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  1. Yo! I originally started this project as a means to improve my pixel art skills. Starting with little to no experience I knew this would be a daunting task to replicate the iconic style of Dune 2000. After approximately 6 months of on and off work on it, I'm happy to say it's finally complete. Download link is at the bottom of this post! Here are some in-game screenshots showcasing the new tiles: The preview mini map colours have been altered too: I have also repurposed the original 32 rock crater sprites to match:
  2. All Complete campaigns, single maps, tools and more. Color legend: ATR - HAR - ORD - EMP - FRE - SMU - MER - OTHER CAMPAIGNS: *A Christmas Tale (4 missions) - By Cm_Blast *A New House Campaign (9 Missions) - By Cm_Blast *A Secret Plot: Mercenary Campaign (13 Missions) - By Domaithianus *Alliance of Atreides Campaign (12 Missions) - By Dark Wesker *Atreides Campaign Battle for Dune (9 Missions) - By Feda & Iheb96 (rearrange By Cm_Blast) *Butlerian Jihad (9 Missions) - By Cm_Blast *Butlerian Jihad: War Machines (9 Missions) - By Cm_Blast *Butlerian Jihad: Zone Zero (9 Miss
  3. The smugglers campaign is done! Again! Features: - Eighteen campaign levels; Thirty meticulously-crafted missions in total. - Highly varied objectives between mostly non-linear, large-scale maps. - A smooth difficulty curve from the simple tutorial to the thrilling climax. - Custom artwork to bring your most dire foes and epic confrontations to life. - Engaging story full of twists, evoking surprise, and bringing identity to each faction. - Your in-game choices will affect how certain missions play out. You are the Commander! - Challenge and drama that amp up constantly,
  4. This is now officially part of OpenRA since playtest-20120715-2. Please report broken things at http://bugs.openra.net and see https://github.com/OpenRA/OpenRA/labels/Dune%202000 for known issues. Fork us at https://github.com/O...enRA/tree/bleed to contribute patches. http://www.openra.net is a modern open source cross-platform reimplementation of the early westwood RTS games. It supports Command & Conquer: Red Alert and Tiberian Dawn as mods adding new units and rebalancing the game. There is an active community of developers and players for online matches via a nice Lobby. I've been
  5. GOD DAMN I like this game's aesthetic. The realistic scale of infantry, tanks & buildings, the way buildings blow up with all the debris, the terrain & atmosphere, it's all brilliant. My mod for Dune 2000 was coming along nicely years ago, but I ran into some seemingly dead ends. So I want to make a thread for the milestones which I'm trying to reach. I'm going to get back into modding D2K this year and was wondering if any other modders out there have any tips. - Ornithopters. They're next to impossible to make build-able. The best thing I managed to do was swap the Airstrike sup
  6. File Name : Datar8sprites.zip File Size : 6.89 Mb File Format : Zip Uploaded On : 11-3-2013 5:30pm @ All : This Sprite Pack contains all of data.r8 contents.... I still haven't found out what does the pics in unknown folder do.... Have fun people..... @ MVI : Add this pack into your D2k Plus website..... Darar8sprites.zip
  7. We are approaching the Christmas time; well, there are still days before it comes, but so in this mini campaign too. Using The Snowdy tileset; I create a small mini campaign that only last for 4 missions; overall short, but I tried to do a few new things here, so here it is: "A Christmas Tale": an overall short and easy campaign, although takes some time for players to adapt to the limited resources and the narrow layout of the maps. STORY: Christmas time it's approaching. There are still some days before the time it's up, so Santa Claus it's just waiting on his house while the rest of
  8. This is the current work-in-progress version of the Random Map Generator I have been working on. Please keep in mind I am by no means a professional at this so please report any problems you may encounter while running it here in this thread. A link to download it and the uncompiled code are below, Java is required to run it. Simply double click the 'run.bat' file to generate a map. When a map is created, a total of three files are made. A log file, an ini file, and the map file. The log file contains the settings that were used to create the map. The ini file contains the name of the map
  9. This is the release on my newer Campaign for the Emperor side. Since now the game no longer have bugs with the Repair Pad and with the adition of the editor that allows me to place any building and unit I can; I decided to create my second Emperor campaign, this time without recurring to Tibed or any other special tool. STORY: The campaign takes the inspiration of the original plot from the Dune 2 and 2000 series. The Padishad Emperor Shaddam IV challenge the three main houses to fight for the control of Arrakis, but this it's just a trick to bring the Atreides to Arrakis, far from their
  10. Using the full strengh of the new Feda's version of the launcher, I am here releasing my lastest Campaign. Coalition of Nobles. a long campaign with a good mix of many vs many battles, fights on your own, different areas (not just Arrakis), commando style missions that last for a while and so on. To properly apply this mod you will need the latest updated launcher, which you can get here. STORY: The Emperor challenge that made the three Major Houses to face each other it's already on the run. Nobody but Atreides, Ordos and Harkonnen will participate, but there is a group of four minor H
  11. Well, I keep this post open to all who want to ask questions on Dune 2000 modding and such. Post your questions with numbers.Anyone who knows the answer just tell "to the question no. x the answer is so nd so".I'll post the first one in the next post. I wish everyone to use this post as a FAQ and a place to ask questions.
