vanilla dune 2000, but I think at this point those extra files are not neccesary on gruntmods, just in case are added. Smuggling Operations.rar
  12. My 1st campaign for Co-op. This campaign will be about The Honored Matres and their Desert Mercenaries arriving in Dune, Their interest is caught fast, so they decide to strengthen themselves and join in on the Battle for Dune, while gaining new allies and enemies. This campaign is meant to be played by 2 Human players (maybe will add AI later) and either Online or LAN. Right now, only the 1st mission is done and needs testing and feedback, missions 2 and 3 are in the works, So take your time explore the map, maybe note how long it took you to finish the mission, post some pictures or report anything that is missing or broken, I will leave it up to you players to find out whats the objective. --Attention-- Every mission / or almost will have a condition: If 1 player loses, the other loses too. So stay alive. Multiplayer settings: Crates: Off by default (If you really want then enable them) Worms: On by default Disable Engineer: On for 1st mission Disable Turrets: Off Short game: Off Tech level: 5 AI Teams: 5 So far the only problems in these missions are the multiplayer settings overwriting the Mission settings and you have to add more than enough AI players to add the right teams, so if anyone knows how to change, this i will fix it immediately. [WIP] HM Coop mission1.rar
  13. Howdy, y'all. For those of y'all who've followed my Heighliner tileset WIP thread (https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27842-wip-heighliner-tileset/), here's the end of it. This release makes it officially done. Take it, map with it, and have fun! Here's a comprehensive list of the features of this tileset: - Built for compatibility. No game modding required, no files need to be overwritten and later replaced with the original versions, no nothin' like that. - Many colorful combinations of platform edge, wall, and base can come together to form interesting aesthetic designs. - Create maps taking place either in the confines of a superstructure or in a massive space-based Heighliner! - Use the hybrid resources system of Supply Depots and Mass Deposits to innovate exciting gameplay! - Tell an expanded story by taking your campaign to new heights, figuratively and literally! Special thanks goes out to: Cm_blast, for his awesome help all along the way. All the testing, feedback, and encouragement is sincerely and greatly appreciated, my friend! Klofkac, for his awesome editor. I couldn't have configured the tileset or mapped with it without you, mate! Many thanks. D2k Sardaukar, for the original sprite I edited to create the Launch Pad. It's a critical part of this tileset. Thank you! Shaokhan, for his feedback on using this tileset for multiplayer maps. I give you my sincerest thanks! Helkor Duner, for further encouragement. I appreciate that very much, so thank you! Before you begin mapping with this tileset, you may wish to try out the mini-campaign to get a feel for how maps using it might play out. Here are details on the mini-campaign's four maps: HTTMC01: Lift-Off! - Reclaim the spaceport on Arrakis from the Ordos and prepare to assault the Heighliner itself! HTTMC02: Boarding Action - The Harkonnen are here to cut your invasion off as it lands. Break their base. HTTMC03: LAV Liquidation - Roll over the enemy Trikes, Raiders and Quads with a battalion of Combat Tanks. HTTMC04: Fight With Flight - Trapped in the center of the Heighliner, you must defeat all the remaining enemy forces to achieve final victory. Whatever design mistakes I've made in this simple test campaign, such as unit pathing and resource distribution, learn from them to improve your own maps in style and gameplay. Maybe you'll make your bridges shorter and wider, add two pads to your Mass Deposits, or add more incidental Guild buildings for atmosphere like what I did on HTTMC04. This campaign is mostly here to give y'all ideas since, being unlike Arrakis maps, it needs different designs to shine. Download link: Heighliner Tileset.zip Check out the README for more info on installation. And, if you're wondering how it looks in the editor, here are a couple of screenshots from v13: https://i.imgur.com/oZ65dBa.png https://i.imgur.com/CPC18hq.png You can use the middle mouse button to pull up the hotkeys in the Block Preset Selection window. These can be used to quickly cycle through tiles. For anything else, hit the "Open tileset" button and have a look around! And remember to enable Infinite Spice in the .ini settings for Mass Deposits to work. Without that, the MD pads will turn into crates and then disappear entirely. That should be all. Have fun.
