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  1. Birth of an Iron Horse is the seventh mission in the classic campaign of the game Railroad Tycoon II. Set in England, this mission is all about the 'personal net worth' and the stock market! These were the win conditions. We start at 1835Bronze: Highest Player Net Worth in 1855. Silver: Also have a player net worth of $10 million Gold: All of the above, but player net worth at $20 million. Company must also be sole-surviving railroad. So as this was a stock market game rather than a raid road scenario, i quickly setup routes between 3 important cities in south coast of England, which st
  2. Crossing the Great Divide is the sixth mission in the classic campaign. Essentially, its about the construction of the Canadian Pacific's transcontinental railroad during the late 1800's. These were the win conditions. We start at 1868 Bronze: Connect Halifax to Vancouver and haul six loads between the two cities by 1896. Silver: Also have a company book value of $20 million. Gold: All of the above, but company book value of $50 million. We either start at Halifax or Vancouver. I decided to start at Halifax, as historically we go from east to west. The logical thing to do was to connect
  3. I just finished playing the fifth mission of the classic campaign of Railroad Tycoon II. The essence of the scenario is the tour of the American northwest of Teddy Roosevelt in his election campaign of 1904. You start on Jan 1st and to get gold, we need to visit 16 stations by midnight January 14 (Jan 15). We have 3 choices of locomotives Choice 1: 4-4-2 Atlantic locomotive. Choice 2: 2-6-0 Mogul locomotive Choice 3: 2-6-0 Camelback locomotive I chose the Camelback, which had great grade performance and i knew going west would be full of grades. the blue way
  4. 156 downloads

    Goal: This is a 20 day map. You have been hired to place electric rail is an underground coal mine in Gwizz mountain. The top of Gwizz mountain has been removed so you can place rail in the tunnels to the Coal pockets from the Coal Port. Some of the rock is very hard and the miners have tunneled around these hard spots. You will build track, haul Miners, Coal & Goods for a win. You can haul Food for extra cash. Generally you can only manage the Railway on the South Bank, except along the river, where building rail is possible. Hauls to win: Bronze; 100 Miners +50 Coal +50 Goods. Sil
  5. Guest

    WNE 19: For Gorwin's Honour


    Goal: The Tronian leader has been murdered, the conflict has turned into a holy war against you, your territory is falling, you must take a stand against the enemy.
  6. Guest

    WNE 18: Cold War


    Goal: The Cold War between you and the Tronians evolves, with the arrival of a new faction. But who will they ally themselves with?
  7. Guest

    WNE 17: Rising Star


    Goal: The Rising Star has reached it's destination planet, Tronos, but it seems the planet is already inhabited. The Rising Star was attacked during landing and destroyed, there is no escape this is your new home.
  8. Guest

    WNE 16: The Launch


    Goal: Project Rising Star has been rescued by extra funding from Japan. The Project has been moved to the island of Appleasia. You must construct a support network for the project.
  9. Guest

    WNE 15: Scorched Earth


    Goal: A volcano has erupted in England, devastating the country, many cities have been destroyed, you have been brought in to help.
  10. Guest

    WNE 14: The Money Pit


    Goal: Your assignment to project Rising Star brings you to America, the project needs more funds, so that is what you have to do.
  11. Guest

    WNE 13: The Awakening


    Goal: Project Rising Star is about to begin construction, but first you must establish your company.
  12. Guest

    WNE 10: Reunification


    Goal: Your arrival in 19th Century Earth has changed the future, however the damage done could be used as an advantage.
  13. Guest

    WNE 09: Erase/Rewind


    Goal: On your return to Earth the damaged engines on your ship drag your ship into a timewarp, you return to the year 1870, where you must repeat your old tasks to maintain the timeline.
  14. Guest

    WNE 08: Titan: Last Rights


    Goal: The Titan Colony is a success, but you and several others are about to depart to make your long awaited return to Earth for the new century, but first you must carry out your final assignment on Titan.
  15. Guest

    WNE 07: Titan: The New Earth?


    Goal: After the destruction of the Mars colony only you and two others survived, but one other mission to rebuild the human race on the moon Titan is thriving. This is you new assignment.
  16. Guest

    WNE 06: The Freedom Movement


    Goal: A few months into the Mars project, you have found the alien colony and now they have taken half your land. You must help.
  17. Guest

    WNE 05: Mars Corp


    Goal: Following the floods of the 2070's a maned mission to Mars was completed, where a new colony was. Help this planets new inhabitants.
  18. Guest

    WNE 04: Begin Again


    Goal: History repeats itself! You have to rebuild this area, but future technologies are destroyed from the flood, you must rely on technology of the past for help!
  19. Guest

    WNE 03: Appleasia


    Goal: Appleasia. This is a peaceful and prosperous Island. Until that is the corruptive forces of competition and corporate complacency invade. Provide aid to this Ice Wasteland where life is hard.
  20. Guest

    WNE 02: Switzlerland 2099


    Goal: Switzerland 2099, the Civil War is over buy everything has got to start again from the beginning.
  21. Guest

    WNE 01: Map One


    Goal: In the future after the major flood, one tiny island has survived, but is cut off from the rest of the world? Can you help them?
  22. Guest



  23. Guest



    Goal: Somewhere in the Universe, you find the Kingdom of Utopia. Build the first railway between Wellington and Francistown in 1860, and make it grow to a efficient rail system. Rail lines are secured by reserve cells. Author's Comments: This is a map for people who like to make LOTS of money. The environment is rich and the map is huge. I wanted to create a scenario where you have to do research to get new engines and other goodies. In the end, it wasn't quite as good as I thought it would be, but still if you just set all parameters to maximum, you won't be bothered much by it. The maximum w
  24. Guest

    Treasure Island


    Goal: There is 4 exterior islands surrounding Treasure Island. Earn enough to buy rights to Treasure Island and you got it made! First to hit 50 million net worth and company book value wins!
  25. Guest

    Train Island


    Goal: Your company is planning to build a train lover's paradise on a blank island. See if you can turn a quiet place to a modern place. Author's Comments: Please note that this is a fictional map. If you do not like the engines in this map then I suggest pressing TAB and then typing in 'show me the trains' to get all trains. This is a rather small map and is created from scratch. It does not have many events and there are only three engines available: Electric GG1, Class 1020, Pennsylvania E44.
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