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  1. CURRENT LATEST VERSION: 2.02.2 http://nyerguds.arsaneus-design.com/dune/dune2edit/d2editor_v2.02.2.zip LATEST SCREENSHOT: Note on Windows 10: It seems the special character frames don't work on Windows 10 by default. To fix this, click the upper left corner icon of the window, open "Defaults", and go to the "Font" tab. Once there, set the font to "Raster fonts", and the size to 8x12 (well, or some other size, if you really want to). Accept the changes, exit the program, and relaunch it. The special character frames should now look right again. Also make sure that in the Layout tab, the s
  2. Dune 2 eXtended is a spin-off of the Dune II mod, Super Dune 2. Just like SD2, Dune 2 eXtended allows to command the "new" factions: the Mercenaries, the Fremen and the Sardaukar. The mod is aimed at providing lots of new content from new graphics to a completely new storyline stretching across 3 campaigns. The ultimate goal of the project is to fully exploit the abilities of Dune II, and make a game that is enjoyable and challenging to play. The entire to-do list includes: new menu graphics new animated Mentat screens new briefings and Mentat information new campaig
  3. Here I am with a new tileset for dune 2000, picked from the Dune 2 game and applied into Dune 2000. Here, an image of the tileset: And here an screen of an imagen with a map created with the Tileset (click to see the original size); map from my Dune 2 based campaign (editor's image, spice will look less blocky in game). Tileset Here: BLOXRETR.R16 (16 bits only available). How to install: Move the file into your "data" folder, then you can play any mission that use this specific tileset, as my "Dune 2 based campaign - retro addition". Modders only: Modders only.z
  4. While searching for available Dune 2 utilities on the net, I've found a Dune 2 scenario editor I haven't seen before on this Hungarian site. The editor seems to be based off, or at least looks very similar to, Stefan's Dunedit, but it works under Windows and has mouse support, which is very handy. Among other features, it has an expandable seed map database (with all seeds for original missions included), and support for both PC and Amiga versions of Dune 2. I haven't tested the editor in action thoroughly yet, but for now it seems to work quite fine. Here's a screenshot: The editor's head
  5. UPDATE: NEW DUNE 2 TILESET AVAILABLE. (9/10/2019) I created a new tileset taken directly from the Dune 2 game (you can see here); I use it to translate this campaign to use the dune 2 tileset instead. The campaign it's exactly the same (except now should be a bit more room to place buildings due a specific tile now being buildable), but the campaign doesn't change at all. Check the link and other additions about the campaign at the bottom of this post. Back in time I created a campaign based in the Dune 2 game, but until now I didn’t update it. Today I can release the campaign again, n
  6. I've published on this Thread a Collection of ALL hex editing discussions about Dune 2 EXE. I've collected from all topics regards Dune 2 Hex Editing, researches for bugs fixed and game customizing. All the infos have been sorted and cataloged, within URL link reference and a short explanation regards the modify. All Documents are in PDF format. Only v1.07-EU supported. I hope that this will serve to Dune 2 fans to reach better what they would like looking for and understand more clearly about Hex Editing. :) A special Thanks is for MrFlibble about forum support and many suggestions, Nyer
  7. I am here to present a new trio of maps based on the final missions from Dune 2 for the Genesis version. I will explain a little by sections of what you are going to find in these scenarios. THE GAME: Overall the genesis game it’s the same as the computer version (except for some changes like the Harvesters being faster, less buildings/upgrades to do, less enemies to fight...); for this reason I didn’t wanted to create 3 full campaigns since it’s going to be very similar to the one I did based on the pc version. The final maps differ for each house so I created those. MAPS: The M
  8. Hello everybody, Seeing we just launched our new site, together with the whole shebang, TrueBrain and I have decided it is time for us to introduce the project to the world wide Dune community.. Below a copy of the announcement, as I'm quite the lazy git today and really can't be arsed rewriting TrueBrain's words to say the same thing.. it might be a bit too technical for some people, but I'll add some explanation below. ---------- In the past few months we created an application which can decompile 16bit real mode applications to C. As a result we can produce C code from the Dune2 binary.