  14. I was given permision to post this. This is a Campaign done by VengeanceDM where you play as The Emperor side. It has the traditional fighting although it changes some basic knowledge so instead just figthing "Atreides and Harkonnen" you are facing guild assasins from those groups that not use the vanilla colors. It also have changes done with TibEd, something you will see in the early going, just on the earliest missions some new tech will be used. Besides that, the campaign plays like the regular way but it has some nice missions with an ally having small but multiple bases and things like that. It contains a total of 7 missions plus a tutorial. File: VengeanceDM-Campaign.rar Installation: this mod contain custom TibEd files, colors and his own text.uib. The text.uib can be moved freely as I edited the name to not overwrite the original (let me know if any map doesn't load). All the files into the "bin" folder need to be moved, but do a back up before overwritting any of the originals. He included back ups just in case.
  15. Original post above. Due to combining this campaign with the second, I've gone back and brought these maps up in quality since I'm better at mapping now. Should be more fun. We got new Combat Tanks... Blue: https://i.imgur.com/rFTtXc7.jpg Green: https://i.imgur.com/3bCV9E1.jpg Red: https://i.imgur.com/ldRXB4D.jpg Purple: https://prnt.sc/meei8z We got optimized AIs, we got bug fixing, we got better A E S T H E T I C S, we got new units, we got everything. Go check out the latest post in the thread and have fun - I'm not changing the maps again now that they're in their final draft states. I ain't doin' it. Theseuns are gonna be in the same 30-map campaign as the second half in the other WIP thread, still a WIP. Always WIP. WIP forever. Maybe. Kind of. Latest post: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27508-release-smugglers-campaign/page/6/?tab=comments#comment-396536 WIP thread 2: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27783-wip-smugglers-campaign-2/ Knock yer socks off, mates.
  16. Here I am featuring a new campaign. Butlerian Jihad: War Machines. A straigh sequel to the original Butlerian Jihad. I got inspiration from the War of assasins campaign from Feda (and other maps) to create this campaign, more simple in terms of gameplay (for the most part) but with the inner's not so simple. Anyway; it is highly recommended to play the original Butlerian Jihad first to get all the story. If you didn't play it, the next lines will get spoilers, although you don't really need to get too much into the story to understand what it is going on. In the case you already play it, if it was before August 2018 could be desirable to play it again, because I changed a few things on that map, I made the plot with a bit of more sense and the new enemy, instead just using Ixian/Sandworm colors (Atreides buildings and units) and give them Harkonnen and Ordos units via reinforcements/deliveries, now that new enemy will make use of buildings from any house, which gives more variety and makes more sense with the overall idea. Also that new enemy make use of an specific color (no Ix/sandworm) that will reappear here. Of course, the player will play with the three Houses during different maps, indicated on the briefing to know which faction you are playing with. Also I took inspiration from the War of Assasins from Feda to make a few of "triple threat" missions. Maps with more than two sides that may fight each other and/or against the player too. Backstory (spoilers from the first campaign). At the end of the Butlerian Jihad, the three main Houses joined to defeat the Emperor and his vast army of machines (Machine = any vehicle unmanned; controlled by an A.I.). With the defeat of the Emperor, the A.I. were not controlled by anyone and become easy to defeat. The Harkonnen saw this as a chance to conquer all Dune by figthing their former allies. Story The powerfull Harkonnen have defeated everybody. Now only remains some A.I. vehicles without any mastermind behind. Because of that now are more easy to defeat but also more unpredictable since they don't apply human logic while figthing. The Harkonnen are powerfull enough to deal with these enemies but... are the Machines really finished or the Harkonnen are underestimating the Machines numbers? Atreides and Ordos are barely alive, can these two recover his strengh? Gameplay For this campaign I decided to make the maps more simple in terms of "what to do". Don't expect overcomplicated task. The player will start with some kind of base and face the enemy or enemies bases, as simple as that; although I tried to make enough variety in the way the maps are present, but overall you expand your base, build an army and defeat the enemy/es. Instead overcomplicated task/jobs to do; this time I tried a new concept: Randomized drops. Although it's not exactly total random, I scripted the maps to trigger a good amoung of the enemy early reinforcements (that drop around your base) to trigger in different spots per play. This means that in you first walkthrough that first 5 Quads that were dropped to your right, the