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  1. The smugglers campaign is done! Again! Features: - Eighteen campaign levels; Thirty meticulously-crafted missions in total. - Highly varied objectives between mostly non-linear, large-scale maps. - A smooth difficulty curve from the simple tutorial to the thrilling climax. - Custom artwork to bring your most dire foes and epic confrontations to life. - Engaging story full of twists, evoking surprise, and bringing identity to each faction. - Your in-game choices will affect how certain missions play out. You are the Commander! - Challenge and drama that amp up constantly,
  2. We are approaching the Christmas time; well, there are still days before it comes, but so in this mini campaign too. Using The Snowdy tileset; I create a small mini campaign that only last for 4 missions; overall short, but I tried to do a few new things here, so here it is: "A Christmas Tale": an overall short and easy campaign, although takes some time for players to adapt to the limited resources and the narrow layout of the maps. STORY: Christmas time it's approaching. There are still some days before the time it's up, so Santa Claus it's just waiting on his house while the rest of
  3. This is the release on my newer Campaign for the Emperor side. Since now the game no longer have bugs with the Repair Pad and with the adition of the editor that allows me to place any building and unit I can; I decided to create my second Emperor campaign, this time without recurring to Tibed or any other special tool. STORY: The campaign takes the inspiration of the original plot from the Dune 2 and 2000 series. The Padishad Emperor Shaddam IV challenge the three main houses to fight for the control of Arrakis, but this it's just a trick to bring the Atreides to Arrakis, far from their
  4. Using the full strengh of the new Feda's version of the launcher, I am here releasing my lastest Campaign. Coalition of Nobles. a long campaign with a good mix of many vs many battles, fights on your own, different areas (not just Arrakis), commando style missions that last for a while and so on. To properly apply this mod you will need the latest updated launcher, which you can get here. STORY: The Emperor challenge that made the three Major Houses to face each other it's already on the run. Nobody but Atreides, Ordos and Harkonnen will participate, but there is a group of four minor H
  5. I've been working on a set of alternative missions for the Original Ordos campaign. The idea was to create additional options playing through. I've tried to remain loyal to the original mission concepts. This isn't meant to be an entirely original or new campaign, just a re-imagining of the original. - New versions of missions 1 - 9 - 2 new options for all missions from 4 onwards - Original mission briefings attached: Can be accessed in game from the in-game menu, or read on the briefing page from the mission launcher - Bonus mission: 'How to Build a Deviator' - set b
  6. Some years ago I created a small mini smuggler campaign that contained only 4 missions long. I was trying to keep the theme of my vision of the Smugglers; If the campaign would be bigger (and increasing the tech from map to map) at the end the missions would feel like if you were playing as Ordos but with another color. But today I had new ideas and I manage to pick up those 4 missions already made and expand that mini campaign into a full complete campaign: 9 missions + 1 bonus extra mission, being able to maintain the main theme of the Smugglers, so here we go. STORY: This it's
  7. My 1st campaign for Co-op. This campaign will be about The Honored Matres and their Desert Mercenaries arriving in Dune, Their interest is caught fast, so they decide to strengthen themselves and join in on the Battle for Dune, while gaining new allies and enemies. This campaign is meant to be played by 2 Human players (maybe will add AI later) and either Online or LAN. Right now, only the 1st mission is done and needs testing and feedback, missions 2 and 3 are in the works, So take your time explore the map, maybe note how long it took you to finish the mission, post some pictu
  8. Howdy, y'all. For those of y'all who've followed my Heighliner tileset WIP thread (https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27842-wip-heighliner-tileset/), here's the end of it. This release makes it officially done. Take it, map with it, and have fun! Here's a comprehensive list of the features of this tileset: - Built for compatibility. No game modding required, no files need to be overwritten and later replaced with the original versions, no nothin' like that. - Many colorful combinations of platform edge, wall, and base can come together to form interesting aesthetic designs. - Create m