  12. Here I am with a new tileset for dune 2000, picked from the Dune 2 game and applied into Dune 2000. Here, an image of the tileset: And here an screen of an imagen with a map created with the Tileset (click to see the original size); map from my Dune 2 based campaign (editor's image, spice will look less blocky in game). Tileset Here: BLOXRETR.R16 (16 bits only available). How to install: Move the file into your "data" folder, then you can play any mission that use this specific tileset, as my "Dune 2 based campaign - retro addition". Modders only: Modders only.z
  13. I was given permision to post this. This is a Campaign done by VengeanceDM where you play as The Emperor side. It has the traditional fighting although it changes some basic knowledge so instead just figthing "Atreides and Harkonnen" you are facing guild assasins from those groups that not use the vanilla colors. It also have changes done with TibEd, something you will see in the early going, just on the earliest missions some new tech will be used. Besides that, the campaign plays like the regular way but it has some nice missions with an ally having small but multiple bases and thi
  14. I was given permission to post this. This is a couple of single missions done by Kipp & UL. The mission don't have any briefing as it was made with the online set in mind, but this can be played in the traditional campaign style too, I think. I added myself the side the player are mean to play as, and to trigger at random music. It has no story, so this is just a simple tower-defense kind of mission. Files: 1P Outpost Defence By Kipp & UL.rar 1P Outpost Defence By Kipp & UL (Lunatic).rar Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlcKaSa1o3M
  15. As a quick introduction, I sometimes visit the forum but haven't had an account up until now. My online origin is from the Command & Conquer community. I've recently made a video about Dune 2000 as an uplifting showcase of sorts. I call these inspirational reviews, as they're less about the technical stuff and more about the game's atmosphere and legacy, along with a deeper message that expands beyond the entertainment. Figured this would be the perfect place to share it and give back to the community a bit. Feedback is very much appreciated! https://youtu.be/jj2jLBsgMwg
  16. Hi everyone, * At this campaign, I changed in original Ordos missions ( 7-8-9 ) and I changed teams regions. * We have some change * I tested with hard difficulty * Story : Ordos is traitor, Ordos don't pay money to mercenaries, Mercenaries want to revenge Briefing : All of them same, some change, Important Briefing : All mission Mission Fail is your ally destroyed And in finally mission some change : When the time finish, they will come a lot of. Meanwhile the emperor will stall them, you need fast growth Have Fun Mercenaries Revenge.rar M
  17. I have made a secret colour slider in practise a.k.a. skirmish. Black colour is 127, but there are more similar colours. You can also select black colour after the light brown colour. Also for your convenience there are 7 AI's and credits up to 65000 (more is not possible). Skirmish.uil
  18. First of all; this is not new missions, just preexisted missions from campaigns and maps that I done in the past but with values altered in order to make these 10 maps that will put a challenge for veteran players; but if you consider yourself a very high skilled player, then I recommend you playing on hard. The spoiler will give all the detailed info about the changes done, but to summarize a bit: *AI will start with "unlimited money"; more initial harvesters; will produce units much more faster and also start with double amount of units defending the base; this doesn't means that are
  19. Here, I created a new single map using the Dune 2 tileset. On this map Ordos try to rewrite history going back in time to the beggining of the war, but they end by mistake in 1992, a time period where Ordos didn't exist, so the Atreides and Harkonnen join to face that new enemy. The story it's just an excuse, what matters it's the gameplay from the game. I tried to emulate the old Dune 2 behaviour as much as I could. Not only using the tileset, but trying to make the AI to act like it is 1992 again, including the well know team bug that prevent the AI to group units to attack. List o
  20. Again, I am here to present a new campaign. Yet another Butlerian Jihad related campaign that form a trilogy and goes the final chapter of the whole story... or maybe not. As the last time, it's highly recommended to play both the Original Butlerian Jihad and the sequel BJ: War Machines to fully understand all the events of the game. Like those two campaigns, here you will play as the main trio of houses depending of the maps, indicated on the top of the briefing, so you will always know which faction you are playing. Backstory (spoilers from the two first campaigns). On the o
  21. UPDATE: NEW DUNE 2 TILESET AVAILABLE. (9/10/2019) I created a new tileset taken directly from the Dune 2 game (you can see here); I use it to translate this campaign to use the dune 2 tileset instead. The campaign it's exactly the same (except now should be a bit more room to place buildings due a specific tile now being buildable), but the campaign doesn't change at all. Check the link and other additions about the campaign at the bottom of this post. Back in time I created a campaign based in the Dune 2 game, but until now I didn’t update it. Today I can release the campaign again, n
  22. This is a new tileset based on the interior from Red Alert 1, all credit goes to "sayedmamdouh". Download file here: BLOXINT.rar The tileset doesn't have an 8-bit version. How to install: Move the file "BLOXINT.R16" into the "data" folder and the file "TILEATRI.bin" into the path "data/bin" Here an imagen of the tileset:
  23. Original post above. Due to combining this campaign with the second, I've gone back and brought these maps up in quality since I'm better at mapping now. Should be more fun. We got new Combat Tanks... Blue: https://i.imgur.com/rFTtXc7.jpg Green: https://i.imgur.com/3bCV9E1.jpg Red: https://i.imgur.com/ldRXB4D.jpg Purple: https://prnt.sc/meei8z We got optimized AIs, we got bug fixing, we got better A E S T H E T I C S, we got new units, we got everything. Go check out the latest post in the thread and have fun - I'm not changing the maps again now that they're in their final draft stat
  24. Hola en este póster mostraré mis campañas personalizadas de Dune 2000. Les dejare un link aquí abajo para verlos directamente desde la plataforma YouTube 😁 👉👉👉 Link 👈👈👈
  25. I did a good amount of research about the file "colours.bin", which decide the colours from all the eight factions. This post is to show to you all I know about this: the meaning of the valors, what to do, etc... First. To open this file, is needed a hex editor. In my case (I am someone who barely never used a hex editor) I found the webpage "hexed.it" which contains an online version of a hex editor; so if you don't want to install another program but just mess around a bit, this is a good choice. After entering that web-page, and using the "open file" in the menu to open "colours.
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