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  1. Guest

    South Africa

    Version 1.2


    Goal: "The Beloved Country" Union of South Africa World War II has come to a close. The soldiers have come home. Meanwhile the railroads have been neglected. You have been chosen to modernize and expand your country's railroads. In doing so it is hoped this will transform a war econmomy into a peacetime economy. There is trouble ahead though. African nations will seek to be free of their colonial rulers. Your own country will soon have internal problems. But the trains must keep running. Author's Comments: Return to South Africa after WWII and rebuild the railroad system. If you find errors in spelling or events let me know so I can fix them.
  2. Guest



    Goal: France is hip and the 60's are groovy. Take a fantastic journey in the land of wine & cheese. Author's Comments: Scenario "france.mp2" (France) - fixes Changes: 1) un-disabled Tire Factory (and discovered there were already several cities set up to have one) 2) fixed Book Value popup 3) fixed various reserve cells --- Update: various reserve cell fixes, smoothed ground slightly near Barcelona.
  3. Guest

    Amtrak West


    Goal: Amtrak needs passengers! You've got to make it happen here in California. Author's Comments: Adapted from the TSC campaign (adapted from campaign part #10), saved as a stand-alone scenario. Connect L.A. to San Francisco, and make some money for faltering Amtrak.
  4. 185 downloads

    Author's Comments: Changes: 1) Bronze trigger was set for 2000 Passengers instead of 1100, corrected 2) new event - Passenger quota waived for first year (also added secondary briefing 3) minimum start year is 1804? Possibly too early, but left it as is 4) new event - AI not allowed in Osaka (& painted Osaka as Territory 2... - later discovered that Okazaki had been painted as T2 instead of Osaka) 5) various reserve cell fixes 6) new event - Status... Passenger / LoadsHauledLifetime
  5. Guest

    WNE 20: From Hell's Heart...


    Goal: You have almost been defeated by the Tronians, but they feel just killing you is not enough, they are preparing a new campaign against the human race...
  6. Guest

    WNE 12: Test Of Time


    Goal: The Geocore Power Plant has been destroyed, you must stop history from repeating it's self, or millions will die (again). You must fill the LA Mancha Fissure...
  7. Guest

    WNE 11: Future's End


    Goal: The final showdown begins. You have returned to 2010. The Geocore power plant must not be destroyed. It is time for your future's end...
  8. Guest

    Witch's Route


    Goal: Can you climb the Witch's Route all the way to the top mountain pass? Author's Comments: --- Single Player Data --- Single Player : Scenario. Computer Players: Yes (1-2 opponents). SP Gold Win : Personal Net Worth Of $10M By 1935. SP Silver Win : 2 Objectives(points) By 1940. SP Bronze Win : 1 Point By 1940. SP Objective : Connect Area 52 To NWS-CS, And Haul 36 Total Loads Of Diesel and/or Weapons To NWS-CS(1Pt.). SP Objective : Have A Company Book Value Of $10M(1Pt.). SP Loss : If No Objectives Completed By 1940. --- Multi-Player Data --- Multi-Player : Yes (max 3 players). MP Gold Win : First One Up the Hill, Connecting Area 52 to NWS-CS, And Haul 36 Loads Of Diesel/Weapons, Same As SP. MP Silver Win : Highest Personal Net Worth. MP Bronze Win : Last One Up The Hill, Least Amount Of Personal Net Worth.(No Losers, Ha)
  9. Guest



    Goal: With some good ports along the relatively short coastline, the hinterland of Venturia needs an effective railway system. Connect the capital Tabora to the provinces. Author's Comments: Welcome to Venturia! The Goverment has invited your company to build and run a railway system over a 30 year period. Geografy: From the surrounding highland Venturia slopes towards the coast. The climate is tempearted with mild winters. Along the mainly agricultural coasts crops are grain, citrus and wine and with some milk and cattle. In the highland, only the valleys are populated. The main business there is grain, milk, cattle, sheep, logging and heavy industry. In this scenario, a some events will have influence on the outcrop ("Record grain harvest", "Grain harvest 30% below average, "Cattle plague or "Wood fires") . This "build and have fun" scenario contains approximately 180 villages, towns and cities.
  10. Guest