next time you play they may drop to your left, or down, or... The timer when the enemy drops happens and the amount of units it's always the same, but the position where they land it is not. subsequent drops are independent and also randomized. This is like spoiling my own campaign; but I made a map where the player share his control with the AI, literally. Your units will be in control of the inner AI of the game, so there are a few special rules (explained on the briefing) that will be applied on that specific map. The most important: you can only move your units 1 by 1. The player will struggle with the inner AI of the game to beat this map, since some times your units will do things on their own. Theme For the campaign I tried to keep the main points: 1 - Harkonnen are strong. Because of that their maps usually start with plenty of units and resources. But be carefull, the Harkonnen are attacking the most dangerous areas first, so you may expect enemies being more aggresive too. 2 - Atreides and Ordos are almost wipe out. Their early maps are about "recovering", but later will need a plan to defeat the Machines, since they don't have the strengh to face the enemy as the Harkonnen can. 3 - Nobody has control over the A.I., but the program is still running with a task "defeating the Three great Houses", code implemented by the Emperor. The Machines are very numerous, not very efficient and unpreditable. The inner AI (gameplay-wise) behaviour of the Machines it's not going to act the way the player expects from the more traditional maps. The Machines will do something that Atr-Har-Ordos units won't do and viceversa. Any casual player won't get too much the third point, since it is not used to the game, but people that play regularly will encounter how sometimes the AI (again, only against the Machines) don't act the same in specific situations as one may expect. Screenshots FILE Butlerian Jihad War Machines.rar Extract the file and move it into the "mission" folder, then you use the mission launcher on the "Harkonnen" section of the menu. It is not needed any extra file, but "TILEDATA.bin" in you are playing the vanilla dune 2000 game or you never bother to overwritte this file in the past. This won't mod anything, and I am not sure if gruntmod have it; if you have doubs just copy it. Again, this won't mod anything, will only allow the AI to make use of the Imperial Palace even if it is not an Imperial enemy. Since the Machines don't use infantry/trooper but Sardaukar, not having this building (with the vanilla tiledata.bin that will happen) the enemy you face will not produce Sardaukar, but more vehicles instead, so be sure that you have the file or just overwrite it. As a final warning; this campaign, like the original, can be though to defeat. If you don't have too much experience with the game play it on easy, so you cut out most of the enemy early waves in half. Still, you need to paid attention near your base waiting for a enemy drop. The briefing will warn players in the early levels, but this will happen in any mission with Machines involved. UPDATE: - Mission 3 several changes: AI will send some early attacks, so the player no longer have 10 minutes to prepare everything it wants. map's design slightly altered, now the sandworm will go more often after the player. Starting money adjusted. Other fixes on the diplomacy. - Mission 5: A part of the script was wrong, displaying a message that may or not may match what happens on the game. - Mission 7: One script now trigger on loop. - Mission 9: A warning "enemy coming" was missing; fixed now. EDIT: JULY/2020 With the creation of the new version of the mission launcher by Feda, now this can be loaded more easily by using my custom stuff, like having different crates, altering the tech of the player/enemy, and all kind of things that previosly required to being overwritten manually. With the new version of that said launcher that's not needed anymore, if you have well placed the next pair of files. One contain the custom stuff used for this specific work, and the other the new .ini that can make that custom stuff to be loading it. This specific campaign adds specific information with a summary of the main objetives, secondary objetives (if available), tips and suggestion that there are also told on the briefings, but with a image to help much better. Download files here: CustomCampaignData.rar<-- includes intel of the trilogy + single mission BJ 2 update inis.rar How to install: -CustomCampaignData: un zip this rar and move it into the root of the game, which means a folder called "CustomCampaignData" has to share the same folder as "Dune2000.exe" and "Missionlauncher.exe" are stored. -.ini files: After downloading the campaign (on the above area of this post), ovewritte with these .ini files. Simply Unzip it and ovewritte. - These two things only work together with the new version MissionLauncher released in this 2020 year, but they are still compatible with an early version; but if that's the case there is no point on downloading it as I didn't use any "custom" stuff (only the intel, not affecting the gameplay at all).