  9. Greetings! After many years of playing Dune II, and recently being inspired to play it once again, I've decided that I wanted to create a complete overhaul on the missions, and unit balancing. Specifically, I'd like to try to change some of the stats of the units, and, more importantly, I wanted to create an 'expert' mission mode, where the missions all start at mission 8 tech levels, where some missions will have different objectives or higher spice quotas, and existing enemy bases are heavily expanded upon, for all to provide late-game level challenges. Ultimately, I want to rework the
  10. Download link: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B2vavbKPhjU9RFI0d0xhT3hRdUE Hello. After playing many Dune Dynasty campaigns, I created one by myself. I know, it's not a big deal as it's pretty easy to create new scenarios in Dune 2, but maybe somebody (just as me) already has played all popular mods and wants some more. Also, maybe it can encourage somebody to create his own campaigns for DD. Dune Dynasty is amazing Open Dune-based 'ultimate' edition of Dune 2 by dynasty: http://forum.dune2k.com/topic/24316-dune-dynasty/ If you don't know how to add custom campaigns in Dune Dyn
  11. Hi @ all. I m working on a Dune 2 Mod for the Amiga Version. Im using THC´s Editor, HexEditor and normal EditPad for the scenario and regio ini´s. My first map is ready but i have a great problem. The Harvester dont move one meter. The dont harvest the spice and just stand still. Now my Idea is that there is a commando like (Hunt, Guard etc..) but i dont think it. What is the Problem and how can i fix it? Sorry for my bad english (im from germany) Greets
  12. Hello! 1. I was read the forum, but I can't found any solution my problem. I have the Dune 2 with 1.07 fix. If I like to run DuneMaps, an error massage pop up. "Dune2.exe not found in data directory" Can you help me, how to fix this? 2. I like to edit maps, but with the "bgafc_de" editor I can't edit rocks and sand, so I'm looking for some other tools to edit maps. Have you any ideas what should i use? I hope someone is still in here, a lot of editing link didn't work now. Thank you very much, and have a nice day, Csongor
  13. Now that my work on the Super Dune II Second Edition project has slowed down significantly (I'm generally quite busy with other things ATM), I thought that maybe I'd use some help from people who have more expertise in the field of programming. It is now obvious that to fix some of the issues in Dune 2 that prevent the new sides from working as the original ones, certain modifications to the game executable need to be made. Unfortunately, I generally lack any considerable skills in programming, decompiling, debugging etc., so I thought that maybe someone with enough enthusiasm, capabilities a
  14. Hello, i added a section about Dune II fangames (http://dune.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Dune_II_fangames) in the Dune Wiki (http://dune.wikia.com). I hope it helps to let people know about those good works that keep the great Dune II alive. Note that i didn't mean to add "everything" (such as minor or non working projects), since it is an encyclopedia, not a resource for developers.
  15. Hi community! I don't know, if there's a row in the scenario.pak or anything else, where you can change the maximum of structures. After you has built a definite count of buildings you can get the message "can't create more" if you want to start a new build order. Isn't there any option to set the maximum of structures like the maximum of units? Do anyone know the exactly default setting of the maximum of structures?