    Utopia 2


    Goal: The island of Utopia is a small kingdom. The eastern and southern plains and valleys of the island is mainly agricultural. The western part, coal, iron ore, and bauxite supplies the heavy industry. Author's Comments: This map is an improved version of my UTOPIA (tsc). Recently I have developed a new map making technique: 1. Draw a grayscale map with the main elevation curves (Paint Pro-PCX). 2. In RRT editor lakes and rivers can be added. 3. Start a new company. 4. Lay the track with reserve cells and place cities with industrial settings. 5. Form the landscape. 6) Paint the landscape and plant trees 7. Set cash to zero 8. Remove the track or: Create an opening event featuring the following 2 effects: "Territory destroys all" and deactivate company, (trigger "true"). All tracks will then disappear in the the moment the map is started. It should now be possible laying a more realistic looking track! PS: Use reserve cells beside the tracks in mountainous areas, because buildings can deform the landscape and spoil the trackbed. Remember, that the graphics in RRT2 are so, that when your building inclines, the track looks best going north/south and east/west.
  11. Guest



    Goal: Somewhere in the Universe, you find the Kingdom of Utopia. Build the first railway between Wellington and Francistown in 1860, and make it grow to a efficient rail system. Rail lines are secured by reserve cells. Author's Comments: You have been invited to the small Kingdom of Utopia to assist with management and construction of an efficient railway system, in order to provide the island with better communications. Though Utopia is rather mountainous, it should be possible to build most railways with a maximum incline of 2%. Notice: Five tunnels are pre-built to avoid to steep gradients. Note: Until 1954 only steam locomotives are available. From 1959 until 1972 you can only buy diesels.
  12. Guest

    Towers Of Hell


    Goal: After a major war, Earth is a barren wasteland, hardly anyone survived. In this area many people live in a few small towns. Can you reconnect them to each other?
  13. Guest

    Tolnedran Imperial Railway


    Goal: In the years following the battle of Thull Mardu, an uneasy peace holds between the Kingdoms of the West and the Angarak Kingdoms. Can the new railroad help cement that peace? Author's Comments: This map is base on 'The Rivan Codex' by David & Leigh Eddings. 'The Rivan Codex' is the background book to the 'Belgariad' and 'Malloreon' books by David Eddings (which I heartily recommend).
  14. Guest



    Goal: Tidland is a comparatively poor island situated off the coast of its gigantic neighbour, Conglomoria. Build your railroad to boost the island's economy. Author's Comments: Here is an RRT2 map in TSC format. It is quite small: the subject is a small island next to a much larger neighbour. You have track laying rights in the island, and your goal is to expand the industry. Works well in multiplayer: good for a game with 2-4 players (particularly good for 3). Start at 1850 and finish in 1900. Other information is included in the description and briefing in the map. (This is a fictional location).
  15. Guest

    The World Map


    Goal: No goals! I'll be updating one with goals though just have fun for now! Author's Comments: I've always had the tendency for making a map of the world. This version is for TSC only. I might be making one for the original Railroad Tycoon 2. Thanx!
  16. Guest

    The National World


    Goal: Sorry for no goals, like I said I'm updating them later. Author's Comments: If anyone has seen my world map, this one is with countries and states and extra cities removed. Hope you like this version!
  17. 90 downloads

    Goal: The floods have changed the shape of America. Populations have returned to their old homes. Can you restore the American Rail Network to it's former glory? Author's Comments: These maps continue from the story of the last three scenarios in the campaign in TSC.
  18. Guest

    The Darkening Part 2


    Goal: The Geocore power plant has been destroyed, leaving a massive hole in the Earth which led to flood waters rising. Now they have subsided but can you save this new country? Author's Comments: These maps continue from the story of the last three scenarios in the campaign in TSC.
  19. Guest

    The Darkening 1


    Goal: The Geocore power plant has been destroyed, leaving a massive hole in the earth which led to flood waters rising. The UK has been devastated. Can you bring light to the darkness? Can you save the British People? Author's Comments: These maps continue from the story of the last three scenarios in the campaign in TSC.
  20. Guest

    The Darkening 4: Floods Legacy


    Goal: South America, haven for the refugees? Your help is needed while the flood waters occupy the world. Your aid is needed because South America is becoming overrun! Author's Comments: These maps continue from the story of the last three scenarios in the campaign in TSC.
  21. Guest