  17. Hello FED2K. I finally released another campaign. This one was created by me and Galaxy, we worked together on it. You fight as an Ixian commander. IF you guys don't know what Ix is, it is that new light brown side found in the New Atreides and mercenary campaigns. NOTE: Please read that README.txt file before installing or before coming here asking questions about stuff which is written inside. About how to install, everything is written in the readme file. Just read all of it, it takes like 3-4 minutes maximum. Have fun, we hope you enjoy it. Post here any bugs you find. Update: Version 1.1 - Hotfix Patch released. Please REDOWNLOAD. Ixian Campaign v1.1.zip
  18. Well, the smugglers campaign has been finished, polished up, and released for some time now. I think the old 'playing around with the D2k campaign' thread is irrelevant at this point and I'd like to make a new thread for progress on the next campaign, so that's what I'm doing. But, what should I do next? Tell me what you think! Here's roughly what I've got in mind for each of the playable factions: What sounds the most interesting to you? Please leave a comment and let me know, and I'll take it into consideration for the next campaign I begin work on. If you have any ideas for campaign maps that could be one of the campaign missions, I'm all ears for those, too. I'll be using this thread to give progress updates on the new campaign, and I'll update the subject with the faction being worked on once it's been decided. Thank you! Edit: I changed the thread name 'cause it's obvious I'm working on the Harkonnen campaign right now. Stay tuned for updates!
  19. This is a new Campaign titled: “The origin of the mercenaries”. This is the story (non official) of how the mercenaries were born and giving a feeling to the player that you are actually somewhat weak. PLOT: At the beginning, there were a group of smugglers picking the spice and sending it out of dune in exchange for money, but now with all those Atreides, Harkonnen, Ordos and even the Emperor fighting each other every day is harder and harder to harvest, with all the good places already taken by one of those factions and all that remains are poor places of spice or too dangerous. Because of that, a man decided to become a mercenary, hoping to make more money that way. A few fellow smugglers will join him and start this new job by meeting with the first faction they'll encounter. THE CAMPAIGN: For this campaign I tried the approach to make the player to feel overall weak, needing the help of whatever house that you’ll join during the campaign. The player, most the time, has much less technology than the other enemies, so when your quads and troopers gets destroyed by those siege tanks, then you know that you are not strong enough to win alone or your job consists in an easiest task, at least in the firsts levels. In some of the mission the player will start with a base that can’t be expanded, but in other maps you have your own Construction Yard to build the base at your will. THE FEELING: To maintain the fantasy that you, as mercenary, should not be the main objective from the other factions, I made some AIs to focus your ally and not the player. Technically, the AI will attack the closest enemy (and I mean attacking directly, not going after the player and then turning on your ally - chaotic battles may modify the behaviour of AI). For example, there is a mission where the player is working for “someone”. Also, there are other two factions that will send units each other, so as long as the player does not move too far away from your own base, those two will ignore you. The player still needs to deal with trouble, but is less dangerous than those two factions. IMAGES: FILE: The origin of the Mercenaries.zip INSTRUCTIONS: The file uploaded includes all the files needed except “Dune2000.exe” and “missionlauncher.exe”. If this is your first time getting a custom campaign then you need to search those two .exe and copy/paste everything included in my zip. If the previous step already was done for another custom campaign, then just copy/paste the files in the "mission" folder. Read the readme.txt for more detailed instructions.
