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Found 7 results

  1. rigel6669

    Air Valley

    Version 2


    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2002-11-30 Players » Six Map Size » 256 * 256 Additional Info » Our far outpost in the southern regions of Arrakis detected the installation of a Harkonnen starport and newly placed buildings in air valley. Our intelligence reports that the Harkonnen troops were transferred to the eastern region as support to finish off our remaining troops there. Infiltrate and occupy this region commander... let the spice flow... Air units are very important as the spice grounds in the centre part of the map can only be accessed by infantry. Destroy or capture the unguarded Harkonnen buildings before they detect our presence.
  2. IxianMace

    Choke Points


    Tileset » Caladan Release » 2002-11-17 Players » Six Map Size » 256 * 256 Additional Info » This is probably the most basic map I've made to date. I tried to get the top and bottom of the map to be exactly the same so they are a mirror image of each other, although the central parts of the map will have noticeable differences. You will also notice areas on the platforms where there are dark patches. Unfortunately, I could not find a way to fix this, so the patches may make the sides of the buildable platforms look somewhat unappealing. There is plenty of space to build a base on all six buildable areas, and due to this, ground access will be limited. Defending against ground assaults should be fairly easy, but engineer drops can be very effective on this map. This map emphasizes the use of infantry in battle, as there are many places where infantry can defend choke points around the map, like bridges. A good map for people that like infantry wars or like to build large bases with multiple production facilities of the same type. Note: You should preferably set the AI to 'Attacker' when playing skirmishes against the computer, since the two other AI modes like to build lots of walls in their bases, and if there are too many units and/or structures on the map you might not be able to build anymore until some units/buildings are destroyed. You might notice this if you have four or more AI playing on this map.
  3. Naib60

    Lost Troopers


    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2003-02-12 Players » Six Map Size » n/a Additional Info » n/a
  4. 71 downloads

    Tileset » Giedi Prime Release » 2002-01-28 Players » Six Map Size » n/a Additional Info » A very detailed layout of Giedi Prime, House Harkonnen's homeworld. Toxin pits divide six man-made islands, five of which are accessible by bridges. A fairly decent computer is required to play on this map; due to lots of buildings and fires, there are some high polygon counts, and Emperor's particle system is used to simulate a smoldering landscape, riddled with floating ash and haze.
  5. Duke Davis II

    OH Gap


    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2009-05-07 Players » Six Map Size » 256 * 256 Additional Info » Destroy the enemy and capture this territory for our house.
  6. ipzorj

    Warrior's Land


    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2002-01-28 Players » Six Map Size » 184 * 232 Additional Info » Medium six players map with spice in between the buildable areas and in the center. Two ramps to each buildable areas.
  7. ipzorj

    -X- Rock


    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2002-02-19 Players » Six Map Size » 160 * 200 Additional Info » Average six players map in shape of-X-, with two buidables areas on every length and one in the middle of every width. Three ramps to each buildable area. Spice field is in between the buidables areas. Attention to your harvesters : spice fields are very close to the two neighboring buidables areas.
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