  9. I was given permision to post this. This is a Campaign done by VengeanceDM where you play as The Emperor side. It has the traditional fighting although it changes some basic knowledge so instead just figthing "Atreides and Harkonnen" you are facing guild assasins from those groups that not use the vanilla colors. It also have changes done with TibEd, something you will see in the early going, just on the earliest missions some new tech will be used. Besides that, the campaign plays like the regular way but it has some nice missions with an ally having small but multiple bases and thi
  10. Again, I am here to present a new campaign. Yet another Butlerian Jihad related campaign that form a trilogy and goes the final chapter of the whole story... or maybe not. As the last time, it's highly recommended to play both the Original Butlerian Jihad and the sequel BJ: War Machines to fully understand all the events of the game. Like those two campaigns, here you will play as the main trio of houses depending of the maps, indicated on the top of the briefing, so you will always know which faction you are playing. Backstory (spoilers from the two first campaigns). On the o
  11. Original post above. Due to combining this campaign with the second, I've gone back and brought these maps up in quality since I'm better at mapping now. Should be more fun. We got new Combat Tanks... Blue: https://i.imgur.com/rFTtXc7.jpg Green: https://i.imgur.com/3bCV9E1.jpg Red: https://i.imgur.com/ldRXB4D.jpg Purple: https://prnt.sc/meei8z We got optimized AIs, we got bug fixing, we got better A E S T H E T I C S, we got new units, we got everything. Go check out the latest post in the thread and have fun - I'm not changing the maps again now that they're in their final draft stat
  12. Here I am featuring a new campaign. Butlerian Jihad: War Machines. A straigh sequel to the original Butlerian Jihad. I got inspiration from the War of assasins campaign from Feda (and other maps) to create this campaign, more simple in terms of gameplay (for the most part) but with the inner's not so simple. Anyway; it is highly recommended to play the original Butlerian Jihad first to get all the story. If you didn't play it, the next lines will get spoilers, although you don't really need to get too much into the story to understand what it is going on. In the case you already play it,
  13. Hello FED2K. I finally released another campaign. This one was created by me and Galaxy, we worked together on it. You fight as an Ixian commander. IF you guys don't know what Ix is, it is that new light brown side found in the New Atreides and mercenary campaigns. NOTE: Please read that README.txt file before installing or before coming here asking questions about stuff which is written inside. About how to install, everything is written in the readme file. Just read all of it, it takes like 3-4 minutes maximum. Have fun, we hope you enjoy it. Post here any bugs you find. Update: Versi
  14. My first campaign. Still WIP. But here we go. The plot: The campaign takes place in a what-if scenario where 3 Great House failed to kill the padishah emperor in "WOA: SS" campaign by aKaFedaYkin. The combined army of Spacing Guild and House Corrino launched a counter-offensive against all 3 great houses. The result is devastated. House Ordos simulated their eventual destruction against the Emperor. They decided to booby trap their building, and hid the rest of the army somewhere in Arrakis, using their Stealth Technology. House Ordos raids Emperor/Spacing Guild's mining
  15. Well, the smugglers campaign has been finished, polished up, and released for some time now. I think the old 'playing around with the D2k campaign' thread is irrelevant at this point and I'd like to make a new thread for progress on the next campaign, so that's what I'm doing. But, what should I do next? Tell me what you think! Here's roughly what I've got in mind for each of the playable factions: What sounds the most interesting to you? Please leave a comment and let me know, and I'll take it into consideration for the next campaign I begin work on. If you have any ideas for campaign
  16. This is a new Campaign titled: “The origin of the mercenaries”. This is the story (non official) of how the mercenaries were born and giving a feeling to the player that you are actually somewhat weak. PLOT: At the beginning, there were a group of smugglers picking the spice and sending it out of dune in exchange for money, but now with all those Atreides, Harkonnen, Ordos and even the Emperor fighting each other every day is harder and harder to harvest, with all the good places already taken by one of those factions and all that remains are poor places of spice or too dangerous. Be
  17. Here I am with a new Harkonnen campaign made by. For this one I tried to use some “defence areas”. This means you may encounter units controlled by the AI wandering zones without buildings or even walls around. This is only present in a few maps. So I just tried a couple of ideas here and there. This campaign it’s called “Family Harkonnen”. Story: The great Baron Rakan Harkonnen has been ruling Dune for years, but now some lesser enemies have been appearing in supposedly clean areas. This is the perfect time to call his two sons: Gunseng and Copec. They both lack military experience, s