  20. This campaign is not finished and will be a lot of missions. For now I do not have much time to work with this campaign. Therefore it will be in parts. Part 1 have a 10 missions and your tech level is still very low (2-3). For now you can only download with music. There is not much new music yet but will be more. You can listen to music with "Audio Converter" - https://d2kplus.com/audio-converter/ Ultimate House Ordos will be: - a lot of missions; - reinforcements; - in the beginning maps are very small; - in the beggining the House Ordos is very weak; - difficult very hard and insane (but in the beggining normal/hard); - old (from Ordos Remake) and new music. - Tech level is not for free; - you will have all the Harkonnen and Atreides the things; - you will have allies but it will cost; - maybe something more. * Can be mistakes. Do not need to do the defend area if is small map. And that makes a complicated game. Download
  21. Updated I updated my campaign. But first, this campaign is similar to the original. Only more options and much more complicated. Some more, the missions have a choices - versions (a, b: 1-8; c and d: 9). What's new? - Everyone can Buy units (using starport); - small changes (spice, messages, briefing...); - new music; - you can play for Sub-Houses (Mercenaries, Emperor, Fremen and Smugglers); - the Mission 9d (you can use the power of the enemy); - Probably everything. Download Without music: [Without music] Ordos Remake by Dark Wesker.zip
  22. OK, I think I'm now ready for the first proper release of my Mercenary Campaign. In this 9 mission campaign, played as the Mercenary's, you are hired to assist a small harvesting operation under threat. As time goes on, you gradually discover more about your new employers, and the plans they're hiding. As the war rages across the planet, your employers scramble to find private and safe locations in which to conduct their operations. But soon it seems every last corner of Arrakis is spoken for, be it the greedy Ordos, laying claim to everything they can get their hands on, arrogant Atreides, passing judgement from on high, confiscating what they regard to be contraband, or ruthless Harkonnen, reveling in the bloodshed, no dusty stone remains to hide beneath as smaller factions try to conduct their affairs. But the weak are cunning, and soon the great houses will regret making enemies of you. Initial release details: - 9 missions, all created by me, plus an option B for mission 9. Additional B missions will be released in the near future. - Plenty of base building missions, but some original C&C inspired use-the-units-your-given missions in there for variety. - AI allies to protect and assist. Quite a bit of working together with your comrades. - Follows the story of the Original Campaign, but with a twist ending. Most of the events in this story follow lesser factions, as they scramble to respond to events much bigger than themselves. This is my first foray into any kind of game design, but I'm very pleased with the results. I greatly look forward to hearing what you all think of it. V3.7z
  23. Hi, it's me again, briging a new Campaign: The Tleilaxu one. Back in time I created a single map using them. After a While I though that maybe I could do a whole campaign for the Tleilaxu focusing into the Ghola thing, making the Soldiers the leimotiv of the campaign and the faction. In the end, That was I did; a total of 7 missions where the player control the Tleilaxu. PLOT: The Tleilaxu sneak into Arrakis thanks to the Spacing guild. Their reasons are because in times of wars Atreides, Harkonnen, Ordos... are constatly fighting each other, thus using the frigates from the spacing guild to bring their armies. Now, there are a truce and no one is figthing, no one requires transport from the guild, the spice is not flowing anymore, so the Tleilaxu has offered to enter secretly and, using their new technology to create Gholas, are planing to destroy all those weakened Houses and make the spice flow again. THE FINAL BATTLE: The single map "Tleilaxu Plague" it's the true final battle from the Tleilaxu, since that mission and this campaign are connected, but you are not suppose to play the single map to continue (as it even appears on another faction menu). After the end of the campaign, being the Tleilaxu a force that nobody seems to be able to stop, the single missions happens with a last chance of imperials to finally destroy the Tleilaxu threat. You can play the true final battle downloading the mission from HERE. THEME: The general theme of this campaign it's about the Tleilaxu having big armies formed by Gholas, which are any human dead and being resurrected by the Tleilaxu. During most of the campaign, the player it's not going to simply train infantry or trooper, but getting groups of them generated from an Axlotl Tank (Barracks in game). This means that, even if the player just focus on producing tanks, you will still have a decent group of troopers that you can use for any purpose. IMAGES: FILE: Tleilaxu.zip INSTRUCTIONS: -The zip file include everything needed except for the executable files. Don't forget to get them from this forum or you will have problems (the readme.txt have links). -Everytime I beat a level, the game crash. Fortunately this only happens after the "mission accomplished", so the player won't be directly affected. -Tiledata.bin totally necessary, or maybe you (or the enemy) will have less units at his disposal. -Copy the custom text.uib into the game's folder "Data\UI_data"; missing this file will make the game to trigger an error.