  16. Hello commuity! If you edit a scenario, is it possible, that you can set one CPU controlled house / faction friendly? For example the Atreides and the Fremen are working together, as like as in the original game. The Fremen from the Atreides Palace attack automatically the enemy bases and wouldn't shot at Atreides units or structures. But how is it, if I want to make a scenario playing the Atreides and build in the scenario editor a Fremen base nearby? With Fremen vehicles, turrets, factories and all what would make it complete? But the Fremen will be controlled by th
  17. EDITED: In agreement with MrFlibble, I attached the new release of DuneX (Dune 2 eXtended Edition) v1.29. ChangeLog: v1.29: (June 18, 2013) Fixed Saboteur Move command: he no more detonates on no-building tiles destinationFix: capturing structures with deviated units did not unlock techFixed Windtrap power information when a Windtrap is capturedFixed Radar friend/enemy units countChanged Sandworm best target behaviour to avoid attacking Fremen WarriorsDUNEX129.ZIP v1.28: (April 22, 2013) Fixed Timeout Scenario variable to reach victory condition by timingFull working bilateral alliance betw
  18. A 'romhack' of a Sega Mega drive version. current version: DuneHack (-Re) Build _r53 It's a not complete hack, no new missions included. But it's a some 'base' for creating new campaings. Main difference: + Units and Buildings limits increased up to 127. (102 ground) + Extra build with map size increased to 128x128. + Reinforcements - currently up to 55 + no more included in global limits. + Support sardaukar house. + Support fremen house: fremen and atreides allies; fremen special weapon - creates 5 worms on map. + Many changes in code. (changelog not created and I don't
  19. Do you know of any programs that would allow to edit (not just view) and create new Dune 2 .SHP images and .ENG string tables? AFAIK, XCC Mixer views most of Dune 2 SHPs and some ENGs (unfortunately, not mentat*.eng), but SHPs created with XCC Mixer don't work, as they are for C&C games, not Dune 2 Any help will be appreciated.
  20. Hey, Wasn't there a PROFILE.INI file floating around somewhere? Curious.
  21. Version 1.02b


    The latest version of the fix is 1.02b, and it includes the following changes: - a smarter and more powerful AI that forms teams of vehicles that it sends against you, instead of single units; - you can now buy ornithopters via the Starport in the last two missions - this feature was also missing due to a syntax error; - some scenarios that had a unit limit lower than 25 were fixed; - the scenario files have been optimized by removing extra blank and obsolete strings. The advanced version has all the features of the normal fix, plus: - the player's max unit cap has been raised to 50; - in miss
  22. Hey all. I'm trying to understand the workings of D2 better, but I have not found any documentation regarding this, and a search on this forum did not help either. Maybe you could help me out though. First let me ask this question: How does D2 calculate what tiles are sand hills? They do not appear in the seed-textfiles. Is it entirely random or does it need to be calculated? And if it needs to be calculated, what would be a good way to do that? Now, on to understanding the scenario-textfiles better. -- Basic section -- "timeout". As far as I can recall, I have never played a D2 level wit
  23. Hey everyone, I had some questions that I wanted to ask because I needed help on certain things for dune 2. I first just wanted to say I am impressed with the effort and work that alot of you have done for a Gem such as dune 2. I have been active on the Dune 2000 editing board but I decided to play around with Dune 2. I know these questions should be asked in the appropriate topic, but they vary from topic to topic that would be easier to put all on one post. So any way here are my dilemmas that I hope you can help me with: 1.) I own the Dune 2: Building of a dynasty US Version 1.07. I dow
  24. hey im new to this Site and i whould Like to say im a Big fan of Dune and The books and Movie's " Series " But what i really need help with is.. i have Download the SD Game The Conquest of Arrakis Version 1.27 and i love it. But there is one thing i really whould like is that in the campains the computer starts with a Full base " Like the other Dune games. what i whould like to know is. is there a Way i chould Edit The campain maps and place a Rebuild base in to the game im playing Via the Dune 2 Scenario Editor i have downloaded. i can easely make a Map and place buildings and all that. but
  25. So, I'm new here and all that, yadda yadda yadda. I've been working on modifying Dune 2 to fit my own personal tastes - messing with the tech tree, changing what costs what and how fast it builds, changing where the IX Units are built from, and so on and so forth. I've noticed a few oddities, however. 1) If I try to edit Scenario.PAK directly to accommodate a Starport in lower tech levels, the game fails to go past the Bene Gesserit screens. 2) If the build time is set to 1, some funky things happen with structure costs - half of the cost gets lopped off (I haven't tried this out with Build
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