  18. Here I am once more to bring a new custom campaign for Dune 2000: Heretic Alliances. This is a special campaign where the player will have an ally that will help for the whole campaign THE PLOT: The Atreides detected some Tleilaxu's Carryalls going near a Sietch Fremen. They are planning to convert those powerfull warriors into Gholas. The Duke want to stop that plan at all cost. Once the defend its successful, the Fremen will work together with the Atreides as a new unstoppable alliance. There are other alliances on Arrakis, but only one side can win the war. Can the Atreides-Frem
  19. This campaign is not finished and will be a lot of missions. For now I do not have much time to work with this campaign. Therefore it will be in parts. Part 1 have a 10 missions and your tech level is still very low (2-3). For now you can only download with music. There is not much new music yet but will be more. You can listen to music with "Audio Converter" - https://d2kplus.com/audio-converter/ Ultimate House Ordos will be: - a lot of missions; - reinforcements; - in the beginning maps are very small; - in the beggining the House Ordos is very weak; - difficult very hard
  20. Updated I updated my campaign. But first, this campaign is similar to the original. Only more options and much more complicated. Some more, the missions have a choices - versions (a, b: 1-8; c and d: 9). What's new? - Everyone can Buy units (using starport); - small changes (spice, messages, briefing...); - new music; - you can play for Sub-Houses (Mercenaries, Emperor, Fremen and Smugglers); - the Mission 9d (you can use the power of the enemy); - Probably everything. Download Without music: [Without music] Ordos Remake by Dark Wesker.zi
  21. OK, I think I'm now ready for the first proper release of my Mercenary Campaign. In this 9 mission campaign, played as the Mercenary's, you are hired to assist a small harvesting operation under threat. As time goes on, you gradually discover more about your new employers, and the plans they're hiding. As the war rages across the planet, your employers scramble to find private and safe locations in which to conduct their operations. But soon it seems every last corner of Arrakis is spoken for, be it the greedy Ordos, laying claim to everything they can get their hands on, arrogant Atreide
  22. Hi, it's me again, briging a new Campaign: The Tleilaxu one. Back in time I created a single map using them. After a While I though that maybe I could do a whole campaign for the Tleilaxu focusing into the Ghola thing, making the Soldiers the leimotiv of the campaign and the faction. In the end, That was I did; a total of 7 missions where the player control the Tleilaxu. PLOT: The Tleilaxu sneak into Arrakis thanks to the Spacing guild. Their reasons are because in times of wars Atreides, Harkonnen, Ordos... are constatly fighting each other, thus using the frigates from the spacing gu
  23. Hi guys. You read that right, a campaing for Dune 2000 based in the first book from Frank Herbert. A total of 15 mission following the steps of Paul Atreides since he meets the Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam until the final battle in Arrakis. To create this custom campaing I took the liberty to do a lot of adaptation, more or less accuracy and trying to bring some events from the book into a RTS game like this. So, for this campaign you will encounter several type of adaptations: -The logicals: a scenario like when the Harkonnen and Sardaukar overwhelm the Atreides. Of cours
  24. Hi. I have made a new set of missions for House Harkonnen and need players to give feedback/Bugreports and suggestions. This is my first time making any kind of Dune 2000 content, i have played the game since i was 4 years old tho. Identity: Some of the missions have limited resources and recruitment options for survival and unit optimization purposes. The Starport is the key for most of the missions as it is the optimal way of gaining reinforcements but the mission can be done without it if you choose to thus increasing difficulty. The later missions can feel a bit grindy and will mos
  25. Campaign first released in 2014 on another post and updated several times during the next years, this is one of my earliest creations. STORY: The story starts at the finish of the Atreides Dune 2 campaign. On that final battle, The Emperor wanted to stop the Atreides by joining forces witht he Harkonnen and Ordos, but that wasn't enough. The Duke and the Fremen destroyed both Harkonnen and Ordos, now only remains the few last emperor buildings. But the Emperor refuse to simply die; so it will evacuate the area, recuperate for the massive casualties and fight back once again against
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