  24. Hi guys. You read that right, a campaing for Dune 2000 based in the first book from Frank Herbert. A total of 15 mission following the steps of Paul Atreides since he meets the Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam until the final battle in Arrakis. To create this custom campaing I took the liberty to do a lot of adaptation, more or less accuracy and trying to bring some events from the book into a RTS game like this. So, for this campaign you will encounter several type of adaptations: -The logicals: a scenario like when the Harkonnen and Sardaukar overwhelm the Atreides. Of course in my map to win you should survive, but you will face an unstoppable force by the enemy as happen in the book. -The duels: You can think in Gurney Halleck doing a last training fight with Paul Atreides. Instead two guys with knives and shields this is about a base vs base fight where the two combatants have similar resources (or almost) and no aditional bases/enemies. -Own creations: Some levels are just battles to fill, mainly because in the book there isn't any type of "action" there, so I wanted to create a level with a fight. I can tell you the example when the Duke Leto arrives to Arrakis. In this campaing a weak Harkonnen captain, by his own, don't want to leave dune to his sworm enemies: the Atreides. The Baron doesn't care, the Emperor neither... the duke will be one to defeat this small threat by himself (helped by Paul, as the player is always Paul). -The weirds: The Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohian show to Paul a box which brings pain and then place a needle in his neck... How to convert this to a RTS game? Well, check it out by yourselves since it is the first level of this campaing! Just a warning... don't retreat or the Gom Jabbar will kill you! Here some images: Paul Atreides Vs Gurney Halleck duel. The Duke want to save the harverster. The Harkonnen and Sardaukar attacking multiple Atreides bases. Fremen ambushing smugglers harvesters. Guerrilla warfare by Paul. To play this campaing you can use either gruntmod or any other vanilla Dune version. Copy all the mission pack, download and apply the mission launcher and the rest of the files needed to be able to play this without trouble. All the files are included in the .zip file (except dune2000.exe and missionlauncher.exe, but the readme include the link to those files) <-- If you already have all those files, you don't need to overwrite them again, just take the files from the mission folder. Download here: Frank Herbert.zip EDIT: JULY/2020 With the creation of the new version of the mission launcher by Feda, now this can be loaded more easily by using my custom stuff, like having different crates, altering the tech of the player/enemy, and all kind of things that previosly required to being overwritten manually. With the new version of that said launcher that's not needed anymore, if you have well placed the next pair of files. One contain the custom stuff used for this specific work, and the other the new .ini that can make that custom stuff to be loading it. Download files here: FB campaign ini update.rar CustomCampaignData.rar How to install: -CustomCampaignData: un zip this rar and move it into the root of the game, which means a folder called "CustomCampaignData" has to share the same folder as "Dune2000.exe" and "Missionlauncher.exe" are stored. -.ini files: After downloading the campaign (on the above area of this post), ovewritte with these .ini files. Simply Unzip it and ovewritte. - These two things only work together with the new version MissionLauncher released in this 2020 year, but they are still compatible with an early version, although if that's the case the intel won't show up. This campaign doesn't use anything new but intel entrances (extra information of the main characters you will encounter during the campaign), so the 1.2 Mission launcher it's not a must have in order to play this campaign as the intel have no impact on the game itself.
  25. Hi. I have made a new set of missions for House Harkonnen and need players to give feedback/Bugreports and suggestions. This is my first time making any kind of Dune 2000 content, i have played the game since i was 4 years old tho. Identity: Some of the missions have limited resources and recruitment options for survival and unit optimization purposes. The Starport is the key for most of the missions as it is the optimal way of gaining reinforcements but the mission can be done without it if you choose to thus increasing difficulty. The later missions can feel a bit grindy and will mostly rely on if your ally attacks the same time as you, since the enemies bases are grouped up a bit and will react to any of their units defensive units taking dmg. You will have allies on most of these missions and you should rely on their forces as well as your own. And another thing... Missions 3 6 and 9 have 2 options. The briefing will explain how to make them apart if you wanted an easier difficulty or just wanted to play the other one. (BugFix) Mission 9 has a bugged briefing. Im fixing it currently.(Fixed) I use the old way of making briefings and will probably change a few things i the other campaigns so as with every mission set download. MAKE BACKUPS Harkonnen Campaign.zip
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