    Author's Comments: The A1-S1 vs B1-T1 test. I've tried to get both these standard difficulty runs the same. But with buildings and houses deforming terrain they may be slightly different. The test I do is to run 6 cars (4-pass 2-oil/ 250 tons) to each station. Press 'A' to see the book. Check status page. After 6 years subtract the profit from gross to see expenses. Check the number of loads in the period. Good is 90. Total tons = 90/(6 carloads per trainload) times 250 (tons per train) = 4000 tons. Divide tons by (expenses + cost of engine). In TSC you have to know the economics not just the abilities of each engine. Right now the world slope view (green, yellow, red numbers) doesn't seem to run quite right as the numbers seemed to be slightly different than true slope. (If you click the track building tool and run some track over the existing track and not build it, that should clear the numbers to the true value.)
  22. Guest



    Goal: Taresia is a small tropical island. The main business there is mainly agricultural and some mining and logging industry in the northern part of the island. Author's Comments: Welcome to Taresia! The Government has invited your company to build and run a railway system over a 50 year period. Geography: Taresia is a small tropical island. The main business is mainly agricultural and crops are rice (grain), citrus and bananas (produce), sugar, rubber plantations and some cattle. In the nortern part of the island there are some mining and logging industry. In this scenario, a some events will have influence on the outcrop ("Record grain harvest", "Record fruit harvest", "Locusts destroys 50% of this years harvest").
  23. Guest

    Tanagore Island


    Goal: An island (okay, a small continent) with lots of events, and semi-limited raw materials / industries in the modern world. Author's Comments: I actually started this back in late May, when I first got the game (which was two weeks after I got RT2... addictive, you say?) ... but then I got caught up in both real life and fixing / troubleshooting the campaigns and scenarios in both games. Various place names: "Winston Group" (islands in the NE) named after the Columbus Group in Tom Clancy's "Debt of Honor". Danang out on Laos Point... for those who are still there. Penkovsky - the famous Russian spy, usually has a military depot. Parker and Raines - from the NBC series "Pretender"... Raines will almost always have a weapons factory (if they had oxygen factories available, I would've used it) while Parker will almost always have a fertilizer plant (cause she always swallows the Centre's bull) and a meat packing plant (she's just another piece of TV meat and/or a pun on 'heat packing', as she's always armed). Rutherford and Solomon from NBC's "Third Rock from the Sun"... Rutherford has a mission revival style station (their mission, of course) and a barracks (another reference to their mission) while Solomon usually has a nuclear plant (cause Dick usually goes ballistic). Why such a long scenario? I wanted to start in the 60's, but I also wanted to do some Y2K stuff... anyway, as bauxite isn't that plentiful and must be delivered to ports in order to count, it needs a bit of time. There are definitely enough cities to keep you busy... enough without being too much. Okay, so they're not *good* jokes...
  24. Guest



    Goal: Sylvania is a small country in a fantasy world. The business is mainly agricultural, but in the Hinterland some coal, iron, and bauxite can supply the industry. All Sylvania needs is a railway system! Author's Comments: Welcome to Sylvania! The Government has invited your company to build and run a railway system over a 30 year period. Geografy: The coasts are subtropical lowland, mainly agricultural with dense population and the crops are grain, citrus and cotton and with some milk and cattle. In the highland, only the valleys are populated. The main business there is grain, milk, cattle, sheep, logging and heavy industry. In this scenario, a lot of events will have influence on the outcrop. Note: Space is reserved for quadouble track and/or bypasses around most of the big population centres in an attempt to avoid congestion. The train turnaround time is improved by 50%. Average distance between stations are 5-10 km.
  25. Guest

    Starship Troopers


    Goal: The Federation has secured a new planet previously inhabited by the arachnids. See if you can develop it before they return. Author's Comments: After many years of terraforming the planet Kraken V and ridding it of the bug bests. (Basically dropping water ice asteroids on it). The humans have developed a good eco-system here. Only 10% of the water as earth and only 10% the plant life it neverless provides a critical supply point for the space fleet. Some arachnids apparently have survived long hidden deep in the planet and have multiplied many times over. They now are trying to reclaim the surface. Your job is to supply the many military bases and forts with enough troops to fight the menace. Also, you should be looking forward to the day you leave this place and return to earth. Once you leave here only your own cash will matter. Except the Federation may not send you back to earth if you have failed in your job of supplying the troops.
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